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Raising chickens is a rewarding and joyful thing to do, and it can bring you a lot. There is a lot of information online to make the process more fun for you.

You can find videos and pictures of chicken keepers on many social media platforms. You can observe that most breeders prefer to keep their chickens loose in a backyard coop or a dedicated location on the farm. Beginners will learn from these experiences and keep their chickens, ducks, or other animals in a similar location.



These places are great, but we can do more to create an ideal and fun home for our chickens. Here are three unique places to broaden your thinking for your chicken-keeping pleasure. Take a look!

Build a carport chicken coop

Want to build a big home for your chickens and ducks? Traditional chicken coops may be smaller? If you have these thoughts and questions, you can turn your attention to other options besides chicken coops. To build an oversized chicken coop, you need to choose a suitable place for the coop before everything starts.

A large carport chicken coop

One of the best options is a carport. The carport is large enough. If you want to keep a lot of chickens and ducks, the carport is big enough to accommodate these lovely animals of yours. Raising chickens is rewarding and fun for many people, and gives a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

A large carport chicken coop can give you peak pleasure. And, you can keep other animals here as well. You can use a fence to separate the chicken coop, duck house, and other parts of the house. Then you can raise your pigs, cows, sheep, or others.

A  temporary carport coop

You don't want your chickens to live in one place all the time? Or do you need the flexibility to adjust the location of the coop? Yes, living conditions are important for humans, and chickens as well. A temporary carport will be flexible enough to satisfy this desire.

Temporary carports are easy to build. You can quickly set up a temporary carport in your backyard or farm.

carport chicken

A 20x10 temporary portable carport is better suited as a chicken coop. This size is large enough to accommodate your animals and some other setups.

You may feel that the structure of a temporary carport is not as solid and sturdy as a metal carport. However, popular portable carports today are built with heavy-duty frames. Usually, carports are framed with heavy-duty galvanized steel or high-quality powder-coated steel.

The Quictent 20' x 10' Car Shelter with Windows is your perfect temporary chicken coop choice. This car shelter is large enough to accommodate your chickens and has three windows on each of the two side walls for easy animal observation. The frame of this portable car shelter is made of heavy-duty powder-coated steel for enhanced stability. You can use this carport as a chicken coop for a long time.

Raising chickens in a greenhouse

Raising chickens in a greenhouse is an idea that seems strange. Farmers who value plants may find this idea very unworkable. But we should not dismiss this idea out of hand; the situation inside the greenhouse is flexible and changeable. Greenhouses provide ideal shelter for plants, and chickens need shelter, too, and a greenhouse can be an ideal home for chickens.

Reasons for raising chickens in greenhouses

Ecological choice. For promoters of ecological living by definition, the idea of combining a greenhouse with a chicken coop is not surprising. The combination of plants and animals with each other can create more value, which is good for both plants and animals.

Therefore, more and more eco-promoters are trying to introduce chickens into greenhouses.

The economic benefits are enormous. The combination of chicken coop and greenhouse creates more value for you You only need to spend less material to maintain the building than a traditional greenhouse. The manure produced by the chickens is treated and turned into great nutrients for the plants. The plants will also benefit from the heat and carbon dioxide produced by the chickens, which helps boost yields.

Chickens will benefit from the waste plant residues. And, an enclosed environment provides a safe home for the chickens from outside predators.


More eggs. In a comfortable environment, chickens need to consume fewer calories to stay in good condition. They will maintain their egg production. Even in winter, chickens can continue to lay eggs throughout the winter as long as the temperature inside the greenhouse is right.

Special plant landscape. It is better not to grow valuable plants in the greenhouse because chickens may destroy them. Some easily available plants as well as deciduous vines are good for building your greenhouse chicken coop.

In the summer, planting deciduous vines such as tomatoes, grapes, and hops in the greenhouse helps to help lower the temperature inside the greenhouse. These plants can create special greenhouse landscapes and also turn into ideal chicken feed after the leaves have fallen.

Making your trampoline coop

When you think of trampolines you may just think of entertainment and exercise. Almost no one would associate trampolines with raising chickens. But that doesn't mean that raising chickens under a trampoline just isn't possible. You can see trampoline chicken coops of chicken farmers on many social media platforms and websites.

These chicken coops look very interesting because they are very special. Nowadays, chicken breeders like to incorporate some creative ideas into their breeding process. What amazing experience happens when you let chickens live under a round building?

Trampoline chicken coop.jpg

Noteworthy benefits of using trampolines to raise chickens

Waste utilization. If your trampoline is outdated or old, the only way you can think of to dispose of it is probably to discard it somewhere in your backyard. But this old trampoline can now continue to be of value. You can set it up in a random location in your backyard, herd your chickens under this trampoline, and put a protective fence around it. Then you have a fun chicken coop.

Flexible use of space. When you convert the trampoline into a chicken coop, you will find that your chickens will only move under the trampoline. This means that you have the flexibility to place items on top of the trampoline. Of course, the weight of the items must be within the range of the trampoline can withstand.

Make life more interesting. If your trampoline is fully functional and looks great, children and adults alike can have fun playing and jumping on the trampoline. Your chickens can still live under this trampoline. Your jumps won't affect the chickens, and it's a fun feeling.

In Conclusion

Raising chickens brings you a lot of fun! There are many ways you can create the ideal home for your chickens. There is no definition of what is the ideal chicken coop. Most importantly, you can feel the meaning and joy that raising chickens brings to you in this process.


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