Father's Day in 2022 falling just two days before the summer solstice, you can plan a road trip with your father. It's a great time to connect deeply with him and you'll spend the longest day of the year together, the summer solstice. June is perfect for traveling, without the cold of early spring and the heat of summer, making it a favorite month of the year for many travelers.

Motorcycle road trip

Fathers want to spend some unforgettable travel time with their children and get various feelings in life together with their children during the trip. Plan a motorcycle trip with your father, where you are father and son, as well as friends and partners, and you will solve the problems and share the joys of the trip.

A motorcycle road trip is one of the best ways for you to get close to the environment. You can go to any scenic wilderness around you and experience the thrill and pleasure of speed on the road. While riding a motorcycle can create a unique wilderness experience for you, the journey is not always smooth and you may encounter some unexpected situations.



Therefore, if you have decided to plan a special Father's Day motorcycle road trip, you will need to discuss some of the details of the trip with your father.

Choose a motorcycle

The best-case scenario is that you can use your motorcycle on the trip because you are more familiar and confident with your motorcycle. In the other case, you will need to rent a motorcycle from a rental agency for the trip. When choosing a motorcycle, choose the one that best suits your needs based on your height, your preferences, and the built-in storage space of the motorcycle. A suitable motorcycle is a very important foundation for an enjoyable trip.

Care for the motorcycle

If you don't need to rent a motorcycle specifically for the trip, then motorcycle care becomes your priority before the trip. Check your motorcycle before the trip, including cleaning the body, checking and replacing parts, etc. It's best to start this work a week before the trip to avoid any unforeseen circumstances, such as deterioration and damage to the parts, which may prevent the motorcycle from working properly. When your care is complete, protect your vehicle with a motorcycle shelter, which you can set up in your backyard or an open area in your front yard. To keep your motorcycle in a stable condition, keep the inside of your shelter in a dry condition and make sure your shelter is waterproof.

Bring enough food and water

Bring enough food and water to replenish your physical energy according to your travel plan. During the motorcycle journey, you will consume a lot of physical energy, and lack of energy may lead to tired driving and cause danger.

Truck road trip

Truck road trips are one of the most popular and cool styles of wilderness travel and one of the most popular choices for family road trips.

Our trips are not just about visiting cities and marking out famous attractions. In addition to these traditional tourist routes, some unique niche destinations allow visitors to have a meaningful travel experience. A great truck can take you to any quality niche you see on the internet and make you a different kind of traveler. Many travel bloggers do the same thing, they don't choose popular destinations, but rather places that look adventurous are more appealing to them, and pickup trucks are the vehicle that many travel bloggers love, which makes them look cool and can attract more followers.

When the summer solstice comes, driving your parents around in a truck is much more desirable than traditional travel and sightseeing. If you haven't tried this novelty yet, this Father's Day is a great opportunity to do so.


You also need to be aware the following:

  • Make sure the truck is comfortable and has enough room for everyone to stretch out. Tight spaces can greatly reduce the quality of the trip and make travelers feel tired and uncomfortable. You also need to leave enough reserve space to store food, water, and other travel supplies.
  • If you are going to a rental company to rent a truck, it is very wise to choose a fuel-efficient truck. You will find many benefits to this choice during your trip. You will not spend a lot of time and energy on refueling, which means your trip is more continuous. Quictent truck bed tent has a large interior space and is 100% waterproof, which is perfect for truck travel.
  • Have a bed tent for your trip. For trucks with little space, a bed tent is perfect for when you are resting. If you want to fish in the wilderness, you can lie down in this comfortable tent without worrying about getting wet and mosquito bites. If it is at the night with a starry sky, lying in the bed tent to enjoy the stars is very dreamy.
  • Modern truck style, a wide range of uses, if you will carry many items and facilities on the trip, a pickup truck can tow a camper or boat will be your perfect transport. Such a pickup truck is more suitable for family trips and can meet the needs of you and your family. 

Car road trip

This is a great plan that all car owners implement on their vacations. Before your car trip, planning the route and determining some information can ensure that your travel plans go smoothly.

Are you traveling cross-country?

A cross-country road trip may mean you'll be spending more time on the road. No one can guarantee 100% that a car is suitable for a cross-country road trip, but you can still pick a car based on a few characteristics that are unique to each trip.

If you're traveling alone or with two people, a small sedan will work for you. Smaller vehicles are easier to park and get less gas mileage. Some car owners prefer a large trunk for more storage space, and you can put your tent and other travel supplies inside, which is also convenient for cross-country travel.

Check your car

If you're not deciding to travel tomorrow (a brave and risky decision), a pre-trip car inspection is a process you can't afford to skip. You need to have an accurate assessment of all the conditions of your car (especially for long car trips), including mileage, tires, other parts, oil, and insurance. Your vehicle is like a non-speaking baby that won't tell you what's wrong with it, so a thorough car inspection will bring more confidence to the trip for the safety of you and your family.

father son sea

If your home has a vacant lot where you can park your car, setting up a portable carport to protect it from rain and dust will make it in better condition (the vehicle will not get dust and water in it)

Do you rent a car?

If you don't have a car or your car can't support a long trip, renting a car is an ideal option for you. Rental companies' cars are generally newer and in good condition (this needs to be further confirmed by you) helping you save some time and effort. But renting a car will cost you more, so to save as much money as possible and find a satisfactory rental company, you can compare the prices and vehicles of some rental companies.

RV Travel

Many people see RVing as a business opportunity, such as RV camping sites, RV restaurants, RV weddings, RV BBQs, etc. RV travel is currently a hot trend in family travel. Traditional travel requires reservations for lodging and transportation, but RV travel saves these processes and expenses and brings more fun to family trips.

Should I rent an RV?

We see the popularity of RVs but may overlook the amount of effort and money required to maintain them. For those who love the new way of traveling in an RV, renting an RV is one of the most convenient options, although they will need to pay the RV rental company for it (which is not cost-effective in the long run). If you have the energy and money to maintain this mobile cabin, buying an RV will allow you to have continued pleasure.

Focus on the structure of the RV

Whether you are renting an RV or buying one, it is essential to pay attention to the interior structure of the RV when selecting an RV, because the interior space of an RV is relatively small and an unreasonable interior design can amplify the inconvenience caused by the size space. If you are on a family trip, you should also choose the right RV according to the number of family members. A smaller RV cannot accommodate a larger number of people, and a larger RV is more suitable for family trips.


Maintain the RV

Even when you are not normally using the RV, you should do regular RV care to ensure that the RV is in good condition, such as oil changes, routine cleaning, parts maintenance, furniture maintenance, etc. Don't wait until just before your trip to maintain your RV, you may not be able to find all the problems during an impromptu inspection, which can cause problems during your trip. Want to avoid dust and rain from entering your RV, a RV cover can help you continuously. After routine RV maintenance, put this RV cover on your RV to keep the dust, rain, frost, and critters out.

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