How do you want to plan a happy weekend? Or how do you want to spend an unforgettable Halloween? Forget about the annoying work and enjoy a happy time with family and friends. Give you an idea, go out to travel and camp to enjoy the natural scenery away from the noise of the city. You can drive your car, truck or even motorcycle to wherever you want to go, remember to bring your portable carport, I wish you a good mood!

These two special trips are so attractive

In movies, you can often see a group of people driving big trucks or motorcycles out for adventure or camping. In the movie Wild Hogs, Doug Madsen and his three friends started their handsome journey through New Mexico on motorcycles. Their journey was really exciting and cool.

Whether on social platforms such as ins, youtube, or facebook, you can see video bloggers or photography enthusiasts sharing their special truck trips.

truck camping


They can drive a truck to any place, such as El Capitan Canyon, Rock Ranch, and Yellowstone National Park. In the process of truck driving, travelers can enjoy the happiness brought by speed and passion.

How to plan pleasant and exciting camping?

Choose the right transportation

You can try both truck trips and motorcycle trips, but please make sure of your itinerary before you travel. If you just want to go to a forest park or seaside in the suburbs, you can choose between trucks and motorcycles. If you want to go far away, then I suggest you drive a truck.



Because you can't carry too many things with you when driving a motorcycle, it will affect your driving and distract you. You can put some things you prepare for traveling on the truck without being affected by them. Of course, if your purpose is to experience the fun of motorcycle or truck driving, you can freely choose the mode of transportation.

Bring the tent and temporary shelter you need

Although you don’t need to think too much about a short weekend trip, it’s a cool thing to take a walk-and-go trip, but it’s very necessary to prepare everything you need before you go. When you need a flashlight while on an expedition, it's a bad thing to find that you didn't bring it.

Since you are camping outside, the tent is the first thing you need to prepare because you need it as your temporary hut. You have to choose a tent that suits you. If you choose a truck, then a high-quality professional truck bed tent is very suitable for you, you can put this tent on the truck, this type of tent usually does not take up much space. If you cannot find a suitable tent for a while, you can also use your temporary carport as a tent, such as a portable storage garage. If you are keen on motorcycle travel, I suggest that you bring light travel goods as much as possible. The truck bed tent is still a good choice because it is light enough. You should also bring a portable large-capacity kettle and flashlight. You also need to bring a motorcycle shelter. If you encounter rain, the motorcycle shelter can protect your motorcycle from water or other problems.

Recommend best tents and motorcycle shelters for you

Quictent is a very professional seller of outdoor equipment and gardening tools. Quictent carports, caravan covers, motorcycle shelters , and tents are all of very good quality. Next are two high-quality portable bed tents and motorcycle shelters from Quictent.

5.5'-5.8' Truck Bed Tent

A small and exquisite truck bed tent is worth your experience. This is a portable  truck bed tent carefully designed by Quictent for truck lovers. It is a good partner for your truck trip. Quictent has designed many practical functions.

Truck Bed Tent


This tent is easy to set up, you can complete all the erection work in five minutes.

There is a lot of space inside, measuring 69 x 71 x 63 inches, enough to accommodate two people. This tent is suitable for all 5.5'-5.8' truck beds.

Unique removable awning. The size of the awning is 48” (L) x 48” (W). You can use this large awning to shade or keep out the rain. You can appreciate the benefits of this device when you are fishing or facing sudden heavy rain.

100% waterproof material makes camping more comfortable. You don't have to worry about water ingress in any weather conditions.

The tent is very light, and you don't need to spend a lot of effort to set it up. The tent weighs only 12 pounds and is very easy to carry.

The color of the tent is designed according to aesthetics, using a combination of light blue and off-white to give you a comfortable visual experience.

Other thoughtful designs. The rear inspection window allows you to quickly inspect the inside of your tent. Lantern stand & gauze can be used to place some small items to help you optimize the internal space of the tent. The storage bags on both sides are convenient for storing sundries.

136" x 54" x 75" Motorcycle Shelter with TSA Code Lock

This is a superb motorcycle shelter with a code lock, bringing the most intimate care to your motorcycle.

The larger size is suitable for many car models. Whether it is a large motorcycle, a scooter, or a bicycle, this shelter tent can provide a  all-round protection from rain, snow, dust and other debris.

Ventilation design. This motorcycle shelter has a mesh ventilation device on the side to circulate the air.

Motorcycle Shelter with TSA Code Lock


Durable frame. This motorcycle shelter uses a heavy-duty black powder-coated steel frame, and the excellent material allows you to rest your motorcycle in it.

The black TSA code lock can ensure the safety of the motorcycle to the greatest extent. When you are resting in the tent, you can safely park the motorcycle in the shelter, and then use the code lock to ensure safety.

100% waterproof design. The motorcycle shelter uses fully waterproof Oxford cloth, which can effectively resist ultraviolet rays.

Camping tips for you

Before buying a bed tent or motorcycle shelter, you need to pay attention to whether the size is suitable for your truck or motorcycle. Too big or too small size will affect your travel.

After setting up the tent or parking the motorcycle, check that your tent and motorcycle shelter have been secured.

Remember to bring essential medicines and convenient foods, such as compressed biscuits, when traveling long distances.

Start a wonderful experience

The meaning of travel to people is diverse. Traveling can relax people's tired body and mood, and can also make people better understand the world around them. If you are tired of busywork, do not hesitate to ride your motorcycle or truck, bring a tent, and stay away from the noise of the city, breathe fresh air, and feel the breath of nature, you will have a different mood.


Creating a perfect and novel travel experience is something to look forward to, and along the way you can make many friends and share your travel stories, so plan your trip! Discover the joys of life on a trip and create a different way of life.

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