Winter time is about to start, which means that winter is getting closer and closer to us. For those of you who have a car at home, you will spend more time and effort to maintain and care for your car considering that the temperature is gradually dropping and the weather conditions are not friendly. You will need to purchase items such as antifreeze, detergent, and winter tires to protect your car and ensure safe driving.

In winter, the carport is also essential. If you are in the Miami area, you can also use a simple and portable carport as a temporary parking place and sundries storage for cars. People in Alaska are not so lucky.

snow car

Their car needs a heavy-duty multifunctional car shelter to survive the early winter. Whether it is a car or a carport, it needs careful maintenance. How should you maintain your car and carport tent

Maintain the car

Do a full inspection of the car

For many drivers, winter is a very troublesome and worrying season. They are about to face many challenges, such as salty streets, icy roads, icy temperatures, and heavy snow. Therefore, before winter comes,  to ensure driving safety, drivers will pay more attention to the performance of the car, and they will buy a variety of care products. But before buying, please classify the things you want to buy and make a list, including tire care products, antifreeze, cleaning agent, wiper fluid, and necessary emergency kits and other items. In addition to preparing the checklist, you'd better ask a professional to do a thorough inspection of the car.

A thorough inspection should include basic components such as windshield wipers and headlights. The vehicle's oil usage, steering and suspension checks, and tire maintenance checks should also be included.


The battery charging and connection status is also a part that cannot be ignored. In addition, there is a very important brake system inspection.

After completing the inspection, you can have a detailed understanding of the condition of your vehicle and know what maintenance supplies you'll want to keep an eye on for the next winter. You can then go ahead and add the necessary supplies to your list and make your purchases based on what you have written.

Maintain and record regularly

After you use the car for a period of time, you should do a vehicle maintenance and check the performance of the vehicle, and then make a specific record. This time interval should not be too long, because the weather conditions in winter change a lot, which is also a huge test for vehicles. You need to add antifreeze and other maintenance fluids according to the specific situation.

Drive carefully and try to avoid going to dangerous areas

Many drivers try to avoid traveling in winter because the changeable weather makes people feel daunting. Even with the long driving experience, experienced veterans will be extra careful in this season. After rain and snow, the road will freeze, which may cause tires to slip and cause traffic accidents.


Therefore, in winter, please slow down and pay attention to the condition of the vehicle. Some camping enthusiasts like to go to some dangerous places, but in winter, it is best to avoid going to mountains and deep snow areas, because you can not predict what is going on ahead, bad weather is a disaster for cars.

Maintain the carport

Check if the car shelter is damaged or corroded

A stable structure is very important for you to use the car shelter in winter. The steel car shelter is of good quality and can be used for many years, but in winter there is a lot of rain and snow, and water may penetrate into the metal and cause corrosion and rust. This will seriously affect the stability of the car shelter, so you need to pay special attention to checking the structure in winter.

The car shelters designed by Quictent are made of high-quality heavy-duty steel, sturdy and durable, and easy to maintain, so as to solve users' concerns as much as possible.

20' x 10' Car Shelter with Windows (2 Colors Available)
  • Size: 10'x20'
  • Height:9.1'
  • Benefits: Adjustable Window Sidewalls, Coated Steel Poles,Premium Fabric

Reinforce your structure

The biggest challenge Car shelter encounters in winter is high winds, rain, and snow. High winds may make the car shelter structure unstable, bend the bracket, and even collapse the car shelter. Heavy snow may crush the car shelter cover and cause collapse.


Extreme weather is a huge test for the material of the car shelter. Extremely cold weather will make the PVC fabric a little brittle. If you choose Quictent's car shelter, its roof and side walls are made of reinforced polyethylene, which will surely satisfy you. The cover of this material is very sturdy, tear-proof, waterproof and UV-resistant.

To make the car shelter sustainable, it is imperative to reinforce the car shelter and structure at least on the four corners. If you can reinforce along both sides of the car shelter, it will be even more perfect. Nails driven into the ground can make the entire structure more stable to resist wind, rain, and snow, and the carport can last longer.


In order to facilitate the daily maintenance of users, Quictent equips each car shelter with assembly accessories, such as heavy-duty bungee cords and footpads.

Clean the snow in time

If you live in a rainy and snowy area in winter, to prevent snow from accumulating on the car shelter, you need to use a snow rake to clean the cover. This is because snow will cause the car shelter to collapse. The accumulation of snow and ice also has a lot to do with the shape of the car shelter. Buying a roof-shaped car shelter will greatly ease your troubles. Snow will fall along the top instead of accumulating too much on the cover. All car shelters from Quictent are roof-shaped designs to protect your car.

Recommend two great winter portable garages for you

The 20' x 13' Heavy Duty Car Shelter from Quictent is a white carport. This is a five-star carport, many people like it and give it full marks.

20' x 13' Heavy Duty Car Shelter (3 Colors Available)
  • Size: 13'x20'
  • Height:10'
  • Benefits: Reinforced Top Structure, Strong Galvanized Poles,Detachable Sides

Stable and durable structure. This Car shelter uses a heavy-duty 1-1/2-inch rust-proof galvanized steel frame and metal corner joints. The additional angle support beams form a unique triangular structure, making the entire structure stable and durable.


The extra reinforced ground rod makes the carport more stable and wind resistant.

Super high-quality covering. Good quality, ultra-thick polyethylene cloth guarantees long-lasting durability, tear-proof, UV-proof and waterproof functions, protect your car and temporary storage from UV rays and water.

Scientific design. Its top is roof-shaped, which can effectively prevent snow and ice accumulation.

10'x20' Upgraded Heavy-duty Carport Canopy

This upgraded heavy-duty carport canopy has four colors for you to choose from.

20' x 10' Upgraded Heavy-duty Carport Canopy (4 Colors Available)
  • Size: 10'x20'
  • Height:8.7'
  • Benefits: Reinforced Steel Cables, Premium Fabric, Galvanized Poles
Four reinforced steel cables help keep the top structure in shape and provide additional stability.
The carport covering is made of a superior PE fabric. This fabric offers UV protection and water repellency. You can use this heavy-duty carport in most seasons, except for bad weather!


Of note, this heavy-duty carport frame is made of heavy-duty galvanized steel. This metal material is durable and long lasting.

Make the necessary preparations for winter

Are you ready for winter? To get through this winter smoothly, you need to prepare enough food and living supplies, and also maintain your car and temporary carport frequently. Winter is prone to traffic accidents, so it is important to pay attention to the maintenance and inspection of your vehicle.

driving in winter

In addition, to make the car shed last and save yourself money, don't be lazy and reinforce the temporary car shed often.


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