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A backyard landscape can be considered a derivative of an indoor landscape and a space for you to relax and gather outdoors. In the backyard, you can host barbecue parties, family gatherings, or even Thanksgiving dinners. One can also cultivate a whole new gardening hobby or give the kids a spacious space to play. Then the backyard landscape plays a pivotal role in bringing you not only convenience but also...

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There's nothing more relaxing than tending to your garden and mowing your lawn!  What do you prefer for planting, potted plants ,or burying seeds in the soil? Perhaps you are a planting enthusiast who enjoys imagining and experimenting with a variety of gardening styles.   Now is the time to be creative, you will build a mini exquisite garden with your own hands, which is the ideal growing environment for...

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Looking at the leaves falling outside the window, you will sigh that winter is coming soon. The coolness of summer and the lightness of autumn are so comfortable that people can't immediately adapt to the cold winter atmosphere. The same is true for plants. The colder the season, the more careful the plants need to be cared for. It’s November. How are the flowers and vegetables in your garden? Although...

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