Quictent Upgraded Galvanized 10 x 20 ft. White Carport


A 10’ x 20’ carport with a height over 8.5’ would fit even the tallest of cars comfortably, making this size popular in the marketplace. We’ll introduce all Quictent 10’ x 20’ carports with(out) sidewalls and the general rule when asking for customer services in this blog. You’ll see how Quictent develops items to cater to customer’s demands.

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Quictent 10’ x 20’ Carports Without Sidewalls

Quictent 10’ x 20’ carport without sidewalls has gone through the market for years. When we set our foot on the field, we provided the base model, then we applied stronger materials, gifted more parts. The latest models make a change of an overlong cover and sturdier framework.

The basic model

Quictent 10 x 20 ft. Powder-Coated White Carport

It’s the 10’ x 20’ heavy-duty carport. For this portable garage model, all the powder-coated tubes are jointed by steel connectors. What comes with the frame is the 180g PE cover, which is waterproof and UV resistant. We always take stability seriously. That’s the reason why you can expect bases and pegs from this model. By joining the base to the bottom of six main poles and putting in the pegs, this structure can withstand windy weather than a not-armed one.
20' x 10' Classic Heavy-duty Car Canopy (5 Colors Available)
  • Size: 10'x20'
  • Height:8.7'
  • Benefits: Well-Performed Top Cover, Upgraded Galvanized Poles

For this model, later we come up with one with a green tarp.

It is just the beginning, there is a long way to go to make the item much stronger. Let’s dig into a new model.

Galvanized tubes applied for the new model!

Quictent Galvanized 10 x 20 ft. Carport

You may wonder why this 10’ x 20’ portable garage model looks stronger than the basic one you at the first look? You got it! This model applies the reinforced 180g PE cover, which is tear-proof, waterproof, and UV resistant. We also changed the white powder-coated tubes to galvanized ones that are stronger and rust assistant.

20' x 10' Basic Car Canopy (2 Colors Available)
  • Size: 10'x20'
  • Height:8.7'
  • Benefits: Coated Steel Poles, Excellent Top Cover

As always, we take better durability and stability seriously. Metal corner joints with a few small built-in tweaks are applied instead of the former steel ones. Aside from new base plates and pegs, steel cables are added. These improvements give this portable garage model a slightly stronger framework, making the structure be able to withstand harsh weather. What’s more, four sandbags and a pair of gloves are gifted for each structure.

We also surveyed our customers for expected colors, finally came out with the following four colors: gray, green, white, blue, and camo for this construction.

A stronger framework with an overlong cover!

Quictent 10x20 carport

Now we come to the latest portable carport model. For the ultimate durability, we add two more galvanized tubes for the carport frame, that is, on each side, there are four poles to support. Although we applied premium materials for the tarp, claims are also received for the existing gap.

20' x 10' Upgraded Heavy-duty Carport Canopy (4 Colors Available)
  • Size: 10'x20'
  • Height:8.7'
  • Benefits: Reinforced Steel Cables, Extended Cover Edge

We finally worked out the overlong cover - it fully covers the top framework as an eave. You do not need to worry about tears due to the gap as before. Oh, do not forget that there are 4 steel cables gifted for this model.

We provide four colors: white, beige, green, and blue for this galvanized 10’ x 20’ carport.

Quictent 10’ x 20’ Carport With Sidewalls

The above models are all 10’ x 20’ carports without sidewalls. We also provide car canopy models with sidewalls. Have an overview below.

With windows or no windows, it’s NOT a question!

Quictent 10 x 20 ft. Carport With Sides No Windows

In terms of sidewalls, we came up with two styles: sidewalls without windows at the beginning and sidewalls with windows after we realized the importance of ventilation in some situations. You can refer to Quictent 10' x 20' Heavy Duty Carport Without Windows -White and Quictent 20' x 10' Heavy Duty Carport with Windows. Both carport models are made of white powder-coated tubes and waterproof, UV-protected PE fabric. 

Galvanized tubes applied for the new model

Quictent Galvanized 10 x 20 ft. White Carport With Sidewalls

Given the growing demands for better durability, we made some changes. Galvanized tubes which are resistant to rust and can increase strength are applied instead of the white powder coated ones, ground bars are added for reinforcement.

An eye-catching color added!

You may wonder, I can choose carports according to the windows, the tube materials, then what about the color. Although the white would work in most cases, I still want something different to stand out from the crowd, is there a choice? OK, we got it. And we come out the beige one. The Quictent 10' x 20' Heavy Duty Car-Beige car canopy would be a great choice if you prefer a more eye-catching color.

Worth mentioning, you probably think parts would be generals for all 10’ x 20’ carports, the fact is that they will not go with each other. When you need our customer expert to fulfill after-sales service, specify the model number on the original shipping box, or provide information such as the order number, tracking number so that we can confirm the model number.

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