As a result of the epidemic, the number of people with large party tents has gradually started to rise in the last two years. At the same time, the lifestyle changes that have been brought about have made people more comfortable with the outdoors, whether it be camping or outdoor music festivals. As long as the outdoor activities will become one of the popular leisure options, and outdoor activities are indispensable is the tent. It can be a shelter to protect you from the sun or rain during the event and is also a great place to rest and relax. At the same time, no matter where your event is located, the tent with sidewalls can give you privacy and allow you to have private space.

white party tent

Why is the color of the party tent mostly white?

Unlike pop-up canopy and camping tents, almost all party tents are white. Not just because of what white represents, but white party tents can bring us a lot of convenience and benefits.

Maximum decorative range

Compared to other colors, white would be one of the best background colors that you would be able to decorate with the color and style you want on it. It can also make the whole party look neater. Imagine your party tent is red, then the number of colors that can match it is very few. You have to spend a lot of time and effort to find and match the decorations, and the final result may not be satisfactory. White, on the other hand, allows you to mix and match at will, saving a lot of energy and your decorations budget. It must be mentioned that a white background provides a good surface to reflect the light, which makes the photo look more natural when starting to use the flash.

Suitable for multiple occasions

It works perfectly no matter what the activity is, Whether it's a birthday party or a family gathering. Especially when used for outdoor weddings, it is very apt to the theme and enhances the whole wedding's holy and immaculate atmosphere. There is nothing better than a 20 x 40 tent, a perfect size that can accommodate many people. Very easy to set up, and at an affordable price that won't break your budget. Up to twelve windows on the sidewalls provide an all-around view of the outdoors, and additional ground rails ensure the stability and solidity of the entire tent.

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Cooler in summer

A cool and comfortable environment is important in the hot summer months. We all know that dark colors absorb more heat than light colors because they absorb more light energy. The closer the color to black, the more heat it absorbs from the light source. So in summer lighter colors in the choice of colors will make people feel cooler, and white is one of the lightest colors. Although it will still absorb some heat, the least amount of extra heat. So white party tents maintain a cool and comfortable environment in summer, extending the time people can stay outdoors.

Easier to clean

The white color enables you to detect stains and mold on the fabric more easily than the dark color, which makes it easier to clean. If there is damage can also be the first time to find and thus replace the new. In terms of cleaning, you should also be careful to use warm water to wash, never put the fabric into the washing machine and use ordinary laundry detergent, which may make the fabric dry and fragile.

white party tents


Those extra features you didn't expect

Many people don't realize how much potential their tents have, and that they can serve as more than just a shelter for your party. Of course, you can use it as a temporary outdoor storage room or portable carport, which is also a great use, but that still doesn't bring out its full potential. I will introduce some quite creative ways of using it that you can try with your party tent.

As a private cinema

Want a group of friends to watch a movie together but do not want to disturb others, you can create a private theater in your party tent. Apart from buying snacks, there is almost no need to do any other preparation. Do not even need a screen cloth, because the white tent curtain can be used as a screen cloth to use. The sidewalls can help you block excess light during the day and create a private space for you at night and resist the wind. Ensures a comfortable and relaxing environment for you, without worrying about whether your conversation will affect others. Friends can also enjoy talking about the movie among themselves, whether standing or sitting depending on their mood.

private cinema tents


In the same way, it can be a Karaoke room in addition to a movie theater. Save a lot of money and also be able to get a more unique and comfortable experience. The process of setting up the tent with family or friends is also a good way to increase emotional communication.

Use at yard sales

If you have something you don't need but can't just throw away, why not hold a yard sale? This is one great way to be eco-friendly and add a little income to yours. After you set up your party tent in the front yard, take out the old stuff you want to sell and put it on the table in a neat and orderly manner with the prices marked, waiting for the guests to arrive. Two days before the actual yard sale you can prepare posters to put up in the neighborhood. This will give maximum publicity to the event and let your target customers know what time the event will be held. The presence of a tent avoids the weather factor and provides the most protection for your items from being affected. Especially white tents can show the most real color of your items if it is a yellow tent after the sun's rays down will make all your items look yellow.

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Final Thoughts

Among the outdoor activities, the tent is a place to bring everyone together. Putting up a large tent is a process of building something from nothing, and you can be as imaginative and creative as you want when decorating it. Party tents come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and investing in a quality tent can give you a more convenient life afterward. You can transform it into another space according to your needs and make the most of its value by using it for multiple purposes.

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