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Looking at the leaves falling outside the window, you will sigh that winter is coming soon. The coolness of summer and the lightness of autumn are so comfortable that people can't immediately adapt to the cold winter atmosphere. The same is true for plants.

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The colder the season, the more careful the plants need to be cared for. It’s November. How are the flowers and vegetables in your garden? Although the temperature is getting colder and colder, you can still do your favorite gardening activities and use the greenhouse and grow tent to create a warm environment for plants. Let the greenhouse garden surprise you!

Greenhouse growing - fashionable winter gardening options

Greenhouses are suitable for all seasons, so many people have ordered mini greenhouses or growing tents in their backyards or stairwells. You can see many related videos on youtube, Facebook, and other social networking sites. These life-loving gardening enthusiasts use greenhouses to grow their favorite flowers and vegetables, and their greenhouse crops are growing very well. If you are also interested in this fashionable way of cultivation, you can find many people like you on these social platforms. 

Why greenhouses are so popular?

Generally speaking, when plants are planted on garden soil or in open-air flower pots, their growth will be largely restricted by natural conditions. Rain, snow, or strong winds, severe cold, or exposure to the sun are very detrimental to the growth of plants grown in the open air, and sometimes bad weather can cause devastating blows to plants. In addition to natural factors, if there are frequent small animals around your home, then you need to spend more energy to protect your plants because they will face the risk of being eaten by animals. Each of us hopes that the flowers, vegetables, and fruits that we grow ourselves can grow and mature naturally, but if there are too many unfavorable factors, flexible planting methods are more suitable.

The greenhouse is very practical all year round. You can adjust the temperature, humidity, and light in the shed according to the growth characteristics and habits of the plants.

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Using greenhouse plants can have more fruits and flowers, and it can make the temperature even. Compared with the uncontrollable natural factors, this kind of planting style is more intimate. 

The fact that plants are eaten by animals will never happen again because the greenhouse can be either open or closed. And a mini greenhouse is more like a beautiful and special landscape in your backyard, especially when the flowers in the greenhouse are open in spring and summer.

Many people are staying at home because of the epidemic. Greenhouse planting can bring more fun to people's boring lives. More and more people use greenhouses because the current greenhouse prices are very affordable, and everyone can have their own greenhouse garden. For example, the portable greenhouse designed by Quictent is of very good quality and great price, suitable for everyone who wants to buy a greenhouse in the backyard.

Steps and tips for greenhouse construction 

First, you need to determine the size of your backyard, and then buy a greenhouse tent with the highest matching degree. Quictent provides greenhouse tents in a variety of sizes and styles for gardening enthusiasts.

flower greenhouse

If your backyard is not large, you can choose the easy-to-install mini greenhouse tent, which occupies a small area and is suitable for all yards. If you have a large garden, then you can choose a large greenhouse tent.

Second, find a well-drained place in your yard with plenty of sunshine throughout the year. This location needs to be close to the water and electricity. In addition, you should also make the greenhouse cater to the direction of sunlight as much as possible.

Third, build the frame and make sure it is strong and reliable. Use the tubes in the package to frame the greenhouse with your family. At this time, an easy-to-assemble greenhouse tent can shorten your installation time.

beautiful greenhouse

Please make sure that the greenhouse tent you buy is easy to install and the quality of the frame is excellent because the sturdy frame can ensure the durability and stability of the greenhouse.

Fourth, the last but also very important step is to cover the frame and ensure ventilation. Before covering the frame, please reconfirm that the frame is firm and the poles are tightly connected. Then work with your partner to finish the greenhouse.

Decorate and use your greenhouse

For the people who have a big yard. You can put the greenhouse on the garden path so that when you enter the greenhouse, there is a path for easy walking, instead of stepping on the grass. You can plant flowers, fruits, and vegetables on both sides of the path. If you have elderly people with walking disabilities in your home, you can also put a small bed, bench, or cabinet in the greenhouse to facilitate the elderly to plant and take care of plants. 

This 10x20 greenhouse is a large greenhouse to meet your various needs. It is an ideal choice for cultivating and growing vegetables, flowers, tobacco, or other plants.

20' x 10' x 7' Large Greenhouse-Green

At the same time, it is also a heavy duty greenhouse, which can withstand wind, rain, and snow, and give your plants the best care.

For the people who have a small yard. The mini greenhouse is ideal for you. A mini greenhouse is the current trend.

Quictent 95" x 36" x 36" Small Greenhouse is a great mini greenhouse.

95 x 36 x 36 Small Greenhouse

With this mini tent, you can protect your small pots from bad weather and pests. Because of its small size, this mini greenhouse is easy to assemble and move.

More and more people like the walk-in mini greenhouse, which is both practical and small. You can put it on the side of the garden as a highlight of the garden.

Because the walk-in greenhouse is small, it is very good to put some small potted plants.

This 56"x56"x77" Walk-in Greenhouse meets all your requirements. It can ventilate and keep warm while protecting plants. It also has a multifunctional vertical shelf and ten S-shaped hooks on the outside to make it easy for you to decorate this greenhouse. 

Let the greenhouse satisfy all your imagination about the garden

Everyone who yearns for pastoral life longs for a fairytale-like romantic garden. Because of this ideal, they hope to turn their backyard into a garden of Eden in their minds. We cannot change the seasons, but we can artificially create an ideal growth environment where the temperature is suitable, the sun is good, and the water is sufficient.

small greenhouse

It's really a great thing to eat vegetables that you grow yourself. In spring and summer, many flowers surround you. In the hot summer, you can also enjoy the shade in the greenhouse and enjoy the green plants and relax your body and mood. Customize a greenhouse in your style, a romantic garden for you, the ideal resort in your mind.

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