America's top food truck festival didn't miss your appointment this year because of the global pandemic of the last two years, and yes, the coolest Chicago food truck festival will arrive as scheduled in June. Come here and feel the food truck culture, and beer, games, and music welcome you!

Chicago Food Truck Festival Culture

About Food Trucks - This unique food culture is bringing great joy to people's lives by combining socializing, food, and travel, and bringing creativity to people's lives. The food truck culture began in 1866 when the first Chuck Wagon began the exploration of mealtime.

The Summer Chicago Food Festival is one of the most famous festivals in the country, and Chicago is celebrating its ninth annual food truck festival.



And, as Chicago is known as the nation's beer capital, exhibitors at the Food Truck Festival will bring the best beer, wine, and a variety of spirits to the masses. Chicago is the food and beverage capital of the world, and with more and more food appearing at the Food Truck Festival, visitors can have a whole new experience at each edition.

How can I participate in the Food Truck Festival?

At this unique festival, every visitor is free and equal. The event organizers have not set up many uninteresting rules for this event, and everyone is free to participate in this summer's most talked-about food festival. Visitors only need to apply for free tickets on the website in advance to participate in the event, or if you want to taste the food and experience the rides more comfortably, you can order VIP tickets online. Please understand that some rules have to be followed, as we are experiencing a global pandemic and the event organizers want everyone to enjoy the sights and sounds of Chicago during the summer in a healthy and peaceful environment.

Explore Food Truck Festival Features

Colorful food trucks

Food truck festivals are found in many parts of the country, but the Chicago Food Truck Festival is known to more visitors for its unique style. Here, ordinary food trucks are transformed into beautiful works of art by artists' brushes, and visitors can see the trucks painted in a variety of colors. Some of the artists will be "free" to paint on the carts, a very happy project!

Each year, the Chicago Food Truck Festival attracts vendors from the surrounding area, some of whom purchase special food trucks to sell food. These food trucks are popular with many restaurants and families because they are perfectly set up inside and you don't have to spend time planning functional areas.


Some vendors and food lovers also convert their RVs into makeshift food trucks, and this is becoming increasingly popular. Nowadays, RV designers are no longer just concerned with functionality, but also with elements such as user experience and aesthetic design, so you can see lots of interesting designs on RV websites and at RV shows!

Converting an RV can be a little more expensive than using a food truck, for example, you need to temporarily set up a dining table, kitchen, and some necessary places. It's also a bit more of a hassle to maintain than a food truck (after all, RVs are mainly used for travel), as you need to maintain the interior and exterior before use. To protect the RV from rain, dust, and animal damage, RV users usually have a protective cover in the storage room, although sometimes these RV covers are left unused. 

Enjoy the tasty food

As one of the specialties of the dining car festival, food is the most attractive element for tourists, and many Chicago specialties are displayed at the Chicago Food Truck Festival. If you're visiting Chicago in June and abandoning your "Browse restaurant" program, you'll get to taste all the unique delicacies at this special festival.

  • Garrett Mix Popcorn

A Chicago tradition that began around 1945. This popcorn is made in a copper kettle and comes in a variety of flavors, such as plain and creamy. In addition to most popcorn flavors, the founder of Garrett Mix popcorn has his unique recipe - spicy cheese corn and pecans, macadamia nuts, cashews, and almonds in four different CaramelCrisp recipes. The most rewarding flavor to try is a mix of cheddar and caramel popcorn. 

  • Deep dish pizza

If you come to Chicago, Deep dish pizza is a Chicago specialty that you must experience. Although thin-crust pizza has always occupied a very important place in the culinary world, deep dish pizza has been popular as a Chicago specialty for a long time.

Deep dish pizza is thicker than regular pizza, and when you taste it, you can appreciate the skill of the chef in making this special dish. You not only need your hands to taste Chicago deep dish pizza, but you also need a knife, fork, and enough time.

  • Chicago hot dog

The Chicago-style hot dog, like deep dish pizza, is a delicacy that everyone who visits Chicago will enjoy. This delicacy was born during the Great Depression and is a traditional Chicago dish. When you taste a Chicago hot dog, you won't see ketchup (which is not allowed), you will enjoy the perfect combination of white onions, sweet pickles, tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables with the hot dog.

You can find Chicago hot dogs in Chicago restaurants, roadside food trucks, and at events such as food festivals. 


  • The Original Rainbow Cone

The Original Rainbow Cone is a famous Chicago institution, and they deal in specialty desserts. The most popular dessert is a cone piled high with orange jelly, pistachios, Palmer House (New York vanilla with cherries and walnuts), strawberries, and chocolate ice cream.

The Original Rainbow Cone's food truck is painted pink (with white polka dots), which makes their food truck stand out on the street. If you're a dessert lover, come to Chicago and enjoy the delights of this "sweet" institution.

  • Italian Beef Sandwich

The Italian beef sandwich is a Chicago original that originated in the Italian immigrant community of Chicago in the early 1900s. According to rumors, a street vendor named Anthony Ferrari had the creative idea to make cheap sandwiches with thinly sliced beef to satisfy the hunger needs of more people.

The Italian beef sandwich is now one of the most established staples in Chicagoland, and there are many legends about this particular sandwich, but what is certain is that the premise behind the creation of this interesting sandwich is essentially the same.

Attend the local events in Chicago

In addition to food and beer, there are many great outdoor activities at the Chicago Food Truck Festival, such as outdoor concerts, children's playgrounds, outdoor picnics, and more. It is not certain what will be available at the time, but in previous years, visitors have been able to experience many exciting and fun activities on-site during the Food Truck Festival.


If you arrive at the food truck festival site and don't know where there are activities, a special tip is that you can observe where there are party tents or tents with eye-catching colors and shapes. The place where these special tents are set up is usually where the event is held. 

Transportation and accommodation suggestions during the food truck festival

Chicago is a very famous city for fashion tourism, and many tourists travel to Chicago for vacations and various activities in June, such as Pride Month. It's best to start planning your travel route, accommodation, transportation, etc. about half a month before your trip to avoid panic during your trip.

We recommend that you book your hotels half a month in advance, as hotel prices will increase if you book closer to your departure date. Also, Chicago in June is very lively and the hotel rooms are very sought-after, so plan your stay.

A short driving tour is especially great for you if you are resident of nearby Chicago. Search Google in advance for parking lots near the event venue to park your car; you'll need to get there early to avoid having no extra spaces in the lot for you. Some event organizers will also set up temporary parking, for example, they will set up a portable carport at the event site, but you can't park too many cars here.


Maybe you are an RV enthusiast and like to travel to popular cities in your mobile home in the summer. You don't need to worry about parking and hotels, getting the address of local RV campgrounds or RV parks in Chicago in advance is more suitable for your needs. Don't rely too much on RV park amenities, you will still need to keep your RV stocked with essential travel items, it is best to maintain your RV before you leave.

Hottest food truck festival, cool Chicago!

Come to the Food Truck Festival to taste food, drink beer, participate in exciting summer activities, and feel the summer heatwave! Chicago welcomes everyone in June, and there are plenty of fun and exciting summer events in this charming city to keep you entertained.

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