2022 is a dynamic and hopeful year, you will get a lot of opportunities to show off your athletic talents this year, and if you are a cyclist or motorcyclist, you will have many activities worth attending in 2022. You can improve your skills and abilities in these activities, while you can also exchange experiences with your opponents to improve yourself.

So what are some activities worth participating 2022? What are the useful experiences to remember?

What are some of the events you deserve to attend in 2022?

For a cyclist or motorcyclist, practicing outdoors regularly is a very important part of daily life. Only during training can you accurately feel your progress and where you need to improve, and you also need to race and exchange experiences with your friends often, which can improve your riding level.

In 2022 you'll be enjoying some very rewarding events, so if you've been waiting a long time for these opportunities, it's time to unleash your energy!

The 32nd Annual California Sea Otter Bike Show 2022

This is a bike show hosted by Sea Otter Classic and will be held in Monterey from April 7-10, 2022. If you're a cyclist, this is an event you can't miss. You'll find many like-minded people here, and many professional cyclists will be in attendance.

As a cycling enthusiast, the Sea Otter Classic is a must-see event that has been going on for 20 years and has become a worldwide event for cyclists, known as the "Oscars" of the cycling world.


Whether you are a professional or an amateur athlete, you can enjoy and benefit from the joy of cycling here. In addition to the professional races, the organizers have also arranged various amateur races to meet the needs of all kinds of cycling enthusiasts!

2022 International Motocross Race

ED BUD will host the International Motocross Race in Buchanan, Michigan, which will be an amazing event that is sought after and anticipated by many motorcycle enthusiasts. Since 2018, many fans have been waiting for this event to arrive.


If you're a motorcycle enthusiast, join us in this feast. You will find friends from all over the world who share the same hobbies as you at this grand event, where you can experience the charm of motorcycle sports together!

Vibrant Seattle - the perfect city for cycling

Every cyclist will find the best ride in Seattle, a city that rains all year round, with some of the best bike-to-bike road facilities in the United States.

Bike lovers will find many great cycling routes here, such as the Burke-Gilman Trail and the South Lake Washington Trail. Excellent cycling routes, perfect road facilities, and beautiful scenery make many cycling enthusiasts an unforgettable experience.

Three Tips to Boost Your 2022 Exercise Feelings

Carefully maintain your motorcycle or bike

In order for your motorcycle or bicycle to be in the best condition during the race or activity, and so that you can fully feel the fun of sports, you need to carefully maintain your motorcycle or bicycle in normal times.


The configuration of the motorcycle or bicycle itself is important, and every sports enthusiast will choose the best configuration within the range of their own affordable when purchasing. However, it must be mentioned that all sports equipment requires the user's usual meticulous care.

When exercising, you should use the right way to protect your sports equipment as much as possible, and the usual care cannot be ignored. Regularly checking the tires, changing parts, and doing enough lubrication are all tasks you have to do.

In order for you to have a comfortable riding experience and driving experience, it is very important to keep it clean. But regular cleaning can make you feel troubled and impatient, and even moving a motorcycle or bike indoors for storage can leave them dusty. You can choose an easier way to protect your beloved appliances with a motorcycle shelter. This is a useful gadget to help you reduce the amount of time spent cleaning. With this gadget, your bike or motorcycle will stay clean and dry for a long time.

Choose and wear a quality helmet

You can see the words "You must wear your helmet correctly during the race" in many of the competition notes, which shows that this is a very serious matter.

Ensuring personal safety is a prerequisite for experiencing the charm of sports, and some motorcyclists will drive motorcycles at extreme speed in order to stimulate the feeling. The most dangerous thing is that they are often reluctant to wear helmets, a small gesture that injures many athletes and even has more serious consequences.

For your safety, please purchase a quality helmet that brings the best protection to your head. The most important thing is to remember to wear a helmet when training or competing.

Maintain a good mindset and make a reasonable exercise plan

You may feel nervous or even have insomnia before the game, which is a bad state. You have to believe in your own strength and get the best results. Affirmation of yourself will make you more relaxed before the game, and you can play at your best level during the game.

The most important way to gain self-confidence is to train continuously and scientifically, and you have to make a special training plan for yourself until the game.


There is a misconception that only high-intensity training is best, but this will cause a lot of physical exertion and increased mental stress, so you need to maintain moderate training intensity and always encourage yourself.

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