It is today's consensus that humans should coexist peacefully with animals, but animals sometimes interfere with human life, for example, they may destroy your garden.

If you are a garden manager who loves animals, then you will think more when you design your garden. Because protecting your garden and taking care of your pets and wildlife can be contradictory in some ways, and you want to not only protect the animals but also minimize the damage they do to the plants, you think carefully about solutions to balance these two aspects.

Build a fish pond

If the garden is only trees and rocks, this may seem too monotonous and uninteresting. The backyard of a house is a place to relax, so a vibrant garden is a very important part of the whole home.


Build a fish pond to make your garden look more vibrant, buy some goldfish to keep in the pond, and put some rocks and fake flowers in it. The small fish in the pond act as ornamental animals and will not have any impact on your garden. Many children love small fish and you can teach them to feed the fish and clean the pond.

Say no to pesticides

To beautify a garden, many gardeners must use pesticides, which is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do so, but this method also has many side effects.

Insecticides can cause great harm to animals, and if you use them to take care of your lawn and plants, it kills both pests and other lovely animals. Also, pesticides can harm your body, so to make everything look perfect, you have to say no to pesticides.

Set up a greenhouse

If you don't take care of your garden with pesticides, on one hand, this does protect the animals, on the other hand, your garden may become a regular visitor of pests, which can be harmful to your plants. There is a solution to all difficulties, for example, you can use a greenhouse tent to keep these pests and other animals out.

Gardeners can't stand their beloved plants being eaten or destroyed, they can move these plants inside the greenhouse.


Picking a planting tent that is easy to use, sturdy and pest-proof is very important for a wildlife backyard so that your plants will always grow in a safe environment. You can adjust the conditions inside the greenhouse to provide the right temperature, humidity, and light for your plants.

It is worth mentioning that all greenhouse tents (The large greenhouse, mini greenhouse, and walk-in greenhouse) from Quictent are suitable for your use because the structure is made of high-quality galvanized steel, which is strong and durable. And each side of the large greenhouse has a separate mesh zipper door, which makes it easy for you to take care of your plants and enhance ventilation while keeping critters out. The greenhouse material is made of 100% waterproof.

Leaves a wildlife-friendly area

A very sophisticated garden positioned not to be wildlife-friendly because animals will destroy your masterpiece. If you want to build a beautiful backyard but also want this area to be an animal-friendly zone, you will spend more cost and effort on care. So, if you want your backyard to be a wildlife-friendly garden, it will not be exquisite.


You may not give up planting a lawn in your backyard, then you can leave a corner of your backyard for animals only, where there is no lawn but piles of shrubs, discarded leaves, and useless furniture. It is also necessary to put some water and food, where the critters will stay and roost. At the same time, you can also be lazy and reduce the time to take care of this area.

Unique mini garden bed with a greenhouse to protect your plants

Setting up a garden bed with a greenhouse in your small backyard can help your plants grow well and protect them from animals and insects. This galvanized garden bed with a greenhouse cover keeps animals out, it has a zippered mesh door on each side to make it easy to bend down and take care of your plants, and the cover is so light that it's easy to remove it.

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