What activities will you do with your child on Thanksgiving Day? I think you might cook a turkey dinner or take a short drive to the countryside with your parents and children. Some parents will also clean the house, yard, and garden with their children, which will enhance family bonding and is good for the children's development.

So have you thought about what you're going to do before Thanksgiving approaches, or have you outlined a concrete plan for this hands-on activity

Why should you do a hands-on garden activity with your children?

Both the small front and backyard gardens are very important places in the house. Parents and children spend many memorable moments in these green-filled places, and children often play games and have parties in the garden. It can be said that the garden is the most familiar place for children.


However, a beautiful garden requires a lot of energy and money to take care of, and parents create the best environment for their children to grow up at home. In order to make children more aware of how hard it is for their parents to take care of their garden, garden practice activities are necessary.

Moreover, during the activity, children will learn a lot of natural science knowledge that they may not be able to get in books, so this is a rare learning opportunity. Maybe your kids will get interested in science because of a special garden activity!

How do you plan your hands-on parent-child activities?

First, you need to consider what activities are more appropriate for your children based on their age. For a younger child, you can have him do some simple assistance while you water the flowers or weed, such as having him hold a small water bottle or a small, light spade for you. If it's an older child, you can teach him how to build a greenhouse in the garden, a garden bed, and you can have them set up a car shelter with you.

Next, you can probably think about what you want your child to learn from this activity. For example, it's almost Thanksgiving and you want your child to understand the significance of being thankful for their parents and family. If you work with your child to care for the plants in the greenhouse, you can show him how flowers, vegetables, and fruits grow. When you work with your child to reinforce the car shelter, let him know the importance of safety and responsibility


Of course, don't forget to add some fun to the activity so that your child will be more curious about your carefully designed activity, and they will be more engaged in the activity and will look forward to the next one.

Remember to keep your child safe at all times while doing the activity, this is the most important thing not to be neglected.

Some great suggestions for parent-child gardening activities

Many children enjoy going to zoos and botanical gardens, they love to see the animals and touch the plants.

planting boy


Both boys and girls enjoy climbing trees, mud fights, and making wreaths. They are very curious and yearning for nature. So, to enhance the fun and meaningful activities, let them observe and learn about the garden and get to touch the plants and gardening tools.

What can children see in the garden? They can see green curved greenhouse tents, garden beds, ponds, swings, and even small fountains.

Start interesting garden beds activities

Garden beds are common tools in the garden and you can usually see simple garden beds and raised garden beds.

Let your child build a simple galvanized garden bed with you, and in the process tell your child not to get hurt by the sharp parts.


After setting up a garden bed, add soil to the planting bed with your child, and then put the plants into the soil together. You need to teach your child some nature knowledge while practicing and teach him how to water the plants in order to make them survive.

Use a raised garden bed with your child to care for plants by first letting your child get to know and touch the gadget and show him the purpose. To add to the fun of the activity, let him pick a few plants to put in himself, you can help him in the process as appropriate, and then let him feel for himself whether such a combination is aesthetically pleasing to match. This can exercise the child's hands-on skills, thinking skills and develop a sense of beauty.

Tending a garden is also about making it more beautiful, so beauty and neatness are also factors that gardeners need to consider. You can tell your child that in order to become a competent little gardener, he has to learn to make the garden beautiful.

You need a great garden bed for your parent-child activities and Quictent's 35''x24''x35'' 8 Grids Raised Garden Bed is the perfect choice for you. The entire garden bed looks very beautiful and is of great quality.


This garden bed is made of unpainted, non-toxic natural cedar wood that resists harsh weather and is less likely to warp, shrink or swell. The safe wood material will not harm your child's health, so you can choose with confidence.

It has a holding capacity of up to 440 pounds, and plants will not fall from it to make your child injured.

This garden bed has two levels for planting and storing plants. The top is eight compartments, and you can let your child match the plants to put in the compartments by themselves. The lower layer can be used to place water bottles and other small tools.

Designing a wonderful greenhouse garden

A greenhouse is a planting tent, which is a particularly beneficial tool for plant growth that many gardeners use. It is the dream of all gardeners to have a mini beautiful greenhouse garden.

If your child is in his teens, you can let him set up a greenhouse in the garden with you. In the process, you will experience the joy and meaning of working together, and learning to work together is a very important thing in your child's life.

In the process of building, your child will learn about the structure of the greenhouse, and if they experience a few more such easy building activities, they will have a deeper understanding of the frame structure.

Setting up a successful greenhouse with parents will give children a great sense of accomplishment and will lead to a better family relationship.

Then decorate your greenhouse with your children! Let them put in as many plants as they like, don't give him too many restrictions, this is the time to create your child's imagination. To turn the greenhouse into a beautiful garden, discuss with your little gardener the placement of plants and the overall structure. In the process of designing a greenhouse, children's collaboration skills, logical thinking skills and sense of beauty will be developed. They prefer this hands-on ownership role to that of passive learners who receive boring book knowledge.

This 20'x 10' x 7' Large Greenhouse from Quictent is an ideal cultivation tent recommended for all gardeners. This large greenhouse is very sturdy and beautifully designed, with a variety of features to meet all your greenhouse imagination.

Parent-child activities are valuable growth lessons for children

What are kids' favorite ways to teach and what is the best way for parents to achieve their goals in educating their children? Children love anything new and interesting, and parents can participate with their children, incorporating their own educational philosophy in the process.


A garden is a place for children to grow and play. Build a garden bed, a greenhouse and clean the pond together with your children. Parents and children encourage each other and accomplish each other, which is a very good educational model.

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