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As a controversial plant, marijuana legalization has always been a hot topic of controversy, and in April, the federal marijuana legalization bill passed by the House of Representatives has caused widespread discussion from all walks of life. While it is true that marijuana presents some problems that cannot be ignored, from an economic perspective, marijuana brings some new insights and new business opportunities to the general public.

Hot News

On April 1, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the MORE Act on marijuana (passed with 220 "yes" votes and 204 "no" votes), which would end federal marijuana prohibition and leave the issue of legalization to the states, and people from all walks of life expressed their concerns and opinions about the MORE Act. Next, the MORE Act will face strong resistance in the Senate.


On April 21, New Jersey began legalizing the sale of marijuana, making New Jersey the 18th state in the country to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana to consumers 21 years of age and older. Thousands of marijuana enthusiasts flocked to marijuana sales stores, many lining up outside of them before sunrise, expressing their excitement for the day to come.

Huge Economic Benefits

In addition to marijuana enthusiasts, the huge economic benefits of marijuana have made many investors happy with the federal marijuana legalization bill that passed the House this time around. Although the Senate will most likely not make the bill an article of federal law, it demonstrates the popularity of marijuana across the country all the same, and the positive signals shown by the House have caused more investors to turn their attention to the controversial plant and feel confident in getting involved in marijuana-related businesses.


cannabis industry


We can visualize the huge economic benefits of marijuana in the data graph displayed on this website, mjbizdaily, where the total sales value of the national marijuana industry has been growing at a high rate from 2019 to 2022. A feature worth noting is that dispensary sales and cannabis store sales do not account for a large percentage of the total, with sales other than these two avenues accounting for more than 50% of the total.

The table shows that industry players remain highly optimistic about the economic benefits that the cannabis industry will bring in 2022 and beyond.

Attractive economic hotspots

The passage of the MORE Act in the House of Representatives and the opening of marijuana sales in New Jersey is a positive sign, and while opening up marijuana sales nationwide is highly unlikely, marijuana as a new economic driver brings more inspiration and allows business people to see opportunities in it. Smart economic investors don't just see marijuana as a "happy leaf"; in fact, it can be of much greater value.

Hygiene manufacturing

the natural fibers in hemp bast are the raw material for high-end textiles, and high-end paper products, it is also the only functional natural fiber. Thus, the textiles made of hemp fibers have moisture absorption and breathability, anti-mold and anti-bacteria, heat insulation, shielding radiation, and other functions. This textile is widely used in the manufacture of sanitary materials, such as women's sanitary cotton, baby diapers, medical hygiene supplies, etc., these daily necessities and medical supplies are often in contact with people's daily lives, the demand is large, the market is broad, with great potential.

Food manufacturing

These small, brown hemp seeds are rich in nutrients, such as fiber, protein, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc and other minerals. The extracted industrial hemp plant oil is rich in a variety of unsaturated fatty acids needed by the body, such as linoleic and linolenic acids.

The benefits that hemp seeds bring to the body are diverse, for example, hemp seeds are rich in an amino acid called arginine, which is good for the heart. Hemp seeds can help people on a diet control their appetite, help regulate the immune system and improve the nervous system.

cannabis seed

Hemp seeds, a great seed, can bring many benefits to human health, and the role it plays in the field of health is huge, and hemp seeds can be used to process into a variety of plant protein foods. In the field of organic food, hemp can play an even greater role, and food experts are using hemp to create even more new organic foods.

Material manufacturing

hemp sticks (after the skin is removed) are also a treasure, they can be used to make carbon, such as gunpowder carbon, activated carbon, etc., and can also be used to survive plastic, particleboard, and other new composite materials. Although the use of cannabis rods is still unclear, with practice, this type of plant will be widely used in the field of materials manufacturing.

Environmental protection

Hemp grows extremely fast, only four months to complete the entire growth process, and does not require strict growing conditions, less fertilizer, is insect-resistant , and drought-resistant, is a super plant against drought. The cultivation of cannabis on the Gobi mudflats and barren lands facilitates the greening and exploitation of these areas, this is because cannabis contains nutrients that help regenerate the soil and aid in its restoration.


On soils restored by cannabis, farmers can grow more plants. In the field of environmental protection and development, hemp can be a new quality plant choice for environmentalists.

Where can people get legal cannabis?

While some states currently allow the possession of marijuana for recreational purposes, such as New Mexico, New York, Nevada, and the recently announced New Jersey, among others. However, other states only allow marijuana for medical use, so if you want to obtain legal marijuana you should first learn more about local laws and regulations, as it is particularly unwise to violate local regulations to possess marijuana.

Local cannabis dispensaries

If recreational marijuana sales are already open in your area, you can look up local marijuana dispensaries on Google Map.

In New Jersey, for example, the legal sale of recreational marijuana officially began on April 21, there are currently 13 cannabis stores across the state. 

North Jersey:

Apothecarium, 1865 Springfield, Avenue, Maplewood

Apothecarium, 55 South Main Street, Phillipsburg

Ascend Wellness, 174 Route 17 North, Rochelle Park

RISE, 26-48 Bloomfield Avenue, Bloomfield

RISE, 196 3rd Avenue, #3C, Paterson

Central Jersey:

Zen Leaf, 117 Sprint Street, Elizabeth

Zen Leaf, 3256 Brunswick Pike, Lawrence Township 

South Jersey:

The Botanist, 100 Century Drive, Egg Harbor Township

The Botanist, 2090 N Blackhorse Pike, Williamstown

The Cannabist/Columbia Care, 1692 Clements Bridge Road, Deptford

The Cannabist/Columbia Care, 1062 North Delsea Drive, Vineland

Curaleaf, 640 Creek Road, Bellmawr

Curaleaf, 4237 US-130 South, Edgewater Park


Buying marijuana from an online store is also a recommended way to find the product you want by typing it in on the homepage or following the navigation bar to find the local marijuana product you're interested in.

The notable cannabis online stores

Exhale Wellness is a large online store that sells legal cannabis, and you can find attractive organic cannabis products on their official website that have been evaluated by third-party laboratories.

BudPop is a new brand founded by a group of 20-somethings who use only tested cannabis from farms licensed by the state of Colorado in their products, and all of their cannabis products are organic and all-natural, with no artificial ingredients.

Hollyweed CBD is one of the most well-known CBD brands today, it has been around for a while and has a loyal following of mostly seasoned cannabis enthusiasts, a group of users who like the taste and effects of these products. If you wish to find an online store with a long history of quality products that you can trust, this company is sure to provide you with the best cannabis products. The company's product formulas may not be the most innovative, but they are certainly classic and safe.

Choose a greenhouse to achieve your scale cannabis cultivation

For farmers or other investors who see cannabis as a business opportunity, growing cannabis is the most straightforward way to go, but of course doing so assumes that you comply with local laws and regulations. If you are unfortunate enough to be in a place that is not open to cannabis sales, then none of your plans will work.

Setting up the right greenhouse

If you are a farmer starting a cannabis cultivation program for the first time and you are not sure how much growing weed will bring you, a small greenhouse will be suitable for your first experiment. Once you've made your first profit, you can start growing cannabis on a large scale and choose a large greenhouse.

If you are already an experienced farmer or cannabis enthusiast and you can be sure that the plant will bring you rich profits later on, you can choose a large greenhouse to cultivate your cannabis.

Flexibility to control growing conditions

One of the most outstanding advantages of growing cannabis in a greenhouse is that the grower has the flexibility to control the growing conditions in the shed, which gives him more control than growing outdoors without having to worry about the cannabis being destroyed due to rain or snow.


Increased Yield

The growing process of cannabis takes only four months, and greenhouse farming shortens that time so that farmers can harvest cannabis year-round. And without the constraints of outdoor weather conditions, cannabis is grown in ideal conditions, resulting in better quality cannabis.

Lower operating costs

Keeping costs as low as possible is a key concern for every investor, and one of the most attractive benefits of greenhouse is that it is far less expensive to operate than the indoor facility. To grow cannabis indoors, growers need to fertilize a large amount of money to invest in ongoing heating, lighting, and cooling systems.

An outdoor greenhouse, on the other hand, has more favorable natural light and ventilation, and even in winter, the additional supplemental lighting in the greenhouse can compensate for the lack of heat. Moreover, if there are other greenhouse kits needed to promote growing, you can easily set them up in the greenhouse. 

Organic Growing

Organic farming is now an internationally respected method of cultivation that is highly beneficial to both the environment and the human body, with no chemical fertilizers or any artificially added supplements used in the process. Also, organic cultivation is one of the features that most cannabis products now showcase, and many consumers love using organic cannabis products.


Greenhouse farming isolates animals and pests, allowing farmers to harvest environmentally friendly, high-quality cannabis by regulating the conditions inside the greenhouse without the use of chemical fertilizers.

Nowadays, users are not satisfied with buying low-priced cannabis products; quality and innovative products are better able to attract and retain customers. 

Get ready for your marijuana business opportunity

Now that the government and the general public are becoming positive and open to marijuana, this magical plant will play more of a role in industry, the medical industry, manufacturing, and environmental protection. Growing marijuana now and keeping up with social hotspots allows you to gain business opportunities and win wealth.


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