In modern decorating style, we can often see bathrooms being set up in the interior, and usually , the bathroom is connected to the toilet, which becomes the first thing that almost everyone thinks of when they are faced with decorating a bathroom. Most people design their houses with outdoor decorations for recreation and entertainment, and few people would think of putting bathroom items like bathtubs in their gardens. And now, more and more creative people are changing their original thinking about home renovation, for example, they will set up an outdoor bathroom in their backyard or create a greenhouse bath. It's a cool and bold décor style that's catching on many social platforms!

What is the outdoor greenhouse bath?

Outdoor greenhouse bath is a trend that has become popular in the last few years, reflecting designers' desire for quality of life and a desire to explore different styles of living. Many spas and luxury hotels have outdoor baths available to guests, and inspired decorators have incorporated this style into their backyard designs, for example, they may have bathrooms in an open-air log cabin on the lawn, in a transparent greenhouse, or a bush.

Although designers have different ideas for such a creative outdoor enclosed bathroom, they all add some common elements to their designs, such as plants, (perhaps potted plants, or tall shrubs around the tub to increase the enclosed nature), and wooden planks (used to elevate the tub or place objects).


More and more home fashionistas are now bringing the bathroom into their gardens. Especially in spring and summer, bathing in the sun and enjoying cocktails in an outdoor bathroom is a great holiday experience. Bathing and playing in the garden are the most exciting pleasures of life in spring and summer.

Why is the outdoor bathroom style popular?

The popularity of any lifestyle is closely related to our environment, and garden living occupies a small part of the general home design concept, where people have parties, interact with their children, plant flowers, etc. People do more activities indoors, such as cooking, entertaining, learning, and other activities. In recent years, there has been a growing consciousness to increase the proportion of outdoor life and let the garden make more contribution.

In recent years, climate change, species extinction and other environment-related changes have made people cherish the greenery around them more and the desire to get closer to nature has become stronger. To express the importance of the natural environment, people have started to move their daily life into nature, and this way of living brings people closer to nature.

In addition to the environment, a meaningful life requires a sense of ritual, and outdoor bathrooms can provide a bathing enjoyment that cannot be replaced by traditional bathrooms. As you bathe in the first rays of the morning sun, the dew dampens your hair, the fragrance of flowers makes your day fresh from this moment on, and you enjoy the feeling of water droplets falling on your skin. It's a bathing experience you've never had with nature before, and it marks the beginning of the day.

Outdoor Bath Ideas

Outdoor conservatories come in a variety of forms and styles, and designers can design an ideal conservatory bathroom to their liking, where they can enjoy the relaxation and fun of nature. Socialites are sharing their unique outdoor bathroom creations with people on the internet, and these unique bathrooms reflect people's aesthetic tastes and personality traits. These are great pieces to inspire your outdoor bathroom design!

  • This is a blogger's transparent greenhouse bathroom. He set his solarium in his backyard next to tall plants. The location is completely secluded and the neighbors won't see any embarrassing scenes.


"It's a fun invention and it's better than we ever imagined. We enjoy it every day, usually twice a day. It's a great way to start the day, relax and focus, as well as a perfect ritual before going to sleep at night." 

The blogger is pleased with this great piece of work, which he feels has improved the quality of life for him and his family and is very practical.

  • This is a greenhouse bathroom that the blogger showed on reddit, a very fantastic place. He set up a round bath in the middle of the greenhouse, with greenery around the bath, to bring people a comfortable bathing experience.


Some users commented that his idea is "amazing and beautiful", and some users noted that the moisture and heat brought by the bath can promote plant growth.

  • This is a charming rustic greenhouse bathroom, its owner put it on the peerspace website for $95 per hour to rent to the public. This beautiful open-air bathroom attracts many visitors who are very satisfied with this special place and say they will book it again.

rustic bath

Here are the reviews about this particular bathroom,

"This is a perfect outdoor bathroom".

"Having a milk bath here is a very memorable experience and you can take many perfect photos here, they are very attractive."

"The environment around the bathroom feels like you are in nature and the freshness from the greenery gives me a VIP-like comfortable bathing experience."

  • This beautiful glasshouse bathroom is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Eva, a girl who loves to travel, is pictured bathing in a gorgeous tub made of cedar, enjoying the early morning sun and the fresh surroundings where she finds her joy.


Here, you can enjoy the water vapor while drinking coffee, playing your favorite music, and forgetting all your worries.

  • This is the cover picture of the blogger belovedcabin on Ins. He and his family live near Atlanta and they have some animals, such as cats, dogs, and chickens. They love life very much, the cover picture is their elaborate transparent greenhouse bathroom, from the picture you can feel that bathing here is particularly comfortable and dreamy, look up you can see the blue sky, the bath next to the abundance of plants, everything here is very wonderful.

popular bathroom

These transparent bathroom photos were published in Ins and then forwarded by many bloggers, many Ins users are very fond of such design style. Some users commented that this bathroom is "a lovely place", "amazing and fantastic".

What is necessary to consider before building a greenhouse bath?

When you see some of the pictures of outdoor bathrooms, you may also want to have such a special and interesting outdoor bathroom, which will establish your position in the social circle and make you the most special one among your friends. But behind every beautiful decoration is the effort and planning of the owner. So, if you decide to build such a bathroom, then you need to keep some things in mind and do some planning in advance to minimize and avoid the trouble during the building process.

Size and practicality

The first issue you face and must pay attention to is the size of the bathtub and the size of the conservatory. If you want to set up a large bathtub, then the size of your greenhouse must also be large enough. If you don't have much requirement on the size of the bathtub, then you can flexibly choose a small or large greenhouse according to your needs. In addition to the size of the bathtub, you should also leave an area in the greenhouse for access and other things, such as potted plants, hangers, shelves, and other things that may be used, in short, you must leave an area that can be used flexibly.


If your design style is modern, you will inevitably run into electrical problems and your hot tub will have to be near an electrical outlet to get electricity. So once you've determined that you want a modern style bathroom, then you'll next need to find a place with an electrical outlet to build your greenhouse. If you set up a greenhouse in your backyard according to your preference without considering the power circuit, then laying the circuit will become your new problem and you may spend more effort and money on it.



When you shower or bathe in the greenhouse bathroom, the bathroom will release a lot of steam, and if the ventilation is not good, the water vapor will condense on the greenhouse material, which is not good for the maintenance of the greenhouse later. For ventilation and ease of maintenance, you need to keep a lot of vents when building this outdoor bathroom.

Greenhouse material

If you are choosing between a plastic greenhouse and a glass greenhouse, the glass greenhouse will be the better one because the plastic greenhouse will amplify the effects of UV rays and will retain more heat compared to glass. This feature is not an advantage for either bathing comfort or greenhouses, and glass greenhouses are aesthetically superior to plastic greenhouses.

Let the greenhouse bathroom colorful your life

A comfortable bathing experience in a green environment can help you start a fresh day and wash away the troubles of the day. Fantastic greenhouse bathrooms are trending and now is the time to experience this unique lifestyle.

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