Backyard Landscaping

A backyard landscape can be considered a derivative of an indoor landscape and a space for you to relax and gather outdoors. In the backyard, you can host barbecue parties, family gatherings, or even Thanksgiving dinners. One can also cultivate a whole new gardening hobby or give the kids a spacious space to play. Then the backyard landscape plays a pivotal role in bringing you not only convenience but also aesthetic enjoyment.

Whether you are looking to refurbish your backyard or are a new homeowner. Without planning, backyard landscaping can cost a fortune, with the cheapest backyard landscaping design costing $1,500, for example. If you're struggling with your backyard landscaping budget, this is the right place for you. With the most complete range of affordable backyard landscaping advice here, you'll be able to save money and get a stunning backyard at the same time.

backyard decor

(Backyard decoration)

Save on labor costs

We all know that builders or gardeners are expensive. For example, landscapers charge $50 to $150 per hour, and lawn care costs between $40-$430. So labor makes up the bulk of your landscaping budget. To keep costs down, do it yourself whenever possible.

Ground cover

Other than that, you can try smaller projects such as planting annuals and small shrubs and laying down ground cover. If you want to choose grass cover, clover would be a good choice. First of all, it needs less water to tolerate high temperatures and does not require too much care. It is also a popular choice for families with pets, being non-toxic and tougher. The best part is that clover seed is inexpensive, covering 1,000 square feet for about $1.

clover cover

 (Clover cover)

For the concrete cover, labor will cost less than $10 per square foot. You can also mix and pour your concrete for less than $2 per square foot if you don't feel like the hassle. However, this type of covering is difficult to remove.

As far as stone covering goes, the best part is that you can come up with endless design ideas. From squares, rectangles, triangles, and circles the masonry can be put together to create the desired pattern. And in the situation where you need to save budget, use regular rectangular bricks. They usually cost about 50 cents per brick.

stone covering

(Stone covering)

Backyard garden

If you want to work with a backyard garden, the best way to do it is to design as well as plant it yourself. To use the land efficiently, you can place garden beds or greenhouses in your garden. Raised garden beds or mini greenhouses are the most popular way to go these days. All cost between $45 and $60 and have a limited footprint.

Choose functional plants

Garden plants should pay more attention to their practicality, such as herbs, edible, scented plants, flowers, leaves, fruits, and even the whole grass can be edible. The fragrance is not only good for health but also ornamental. At the same time, grocery costs can be reduced by growing simple vegetables and plants in your backyard.

Most herb crops are among the varieties that are very easy to grow and like sunlight. There is little need for fertilizer except for the sun and regular watering. For instance: rosemary, thyme, mint, and basil.

herb crops
(Herb crops)

Lettuce. It has the characteristic of cutting and coming again. So you can stagger each plant for a week or two and then cut off the leaves each time and wait for them to grow back. Lettuce likes sunlight, but is not very tolerant of heat and cold, so it is best to plant it in the ground in spring and fall.

Potatoes. It usually grows better in temperatures between 50-70 F and needs full sun. First, put 3-4" thick hydrophobic soil, put the potato pieces on the surface with the buds up, and then cover with 3-4" deep soil. When the seedlings grow out to 6" tall, slowly fill in some soil around them, every 1-2 weeks until they are full.

Carrots. Carrots are better suited for sowing when the outdoor temperature reaches 45 F or higher, and any temperature between 55-75 F will yield a good crop. Potted plants can be packed slightly denser, depending on the variety with 2-4 inches between each seedling.

Backyard plants garden

(Backyard plants garden)

Tomatoes. Also a very popular potted crop. Since tomatoes need plenty of water, it is necessary to choose a larger pot with enough soil. It is usually better to grow a plant in a container at least the size of a 5-gallon bucket. It is best to build a support frame around the seedlings from the start.

By using a raised garden bed, the yard will look more neatly planned. You can install raised garden beds to grow vegetables on grass, sand, or concrete, regardless of the condition of the land in your backyard.

Quictent garden bed

(Quictent garden bed)

Low-cost construction

Shade space

Usually, the cheapest backyard landscaping ideas are the easiest. Many homes add a pergola or gazebo as a shade feature to their backyard. Permanent gazebos and pergolas can cost thousands of dollars without labor. The portable canopy tent can save extra expenses. First of all, it has a price advantage, less than two hundred dollars can provide a private area that is not disturbed by the weather. Secondly, the convenient design allows you to use it in different places. Finally, because of its simple frame, there are no other labor costs at all.

Privacy 8' x 8' Pop Up Canopy

(Quictent privacy 8' x 8' Pop Up Canopy)

Fire pit

It is such a pleasure to share good times with friends around the fire pit in the backyard. It allows families to get together and cook hot dogs. And in the colder months, there's nothing better than snuggling up by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. The average cost to build a fire pit is $850. And if you build it yourself you can keep the cost under $200.

The style and shape of the fire pit will determine the type of blocks you will need to purchase. You can just choose the fire pit kit which has everything you need. This includes different sizes of concrete blocks, sand, gravel, construction adhesive, and metal fire pit rings.

Fire pit

(Building a fire pit)

After that choose a safe and reasonable location for your fire ring. Preferably on a relatively flat surface and away from flammable structures. Do not install under trees that have low-hanging or easily fallen leaves. After outlining the shape and size of the fire pit, dig about 8 inches of soil within the area. Press the dirt down to level and then pour in sand or gravel until they are level with the ground. Lay the first layer of wall blocks on top of the flat gravel foundation. Make sure the sides of the blocks are contacted. You can also adjust the height by lightly hammering with a rubber mallet.

When placing the second row of wall blocks, apply some masonry adhesive to the bottom of each stone and stagger the position. After that, repeat the process, and the outer wall is built. Finally, put in the metal fire pit ring and the job is done.

Above-ground pool

A swimming pool should be a desired outdoor addition for many homeowners. But in-ground pools can be incredibly expensive. The total cost of an in-ground pool ranges from $28,000 to $55,000, or about $50 to $125 per square foot. That's an average cost of $35,000. While the average cost of an above-ground pool is $2,850 less than one-tenth the cost of an in-ground pool.

Above-ground pools are divided into inflatable models, which are the easiest and cheapest to set up. The downside is that they are not sturdy enough and will break quickly if they encounter sharp objects.

Above-ground pool
(Above-ground pool)

Steel frame pools, this above-ground pool option comes with a steel frame. More sturdy, but also not suitable for year-round use and requires disassembly and storage during the winter.

The last type is the resin pool. This material does not oxidize and is cheaper than aluminum. However, resin pool components may be more prone to cracking and fading due to winter weather, extreme cold, or UV exposure.

Final Thoughts

Even the simplest of backyard landscaping ideas can transform an outdoor space. In many cases, backyard landscaping ideas are limited only by creativity and ideas, which means they can create great results even on the tightest budgets. And the suggestions in the article are just a few of the many ways to do so. So it's time to get out there and start conceptualizing your backyard landscape. With a little effort as well as the right selection of items, you can create an elegant and functional backyard space on a budget.

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