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Do you want to start your own small business? Whether you're selling food, handicrafts, or flowers, there's no better place to start than a farmer's market. Whether it's a hot summer day or a snowy winter, farmers' markets are still in full swing. Many special products and fresh crops can be found here. It is the most popular outdoor market. Therefore, it is also the best starting point for vendors to start their businesses. But running your stall is not easy, you will need pre-planning and post-action. As a brand trusted by many vendors, we also have some advice on how to set up a stall that might help you.

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Information is important

Each city may have dozens of locations with farmers' markets, and you need to know what market fit your brand tone. What seasons are better for your products? This information doesn't just appear out of thin air, you need to take the time to find it.

Follow the organizers

Actively follow the organizers to see if they are releasing information about their booths. You can target the websites or social media outlets of the organizers that often host markets. 

Read the fair rules

Different organizers have different rules, so be sure to read them thoroughly before deciding to participate. Make sure you understand everything before you sign up so that you don't find out you can't cooperate after you sign up.

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Once you have decided on a venue that suits you, remember to allow plenty of time for preparation so that you are not overwhelmed. You can write down important information about the market, such as the time of the market (stall hours, registration period, entry announcement date, etc.), location, booth rates, booth size, etc.

Set up your booth

After you have successfully applied for a booth, how to set it up is a crucial point. First, a pop-up canopy is essential, many farmers' markets require use vendor canopy tents because it makes it easier to distinguish between different stalls. Also, with a canopy tent, you don't have to worry about the weather, it's sun and water-resistant. A pop-up canopy with sides can also keep you warm in winter.And 10x10 canopy is the most suitable tent size to attend the market.

quictent EZ up canopy 10x10


As for the decoration, unlike trade shows, you don't need to spend time on banners or signs. However, it is still necessary to show the brand's logo. Besides deepening the guests' impression, it will also let them know your brand story. The purpose of laying out your booth is to give consumers a sense of brand consistency and deepen their impressions of your brand. This is a key point to make sure that the merchandise is arranged at a high and low level. Using eye-catching tablecloths or using shelves to stand up your products is a good choice.

You also need to have paper, pens, scissors, and other tools ready, as well as cash and change to make a change. Personal items such as water, food, sunscreen, and warm clothes should also be prepared.

Prepare the products

There are a lot of things to prepare on the day of the booth, and the most important thing is to prepare the goods for sale.

Products: The most important thing is to prepare a complete quantity of products. You can assess the number of goods to be prepared according to your experience. If it is your first time setting up a stall, you can first evaluate the cost of the event (booth fees, packaging supplies, etc.).

Packaging: Remember to prepare more packaging than the number of products, and pay attention to the size of the packaging to avoid bringing in the wrong size packaging.

Set up booth


Brand image: To continue the consistency of the brand image. After the customer has consumed, remember to put the brand image on small objects inside the wrapping paper, such as business cards, and stickers to enhance the customer's impression of the brand. Besides, if there are customers who have bought a certain amount of money, you can also prepare some small gifts to give them. Create a second chance for customers to buy.

Talk to other vendors

As a newcomer in the industry, the best course is to communicate with experienced peers. You can ask them questions about other venues or how to deal with difficult customers. Believe me, having a good relationship with your “neighbors” will save you a lot of trouble. You'll be the first to know a lot of inside information about farmers' markets.

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Do publicity

Social media has helped small businesses grow. If you attend a well-known farmers' market, you can properly promote your booth under their social media accounts. Again, start by previewing the market event on your social media labeling the time and location. You can also post updates on the day of the market to attract more guests.


Every event is an accumulation of experience. Don't just look at the amount of money you earn that day to determine whether the business is successful or not, but go further and conduct market research through the market. You can then gain valuable experience in the process of the market display.

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