Quictent Grow Tents Make You Grow Without Limitation

Quictent SGS certificated grow tents make it possible to grow EVERYWHERE by enabling you to create a plant-friendly environment.

worthy grow tent

Premium Cover

The cover, made of 100% reflective Mylar and 600D Oxford cloth, ensures no leaking of light, making it certain to use energy effectively.

effect grow tent

More Vents

To ensure good ventilation, we've created as many vents as possible. Averagely, more than 1-2 vents when compared with grow tents from others.

good ventilation grow tent

Built-in Hook(s)

A considerate design to guarantee no disturbing of the swaying door when you open it for observation or move plants in (out).

bulit in hooks

Big Observation Window

The observation window is BIG enough to ensure you can see how your cherished plants are growing ANYTIME without disturbing them.

A Trustworthy Grow Tent

All SGS Certificated

We use eco-friendly materials to create eco-friendly products. No releasing of harmful gases to your plants and the earth!

Surprising Loading Capacity up to 120 lbs

The structure, which is made of heavy-duty steel poles and also finished, can carry up to 120 lbs and serve longer.

Waterproof & Removable Floor Tray

The waterproof & removable floor tray is a bonus. It makes cleaning easy and works great on keeping dry inside.

Upgraded Two-Way Zipper

It's more convenient because you can easily access the tent without completely opening the whole zipper. Also tested to last longer.

with zipper-Quictent grow tent

Grow Without Limitation

Create an eco- and -plant-friendly environment EVERYWHERE.

No Light Leakage Grow Tent

No Light Leakage

More Ventilation Grow Tent

More Vents for Ventilation

Versatile Built-in Hook(s)

Versatile Built-in Hook(s)

Big Observation Window Grow Tent

Big Observation Window


Quictent grow tent parts-1 Quictent grow tent -2
upgraded zipper-Quictent grow tent

Upgraded Two-Way Zipper

Convenient two-way zipper
Tested to last longer

Easy Assembly

Come with all the assembly tools.
You can either read the instructions (in print or online) or watch the video tutorial.

How to choose Quictent indoor planting tent?

The biggest difference between Quictent grow tents is the size. When choosing an indoor planting tent, you need to measure or roughly estimate the area of the space and then buy the right product.

2 Series: 2' x 2' x 3' Grow Tent, 2' x 2' x 4.6' Indoor Grow Tent.

4 Series: 4' x 2' x 6' Grow Tent, 4' x 4' x 6.5' Grow Tent, 4' x 4' x 5.9' Grow Tent.

8 Series: 8' x 8' x 6.5' Grow Tent, 8' x 4' x 5.9' Grow Tent.

32 Series: 32" x 32" x 63" Small Grow Tent.

What are the benefits of a portable small grow room?

As we all know that the humidity, temperatures, light, and airflow mean a lot for plants. By using a grow tent, you can grow everywhere at any time because you can:

Customize the growing environment. With a gardening tent, your plants can get rid of unpredictable weather as you can equip your grow tent with humidifiers, heaters, lights, fans, and air conditioners to create the most proper environment accordingly.

Save energy. You can decide to supply more (or reduce) particular energy per the needs of your plants.

Keep unwanted insects away.A portable gardening tent works effectively on fighting against unwanted "friends" such as bugs, pests, and flying insects.

Grow throughout the year. There are many sizes to choose from. You can always find a proper one to fit your needs and start growing all around the year.

Why you can trust the Quictent grow tents?

There are FIVE reasons that you can trust the indoor garden tent from Quictent.

A wide variety. You can find a wide range of sizes under the grow tent category.

Eco-friendly. Quictent grow tents are SGS certified, which means we apply eco-friendly materials and no harmful gases will release in use.

Good ventilation. To guarantee good ventilation, we've added as many vents as possible. Averagely, more 1-2 vents than others. What's more for those rectangle vents, they're also equipped with mesh. That is, even you open it, your plants are fully protected from insects.

Easy observation. realized by the BIG observation window and the built-in hook(s). You'll how convenient and considerate they are once you've had a try. With them, you can observe how your cherished plants are growing without disturbing them and say goodbye to the swaying door when moving plants in(out).

Great weight capacity. All poles are made of heavy-duty steel and are finished to last longer. There are also 4 durable nylon straps. They enable the structure to hold as many tools as possible.

Acceptable prices. Quictent wants every gardener to use affordable gardening tools. Quictent plant tents are affordable for all consumers.

The 2-year warranty. What makes a perfect product? The premium quality and the services standing behind. We at Quictent have long realized the importance of the warranty. All Quictent grow tent are covered by a 2-year warranty for the frame and cover. As for these connectors, they are free of charge lifetime—you can contact us with the order number, the quantity you need, and the shipping address whenever you need some.

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