Quictent has been committed to providing users with quality greenhouses, and you will continue to find more greenhouse products at Quictent. However, when you stop by the greenhouse collection page, how should you find which one is best for you? Many products look similar, which may be confusion for you. Some people have "selection difficulties" when browsing shopping sites, and they get confused for a moment when they see similar products, even if they thought they knew exactly what they wanted before. If you are facing this problem, the following selection tips will make your browsing clear.

About usage scenarios

Gardeners are no strangers to greenhouse tents, which are enclosed places where plants can be protected. But when it comes to buying related gardening products, we need to consider the scenario we are in.

  • If you are a farmer

large greenhouse can give you the most help because the farm has a large footprint and grows many crops. A huge greenhouse can accommodate many plants while also prompting you to use the land wisely.

  • For a house with a large backyard

A big greenhouse or a mini greenhouse can be of great benefit to your cultivation program, with emphasis on, your backyard use planning.

  • If you have a small backyard

A mini greenhouse or a walk-in greenhouse is a better match for your situation. The walk-in greenhouse from Quictent has a small footprint and is perfect for your plant care.

About users

Quictent portable greenhouse tent is suitable for everyone, and seniors can find the right greenhouse at Quictent.

If you want to choose a greenhouse tent for the elderly in your family, a walk-in greenhouse is an ideal choice. Walk-in greenhouses from Quictent are designed with access for the elderly.


A walk-in greenhouse can be convenient for seniors who need a wheelchair to get around. Seniors can place plants that require constant care on shelves in the greenhouse to avoid bending over, which can reduce the strain on their backs.

About the frame material

All of Quictent's greenhouse tents have sturdy frames to give your plants the best protection. The frame materials are powder-coated steel and galvanized steel, both of which have their characteristics.


Powder-coated steel is made in an environmentally friendly process and lasts a long time. Powder coating provides a protective resin layer that protects the building from sunlight and UV rays, and is easy to maintain.

The most important feature of galvanized steel is that it can be used for a long time. The quality of galvanized steel is stable and users can save money on maintenance.

  • If you prefer a powder-coated steel frame.

Most of the greenhouse tents from Quictent are made of powde-coated steel.

  • If you prefer galvanized steel.

The 25' x 10' x 7' Large Greenhouse and 20' x 10' x 7' Heavy Duty Large Greenhouse will suit you better.

What shape is your favorite one?

When you think of a greenhouse, most people think of a traditional dome-shaped greenhouse. This shape is accepted by most people, and Quictent offers a variety of greenhouse tents with a domed shape.

A variety of greenhouse shapes can add more fun and novelty to your gardening life. You can see other shapes of greenhouses at Quictent, now Quictent has High Tunnel Greenhouse 12' x 7' x 7' Tunnel Greenhouse and Roof Shaped Greenhouse 10' x 9' x 8' Backyard Greenhouse.

Would you prefer a large greenhouse?

Quictent offers a variety of sizes of large greenhouse tents, the largest greenhouse currently available is the 25' x 10' x 7' Large Greenhouse. If you need a particularly large greenhouse, this is the one for you.


A very popular size is 20' x 10' x 7', Quictent offers you two 20' x 10' x 7' greenhouses, both of which are the same size but have some differences.

  • Frame Material. The 20' x 10' x 7' Large Greenhouse has a powder-coated steel frame and the 20' x 10' x 7' Heavy Duty Large has a galvanized steel frame.
  • Weight. 63.5 lb for 20' x 10' x 7' Large Greenhouse, 77.8pounds for 20' x 10' x 7' Heavy Duty Large Greenhouse.

Suggestion for you

If you are new to gardening and want to set up a greenhouse quickly, a 20' x 10' x 7' Large Greenhouse would be better for you. This large greenhouse is slightly lighter than the heavy-duty greenhouse.

If you prefer a galvanized steel-framed greenhouse, or if you prefer a heavier greenhouse (perhaps the weather conditions in your area are unstable and often windy), a heavy-duty greenhouse will give you more security.

Do you like to grow your potted plants in a mini greenhouse?

Even without a big backyard, you can still have a pleasant gardening life. If you want to protect your vegetable patch from frost in the fall and winter, you can use a mini greenhouse to cover your patch. Do you like potted plants? Many people like to use small areas to grow small plants such as potted flowers, potted vegetables, potted fruits, etc. A small greenhouse will prevent these mini plants from being eaten by bugs or otherwise harmed.

mini greenhouse

Quictent wants to do more for your garden business. Currently, Quictent offers you the 71" x 36" x 36" Mini Greenhouse, the 95" x 36" x 36" Small Greenhouse, and the 98" x 49" x 53" Small Greenhouse.

If you prefer a clear greenhouse, the 71" x 36" x 36" Mini Greenhouse and the 95" x 36" x 36" Small Greenhouse are available in clear.

Do you like green, white, or clear greenhouses?

Advantages of a green greenhouse

Many greenhouse tents are designed in green, and Quictent offers a variety of greenhouse tents, whether it's a big greenhouse or a small greenhouse, you'll find a green version.

Green is the color that many gardeners prefer. Green is believed to help reflect excess light and reduce the light intensity and temperature in the room. Green is also chosen by most people because it is more aesthetically pleasing than monotonous plastic and can blend perfectly in places like gardens and farms.

And, some people want to create an enclosed gardening atmosphere where the green surround makes them feel safer when caring for plants. A transparent atmosphere may make some gardeners feel uncomfortable and not feel private.

Advantages of white greenhouses

Do you like a unique white greenhouse? Many of the large greenhouses from Quictent are available in white in addition to green.

The white color reflects heat and sunlight. White greenhouses are more garden-friendly in the summer and can help you better control the climate conditions inside your greenhouse.

Fashionable aesthetic needs. With the development of the times, people have given more meaning to their gardens. To some people, there is more than just the dominant element of green in the garden. White is currently the popular color for garden design, making the garden look more premium. Garden weddings nowadays like to use white color and it makes the whole scene look more beautiful.


Advantages of transparent greenhouses

If you prefer a unique fully transparent greenhouse, Quictent offers you a variety of transparent small greenhouse tents and walk-in greenhouse tents. Fully transparent greenhouses can help you understand the growing condition of the plants without opening the greenhouse lid.

Transparent greenhouses allow the full spectrum of light to penetrate the greenhouse, which can be very beneficial to plant growth and development. Plants can fully absorb the light from nature.

Transparent greenhouses make it easy for gardeners to see how plants are growing. Compared to traditional greenhouses, transparent greenhouses provide gardeners with a unique cultivation experience.

Quictent will always be with you in your greenhouse life!

A greenhouse will add value to your green life, both emotionally and financially. One of the most exciting things about gardening is that it allows many people to relax and forget their worries in a green atmosphere. The greenhouse will bring more fun to your gardening life, in this environment, you are not only cultivating plants but also delighting yourself. Quictent hopes to help you be happy, provide more high-quality greenhouse products, and make your happiness more, more sense of achievement!

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