Fall arrives on September 22 in the Northern Hemisphere. With cooler weather in early fall, it's a great time for you to exercise. For those who need to lose weight, it is wise to start a weight loss program now.

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The cooler weather will be more pleasant, which will make exercisers want to spend more time on their workouts. Early mornings and afternoons are perfect as your backyard weight loss time. Fun fitness activities can make you lose weight faster, come learn about these special backyard fitness activities.

You need to know before you work out

Create a routine

Whether you create your weight loss program or hire a professional trainer to help you, one thing you need to understand is that you need a science-based weight loss program. Here we will not talk about the diet aspect of the plan but only discuss fitness activities. You can make a phased plan, for example, "I will practice barbells in my backyard from 8:00 to 9:00 in the morning," or something like that. No matter how eager you are, you need to know that you can't achieve amazing results in a fairly short period.

Know your body

The internet is full of weight loss video tutorials and graphic tutorials, and you may be curious about them. When you see someone comment "I love this video so much, it made me lose 30 pounds", you may not be able to wait to try it either. But you have to stay awake.

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No matter how excited you are about a tutorial, know your body before you act! Maybe your body condition is not suitable for certain types of tutorials, inappropriate tutorials may lead to your body injury, such as ligament strains, back pain, etc..

Perseverance in exercise

One characteristic of all people who have lost weight successfully is their extraordinary willpower. If you want to get results that satisfy you after a while, you need to strictly implement your exercise plan from now on. You'll never be able to win weight loss with your imagination and fluke mentality.

Five interesting backyard fitness activities

Aerobic gardening

Aerobic exercise is considered the most effective way to lose weight, and aerobic exercise for half an hour to an hour a day is very effective for fat loss. People rarely associate aerobic exercise with gardening, but the truth is that the role of gardening is not limited to beautifying the backyard, there is much more. According to authorities, being active in the backyard for 30-45 minutes can burn up to 300 calories.

Digging. Digging up dirt in a garden or greenhouse tent is one of the most common tasks for every gardener. But it's hard to think that sustaining half an hour of digging will cost you 186 calories, roughly equivalent to the calories spent on skateboarding or cycling.

Weeding. When you do weeding tasks, you can add some strength training, such as doing proper squats and lunge exercises to exercise your core. You can also exercise your triceps by the way. For every half hour of weeding, you'll burn 172 calories, which is the same number of calories you burn for doing aerobics.

Mow the grass with a lawn mower. When you mow the weeds on your lawn with a lawn mower, you're also burning calories. Every half hour of lawn mower exercise will burn you 205 calories, which is about the same intensity as golf.

Backyard yoga

There are many health benefits of yoga, such as yoga can calm you, increasing physical flexibility and strengthening muscles, etc. Some scientific studies have found that yoga can help with weight loss. For example, one study found that people who practiced yoga for 30 minutes a week were slimmer than their peers. Mornings are an ideal time to practice yoga, and early mornings are great for meditation and stretching. If you’re concerned that high-intensity training will hurt your body, you can start with the lowest-intensity yoga.

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Many yoga classes are arranged indoors, but the outdoor garden is also the perfect yoga space. Fresh air, the scent of plants, and the sound of water can relax and have many mental and physical benefits.

Yoga is great for athletes who hate trouble because you don't use too many utensils when you're doing yoga. Commonly used outdoor yoga equipment are yoga mats, towels, meditation pillows, yoga straps, and more. You can set up a portable shed in your backyard to store your yoga gear to keep them dry and clean. Before you start yoga, take all the yoga equipment you need out of this storage room.

Backyard Trampoline

If you think a solo backyard workout seems too boring, invite your family to join you! Trampolines are great for exercisers of almost all ages, and they're so popular that no one can resist a sport that makes people look cool.

The beauty of trampolining is that you won't find it boring, and, well, you'll grow to love it!

Even if you're just having fun on a trampoline, you can still burn a lot of calories. If you jump on a trampoline for ten minutes, you burn roughly the same number of calories as if you were running for 30 minutes.


A person can burn 500 calories in one hour of jumping on a trampoline, which is more efficient compared to walking and running.

In addition to bouncing, you can also do other exercises on the trampoline, such as jacks and squats. When you make your first attempt on the trampoline, safely challenge yourself and gradually increase the difficulty. These exercises are beneficial to your weight loss program and can also improve your body coordination.

Backyard Gym

Setting up a gym in the backyard sounds incredible, but it can be practiced as long as you use your imagination. If your backyard is big enough, you can carve out an open and flat area and set up a party tent or portable carport as a portable gym. Quictent carport is a great choice.

To make your exercise experience better, first, make your floor credentialed, then you can put a layer of flooring on top of it or renovate it similarly. Then set up your various types of fitness equipment inside, such as barbells, treadmills, sandbags, indoor exercise bikes, etc. Outdoor gyms always continue to offer you a novel exercise experience compared to indoor gyms. Exercising in a unique gym may take away some of your fatigue.


Now is the perfect time to build your outdoor gym! It is currently the coolest season, perfect for exercising. And, inside this unique gym, you will get a quieter workout environment.

Homemade fitness equipment for your backyard

You are a creative exerciser and you can make fun exercise equipment in your backyard, which is surely a cool plan. Some of the most popular exercise equipment are wooden bars, wooden double bars, rings, climbers, etc. If you want to do this, first find an open space in your backyard, and if there are a lot of weeds here, you need to weed it first. Then you can start your creative DIY project.

Once that's done, you can start exercising in your backyard's outdoor fitness area!


Lots of fun and cool backyard fitness activities to help you lose weight fast and be more efficient! And you won't get bored with your workout, you'll have fun losing weight! Come and try these enjoyable backyard activities!

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