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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products
Quictent 8' x 8' x 6.5' Grow Tent8' x 8' x 6.5' Grow Tent
8' x 8' x 6.5' Grow Tent
Sale price$297.99
Qucitent 4‘ x 2’ x 6‘ Grow TentAll in one hook design
4' x 2' x 6' Grow Tent
Sale price$128.99

What are the benefits of a portable small grow room?

As we all know that the humidity, temperatures, light, and airflow mean a lot for plants. By using a grow tent, you can grow everywhere at any time because you can:

Customize the growing environment. With a gardening tent, your plants can get rid of unpredictable weather as you can equip your grow tent with humidifiers, heaters, lights, fans, and air conditioners to create the most proper environment accordingly.

Save energy. You can decide to supply more (or reduce) particular energy per the needs of your plants.

Keep unwanted insects away.A portable gardening tent works effectively on fighting against unwanted "friends" such as bugs, pests, and flying insects.

Grow throughout the year. There are many sizes to choose from. You can always find a proper one to fit your needs and start growing all around the year.

Why you can trust the Quictent grow tents?

There are Six reasons that you can trust the indoor garden tent from Quictent.

A wide variety. You can find a wide range of sizes under the grow tent category.

Eco-friendly. Quictent grow tents are SGS certified, which means we apply eco-friendly materials and no harmful gases will release in use.

Good ventilation. To guarantee good ventilation, we've added as many vents as possible. Averagely, more 1-2 vents than others. What's more for those rectangle vents, they're also equipped with mesh. That is, even you open it, your plants are fully protected from insects.

Easy observation. realized by the BIG observation window and the built-in hook(s). You'll how convenient and considerate they are once you've had a try. With them, you can observe how your cherished plants are growing without disturbing them and say goodbye to the swaying door when moving plants in(out).

Great weight capacity. All poles are made of heavy-duty steel and are finished to last longer. There are also 4 durable nylon straps. They enable the structure to hold as many tools as possible.

The 2-year warranty. What makes a perfect product? The premium quality and the services standing behind. We at Quictent have long realized the importance of the warranty. All Quictent grow tent are covered by a 2-year warranty for the frame and cover. As for these connectors, they are free of charge lifetime—you can contact us with the order number, the quantity you need, and the shipping address whenever you need some.

Frequently Asked Questions about Grow Tents

Q: What is a grow tent?

A: Sometimes referred to as a “Grow Room” a grow tent is basically a convenient, portable enclosed frame that allows you to grow a variety of plants indoors. The frame is easily assembled from light, strong metal poles that slot together and are covered with a thick canvas outer layer.

Q: Why do people use grow tents?

A: Grow tents let you have fresh produce year-round by creating an appropriate environment for your indoor hydroponic garden. You have improved control over the growing environment. Grow tents let you control the light, water, temperature, and humidity, so that your plants can grow faster and stronger.

Q: Is 2x2 grow tent enough?

A: The 2x2 grow tent is the smallest standard grow tent size available but will deliver a sufficient yield for personal use in a compact grow space.

Q: How much can a 4x4 grow tent yield?

A: A 4×4 grow tent yield is about 1.5-2lbs by growing about three plants.

Q: Where is the best place to put a grow tent?

Q: What material is best for grow tent?

Q: What do I need inside my grow tent?

Q: How do I get fresh air in my grow tent?

Q: How often should I clean my grow tent?

Q: Do you need ventilation in a grow tent?

Q: How big of a grow tent do I need for 4 plants?

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