Many cannabis growers think they are doing something very fun and meaningful, and they enjoy documenting the process of growing cannabis in words and pictures. As the legalization of cannabis progresses (please pay attention to each state's specific regulations), more and more people want to try growing their cannabis, they want to be able to use the cannabis they grow themselves and be able to give them as gifts to their friends when the holidays come around.



But what kind of growing method is best for them? The widely used greenhouse growing doesn't seem to be for everyone, and would a small but sophisticated grow tent be that best growing partner?

A high fault tolerance approach promotes flexible planting

The traditional and widespread way of cultivating cannabis in a greenhouse outdoors in a garden or on a wider plot of land is not suitable for beginners and people who just want to plant a few cannabis plants. Growing cannabis in a greenhouse is less forgiving and seems to be more suitable for professionals.

Growing with a high tolerance for error is popular with most people, whether growing marijuana or other plants, the flexibility of growing works well in most cases and because of its flexibility, people can control the variables according to their needs.


Grow tent is a type of planting tent that works for most people, compared to greenhouses, growing cannabis with grow tent is more forgiving than greenhouses, which is exactly what novices and advanced growers need, and the high tolerance allows them to carry out their growing practices without too much stress.

Growing indoors - without fear of the cold and heat

As a cannabis enthusiast, you'll want to be able to enjoy your hand-cultivated cannabis all year round. Bringing your grow site indoors means you don't have to worry about whether your plants will be affected or even destroyed by the harsh weather during the winter months filled with gusty winds and blizzards. Even experienced cannabis growers can't fully guarantee that the greenhouse they build for their plants is sturdy, and they still need to take care of the plants and reinforce the greenhouse from time to time. Does this experience sound like a lot of work for you to grow cannabis? Don't let this diminish your growing pleasure, with grow tent you can watch the whole process from germination to flowering to harvesting all year round, you don't need to buy a lot of professional growing textbooks on Amazon to avoid the risks, these books may tell you that cannabis should be sown in early spring, however, the harvest will be in the fall. Growing indoors can save you a lot of unnecessary hassle, and grow tent can help you a lot.

An environmentally friendly way of growing that saves energy

Nowadays, more and more cannabis growers are concerned about the waste gas, waste water and residues produced during the growing process. Environmentally friendly growing methods are a popular trend, and gardeners want to minimize energy loss in their growing process, which can both protect the environment and reduce their costs. Grow tent creates a mini-comfortable growing environment for cannabis, which allows cannabis cultivators to see how each of their plants are growing.


Grow tent saves cannabis cultivators more energy than large greenhouses, while greatly improving energy efficiency. Grow tent uses specially made fabrics to insulate the plants while keeping as much heat in the enclosed environment as possible. Due to the enclosed environment and the impermeability of the grow tent, the lighting and heating facilities used in the growing process can create greater value at a lower cost. Both energy saving and cost reduction can be achieved through grow tent.

Good ventilation and reduction of bad odors

A closed growing environment does not mean that it is a completely isolated way of growing. Whether growing indoors or outdoors, plants need air to grow. Good growing conditions cannot be achieved without photosynthesis, and cannabis needs fresh air to photosynthesize and convert light, water and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into nutrients. If there is a lack of fresh air involved in the growing process, bacteria and pests will have the opportunity to cause damage to the plants, and hot and humid air is their favorite thing.

What bothers some cultivators is the peculiar smell of cannabis that can bother neighbors and even attract complaints and warnings, so many cultivators don't know how to reduce the impact of the smell while ventilating.

But you don't have to worry too much, grow tent can help you achieve a perfect balance. Grow tent has several vents on both sides and you can use them flexibly, none of them are too big, so they don't release too much odor to the outside. If you are worried that the vents that come with the grow tent do not provide the perfect ventilation for cannabis, you can also add additional ventilation or air purifiers to this closed planting tent.

Make the most of light and other electrical facilities

The special fabric inside the grow tent allows you to make full use of the light facility, this is because the fabric is reflective and allows the cannabis to be fully exposed to light.


To grow marijuana with grow tent, you will need to add other necessary facilities to promote the healthy growth of the plant, and in this closed environment, your electrical facilities will be used to the highest level of efficiency.

Necessary kit for growing marijuana with grow tent

  • Grow light. Cannabis cannot grow without good light, so you need to buy a light that can be adjusted, too strong or too weak light is not good, so you need to always browse online or read books about the needs of cannabis for light.
  • Heater. Cannabis is not as heat-resistant as cactus, but any plant needs the right temperature to grow, and your heater should preferably have several levels from low to high, so that you can easily adjust the temperature. Please note that too high temperatures can cause cannabis to die.
  • Humidifier. Growers should understand that plants need the right humidity to germinate, too dry soil or air is not suitable for plant growth, unless the plants are particularly drought-tolerant, so a sensitive and adjustable humidifier will bring your plants a great help.
  • Nutrient-rich fertilizer. Research has shown that the three nutrients that cannabis needs most are nitrogen, potassium and phosphate. These three substances are the main building blocks of fertilizer, and when you're shopping for fertilizer, focus on the ratio of these three substances.


  • Multi-tier rack. To make the most of the space in your grow tent, you can purchase a multi-level rack to plan your space so that you can cultivate as much cannabis as possible in this enclosed room.
  • Water jug. A large capacity water bottle will give you great convenience, and to increase the efficiency of watering, you can buy a special water bottle to put inside the grow tent so that you can use it whenever you want.
  • Hanging poles. You may need to hang the cannabis plant inside the grow tent, so you will also need to buy some short hanging rods for backup. If you need to hang plants, the grow tent you buy must have some kind of hook or lanyard inside and outside.

Some superb grow tents for you

There are many grow tents for indoor growers on Quictent, they are of good quality, versatile and all are SGS certified.

If you prefer a smaller grow tent

The  2' x 2' x 4.6' Indoor Grow Tent would be ideal for you. This mini grow tent is easy to store and transport, you can put it in any corner of your home and cannabis novices can use it to start a new growing experience.

2' x 2' x 4.6' Indoor Grow Tent
  • Size: 24"x 24"
  • Height:55"
  • Benefits: Upgraded NEW Heavy Duty Zippers, Strong Explosion-proof Metal Zippers

The integrated hook design allows you to move your plants around easily, and the included 4 nylon straps allow for hanging lights for lamps and other amenities.

If you want a normal size

The 4' x 4' x 6' is a familiar size to many growers. 4' x 4' x 5.9' Grow Tent is an upgraded grow tent made of extra thick material with a new heavy-duty zipper, making it the perfect companion for any grower looking for quality.

4' x 4' x 5.9' Grow Tent
  • Size:48" x 48"
  • Height:71"
  • Benefits: Huge Observation Window, Supplied with 4 Nylon Straps

This grow tent package also includes some supplies for easy hanging of lights.

If you want a larger one

The 8' x 8' x 6.5' Grow Tent is perfect for you, and this awesome large grow tent is very affordable. This grow tent has several vents and large windows for you to keep track of your plants and care for them.

8' x 8' x 6.5' Grow Tent
  • Size: 96" x 96"
  • Height:78"
  • Benefits: All-in-One Hook Design, Quick Installation

Want to start your planting with pleasure? Get started now!

The grow tent can bring a full range of growing pleasure to your cannabis cultivation and your experience will be flexible and enjoyable. This is because you can have full control over the growth of your plants without feeling upset and passive due to some uncontrollable factors. But to become an experienced cultivator, you need to know more about it. Either way, there's never a better time to start growing plants than now!


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