In winter, your vehicle will face various tests, such as low temperature will have a great impact on the vehicle driving, the parts on your car may deteriorate due to low temperature, and you need to check the condition of your vehicle frequently.


If you park your car outside, the vehicle may not be as clean as it was in the spring and summer, as snow and other debris can build up on it. Unprotected cars are also more likely to have problems in the winter.

Why choose a carport to protect your car?

Several ways to protect your car

When it comes to how to protect your car, people usually think of several ways, such as buying a car cover, building a garage, or purchasing a temporary carport. RVers who have an RV at home usually buy a special RV cover to protect the car. The RV cover is equipped with many parts to help the owner stabilize and maintain the RV.

But in the winter, neither a special RV cover nor a regular cover can meet the needs of the owner, due to the wide variations in temperature and unstable weather conditions during the winter. It may be nice today and windy and snowy tomorrow.



So many people will choose to park their cars in garages or temporary carports. What are the characteristics of a garage and a carport? Which one is more suitable for the public?

Positives and negatives of a garage and a carport

For the garage

The first idea many people have for easy parking is to build a garage. Having a garage means that your home will have an additional enclosed exterior space that you have the flexibility to use to park your car and other items.




  • Your car will be best protected in this enclosed space, and you can easily repair your garage even in bad weather conditions.
  • You can design your garage according to your style and preference
  • You can use your garage as a storage place or even a place to have afternoon tea.


  • Building a garage will cost you a lot of effort and money, and if you want to make changes to it after it's built or if you don't like it anymore afterward, modifying it can be a particular hassle.
  • Maintaining and upgrading your garage, later on, can cost lots, for example, you may need to hire a decorator to renovate it or an electrician to connect the garage to electricity.
  • You may face higher taxes and home insurance costs.
  • Ventilation of cars in enclosed premises is a problem, and it is a safety hazard.

For the Carports

The perfect place to park your vehicle and multipurpose party tent.



Having a carport gives you the flexibility to use it as you see fit. You can use it to protect the car from UV rays, rain, snow, and frost. A carport can also provide a perfect activity area for the family to have parties, afternoon tea, BBQs. in spring and summer when the sun is shining, the kids can play in the carport, and when it rains, you can take shelter in the carport.

20' x 10' Standard Car Shelter -White
  • Size: 10'x20'
  • Height:9.5'
  • Benefits: Reinforced Steel Cables, Premium Fabric
  • Although the setup process is easy, it does not mean that the quality is not good. The frame of this portable car shelter is made of heavy-duty rust-resistant galvanized steel, which is very durable. The cover cloth is made of extra-thick polyethylene and is very strong. You can build the car shelter anywhere you wish.
  • The car shelter is better ventilated, which is determined by the material it is made of. You do not need to pay extra for this temporary parking tent.
  • Having a carport only requires you to buy it in the store and then you can build it as soon as you receive it, the whole process is easy and you don't need to spend a lot of money to maintain and buy accessories.


  • You can't build and use a carport in bad weather, such as high winds and blizzards, which can cause serious damage to the carport.
  • Carports cannot upgrade your home like a garage.

Carports are suitable for the vast majority of people and are a very practical and affordable option. Carports are more versatile than garages and don't cost much.

How does a car shelter protect your car in the winter?

Preventing snow build-up

You can buy a car shelter in the shape of a roof. The triangular design allows snow to fall from the top without piling up on the car shelter or even penetrating into the car. A scientifically designed car shelter can greatly reduce the damage caused to your car by rain and snow.

Relieves rust and paint flaking

A car that is exposed to the air is like a person who does nothing to keep warm in the winter. A car that is constantly exposed to the elements may not be safe through the winter.


Rust, cracked windshields, and vehicle damage from hail are all likely to occur. An ideal car shelter can reduce or even avoid these situations.

Keep your car clean and tidy

A large car shelter provides a perfect shelter for your car and keeps your car in good shape even in winter. The bodywork of a car exposed to the air can have a lot of unsightly rain and snow dripping down. A car protected by a car shelter looks like a new car from the factory. Rain dripping on the car not only affects the car's appearance but also penetrates into the car and affects the warmth of the car and damages the interior parts.

Some tips for reinforcing car shelters

Reinforce your frame

First check that your car shelter frame is solid, no matter how good the material your car shelter is made of, you should check it carefully. A solid frame is a key to making sure your car shelter is fully functional. Then you can replace bent or corroded poles with some strong metal or other sturdy material.

Installing corner braces

If your package is equipped with corner braces, you can install them on each corner of the car shelter during the winter to enhance stability.

Anchor the car shelter to the ground

If conditions allow, anchoring the car shelter to the ground with nails will also help a lot in reinforcing the car shelter.

Reinforcing the interior of the car shelter

You can install some metal brackets on the inside of the car shelter to make the center stronger and able to withstand more heavy loads, such as snow.

Make full use of the ground rod

To provide better external reinforcement for the car shelter, you need some ground rods. Additional ground rods make the parking tent shelter more stable and wind-resistant.

20' x 13' Heavy Duty Car Shelter (3 Colors Available)
  • Size: 13'x20'
  • Height:10'
  • Benefits: Extra Ground Bars, Strong Galvanized Poles

You can connect one corner of the carport to the ground rod and then anchor the ground rod diagonally to the ground, thus forming a triangle and bringing more stability.

Quality car shelter to accompany your car through this winter

To make your vehicle go through this winter smoothly, you need to give your car extra care, and if you think building a garage is too much trouble, then a good car shelter is the best choice for you. But protecting your car is not an easy task, you have a lot to take care of. So remember to learn more about reinforcement tips and come to Quictent to shop for the car shelter you need!


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