Time flies, and this is the second year that the world has been affected by the epidemic. Never thought it would be November already and 2023 is just around the corner. From the beginning of home quarantine to later keeping social distance, there are still many people who choose to work from home. The outbreak has affected each of our habits and we are starting to get used to being home longer and choosing to eat outdoors at restaurants. And when at home, your outdoor space becomes extra important, whether it's a deck or a backyard more and more people are choosing to makeover them to achieve a more comfortable stay at home life.



Starting in 2020, the best investment people can make is in their own outdoor space. Our backyards and gardens are successfully being put to greater use than ever before, such as becoming people's new camping places, outdoor offices or gyms. The ability to enjoy the beauty of nature without leaving home after a busy day. So the level of use of outdoor spaces and outdoor leisure products will continue to rise in 2023, as more and more people care more about their physical and mental health and living environment, and in addition, the configuration of outdoor spaces is sure to be a hot spot for our social gatherings for quite some time - even in the winter.

So here are the likely new trends for 2023 that I'll extrapolate from these two years of outdoor living space decorating hot spots that might help you stand out in your friend's backyard decorating contest.

Achieving self-sufficient vegetable supply

I still remember to this day the supermarkets that were looted in the early days of the epidemic, and although the major supermarkets must be quite well prepared now, it would be more convenient to be able to provide yourself with a certain supply of vegetables in your backyard. Own a portable greenhouse can reduce the number of trips to the supermarket when the epidemic is severe, and can allow you to eat the most reassuring vegetables.

quictent tunnel green house


If you have children, let them help with the planting and care, which in addition to being the best family science project can also exercise their hands-on skills. It will be an unforgettable experience for the kids. Even in the winter you can grow cold-resistant crops such as broccoli, potatoes, kale, etc. in the tunnel greenhouse.In the spring and summer, when planting conditions are not that harsh, you can plant some of your favorite crops, and you can add some fruit vines to add a natural element to your backyard.

A gathering area

If you want a private gathering space for family and friends, you'll want your backyard to do just that. A secluded space to practice yoga without distractions and a place to use your laptop without harsh glare.A shade tent that can put down a set of outdoor furniture would be the best choice, and you can invite your family or neighbors to a barbecue party. You can choose an easy-to-build pop-up canopy with sides that is perfectly sized to accommodate a set of outdoor furniture and a family. The roof and side walls are waterproof and UV-protective materials that can shield you from strong sunlight and UV rays in the summer, while resisting cold winds and rain in the winter.

4Season 10' x 10' Pop Up Canopy Tent


The side walls can also protect your privacy.Thanks to its easy set up and tear down, you can use it not only in the backyard but also take it to the park for picnics.If you're thinking of more fun outdoor activities you can also use it as a shelter while camping in your backyard, providing multiple protections for your camping tent.If you don't normally use the pop-up canopy, you can also use it in your backyard as a temporary outdoor storage room, and it will be able to organize your backyard tools.

Outdoor Bar

outdoor bar


When relaxing or playing outdoors, a mini bar can bring you a lot of happy experience. You can dine outdoors with a bottle of wine at hand or in a party with friends can also be used as a self-service bar, to be able to more easily get the drinks you want. If you are working at home you can also set up a outdoor bar with tea or coffee, which can save you time when you are working in the backyard and will go inside to pour water to drink.

Add bonfire table

bonfire table


Adding some accessories can allow you to stay outdoors longer even in winter, so that you can enjoy your activities and time outdoors to the maximum. A campfire table can accomplish this in many ways, turning an occasionally used outdoor space into a daily living area. If you want to have a backyard movie event outdoors, a campfire can keep you warm and you can use it to make simple grilled foods like hot dogs or everyone's favorite roasted marshmallows. Even during the week, you can sit around the campfire with your family and talk about your recent life, and at night you can look up at the stars, which can release you from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Perhaps an outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen2


You may not expect that cooking has become one of the favorite outdoor activities, and more and more people are falling in love with cooking in an outdoor setting. This allows people to enjoy the view of the outdoors while cooking and also avoids the risk of excessive smoke setting off smoke alarms (we all know how ear-splitting that can be). It also provides you with a perfect dining environment where you don't have to go in and out if you want to eat outdoors. It also gives a chance to have a barbecue party with friends outdoors, and how relaxing it is to have a drink and chat with friends while you barbecue. Also if you have a large party one day and need a lot of food, having two kitchens running at the same time will save you a lot of time.


These are all inferred from some of the outdoor dressing trends of the past two years. You can also look out for outdoor furniture that can be multifunctional, especially for small spaces that need to be updated and made more practical. Some small details can contribute to the overall beauty of the outdoor space and keep it comfortable. You can also add different things to your outdoor space based on some of your ideas, and perhaps provide a new trend for everyone as well.

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