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With a shelter like a pop-up canopy, you don't have to worry about the hot sun or rainy weather interrupting your plans, it keeps you comfortable as well as enjoyable outdoors. Pop-up canopy is also very easy to install and portable, if you want to go to other outdoor spaces it can give you a comfortable enough space. What's even better is that adding a sidewall to the pop-up canopy can shield you from mosquitoes in the summer, as well as wind and sunlight from all directions, allowing you to expand your entertainment options. Next, I'll give you some ideas on how you can make the most of your pop-up canopy, which will hopefully make your time outdoors more pleasant.

With sidewalls

Pop-up canopies with sides will add an extra layer of protection from the outdoor elements, and there are several different types of sidewalls: those with clear material windows and those with curtains, as well as those that are mesh. Different types will bring different effects, for example, sidewalls with windows allow more views of nature. Those with curtains allow for good ventilation and increased privacy in any weather. As for mesh sidewalls, they are more suitable for keeping mosquitoes out in summer.

A fun way to use the sidewall pop-up canopy

With sidewalls, you can have a lot of fun activities that can be done inside the pop-up canopy without having to worry about the weather.

  • Have a backyard camping. Backyard camping is perfect for camping newbies or those who don't have time to get to a wilderness campground. You don't need to spend too much time and money on preparing equipment and sites, and if you have kids you don't have to worry about whether there will be any safety issues. You can also decide on the activity at any time depending on the weather or time of day. At night you can put the camping tent directly inside the pop-up canopy, which can do double protection against the wind while keeping the tent warm. Backyard camping is not only fun but also a family event to strengthen the bond between each other. It's also an opportunity to exercise your child's hands-on skills.
  • Host a small party. A sidewall with windows is perfect for a small party, first of all, the windows allow guests to enjoy a better view. Secondly, a sidewall with a window style is part of the decoration and can enhance the sense of atmosphere. Finally, whether the party is held in summer or winter, the sidewall can be perfect for the role. In the summer it provides plenty of shade to keep guests cool, while in the winter it is waterproof and windproof to keep them warm.
yoga canopy
  • Private gym. If you want to do sports in the backyard with a breeze, the mesh sidewalls keep mosquitoes out and ensure good ventilation. The roof can also help protect you from UV rays and sunlight, whether you are doing yoga or aerobics to ensure a comfortable feeling. In addition, the pop-up canopy can also add privacy for you, I'm sure you do not want to do exercise in your backyard when you are still being watched.
  • Temporary storage room. If you have some tools for outdoor use or some large tools, there is no longer enough storage space at home to place them. A pop-up canopy can become the perfect consular storage shed, it can protect your things from any weather factors. Since it is very easy to set up and takedown, you can place it in the right location according to your needs.
picnic pop up canopy
  • Picnic in the park. Going on a picnic is a great stress reliever and can save you from a heavy work or study schedule. It's very healing to choose a nice day with friends, bring your favorite food and drink, and sit on the grass to feel the breeze. The pop-up canopy can shield you from the sun's rays, and the side walls can prevent bugs from "attacking" your food. The canopy can also protect your food from direct sunlight and thus spoilage.

Recommended Items

If you want a pop-up canopy that can be used all year round, then the 10x10 pop up tent will meet your needs perfectly. Comes with four removable sidewalls and clear windows on the sidewalls. Two zippered door curtains allow for easy access and aesthetics. Both the top and sidewalls are made of Oxford fabric and coated for water and UV protection. The triangular shape of the roof makes it easier for rainwater to leave without causing water to pool at the top. The pre-built frame allows the overall installation to be completed within minutes, and the quick-release button allows the tent height to be adjusted at will without hurting your fingers. 

4Season 10' x 10' Pop Up Canopy Tent

Some ideas for using without sidewalls

Not all events require sidewalls, of course, and pop-up canopies without sidewalls can accomplish several different activities.

  • Commercial use. If you want to participate in a farmer's market or community flea market, a pop-up canopy can help you protect your products from direct sunlight. The lack of sidewalls also allows you to place your products more visually in front of your customers, and likewise gives you a wider view to keep an eye on potential customers in the distance. Plus the easy transportability of the pop-up canopy allows you to easily reach different venues for use.
soccer pop up canopy
  • Watch an outdoor soccer game. This is perhaps the favorite use for soccer moms, whether you want to keep out the sun or a little rain, the pop-up canopy can solve a lot of your problems. It's roomy enough for a family and can provide shelter for multiple people to stay cool. And the lack of side walls provides an unobstructed view while not blocking the view of the spectators behind.

Recommended Items

If there is one best pop-up canopy without side walls it must be the No-Side 10'x10' EZ Pop Up Canopy, a size that meets most market requirements. The high-quality thick frame enhances the durability of the tent, and the same top-quality fabric that is waterproof and UV protected. The complimentary bag with rollers makes it easier to transport and can be taken to different locations for use without much effort. At the same time, there are a variety of colors to choose from to meet your needs for different activities.

quictent noside pop up canopy

Do you have any interesting ideas?

A simple pop-up canopy can make your outdoor space a convenient, relaxing, and enjoyable corner. It's very practical and versatile, and in addition to the ways I've mentioned above, you may have newer ways to use the pop-up canopy to its fullest potential!

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