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Updated May 31, 2021: Finally we are heading into the second pandemic summer. After spending summer 2020 isolating and social distancing, it's time to for early summer fun. Although this blog posted last year is for holiday decoration ideas in winter, we can still get inspired from it. After all, when it comes to parties, decorations for the party tent, backyard, porch, door, windows, and table settings are a must.

2020 is an American nightmare that's wearing us out. First, the pandemic, then the racial unrest, followed the extreme weather including historic wildfires and storms. It seems that the flying time is the fairest that we can rely on. Anyway, we at least have the holidays. It’s on HOLIDAYS that we can take a breath from annoying trivialities. Life is rough, our way of life should be more encouraging. The same goes for our celebration of the holidays. Be creative to make an inspiring party this winter! Here we round up some party decoration ideas for the coming holiday season. Bookmark this blog for further reference.


Outdoor activities are what we highly recommend this year. Let’s start with outdoor party decorations.

Party Tent Decorations

Given the colder and colder temperatures, a party tent is a must for outdoor parties. In any case, no one expects a party to be frozen. Although most party tents in the market are designed for temporary use and can’t withstand extreme weather, they work well in terms of keeping warm. Do not hesitate to invest in a Quictent party tent.

Now we can come to the burning question,” how to create a festive air for the party tent?” Balloons are a must-have. Balloons of all sizes, colors, and kinds are the most cost-friendly decorations for a party. Make them a string, you can hang them on every edge of a party tent; bundle up several, you can stick them to the table; write down letters on each, the themed party is ready! Another small but practical decoration items are buntings. You have so many styles to choose from, just choose the holiday matching color.  You’ll never go wrong with the two to indicate a festive air. If you do not mind, you can also draw pictures on the canopy surface, making it meaningful and eye-catching. Oh, if you’re going to hold a dinner party, do not forget to add lamps and string lights. Twinkling ones light up a cute and amazing evening!

Decorated Quictent Party Tent for 2020 Christmas

Backyard Decorations

The first impression means a lot for whatever styles of a party. Pay attention to the front door, where the guests are expecting to feel welcomed with holiday ambiance. Stringed, bundled balloons, colorful signs, inflatable cuties, they are all perfect ways to set the stage for your holiday party.

decorated backyard for party

The backyard is usually also served as the activity area. You can consider the guests' needs when decorating it. For example, if there are kids, place a seesaw, swing, trampoline, or a portable castle so that they can have fun;  if the party is for couples, symbols for romance such as candles, roses, heart-shaped accessories would show your full preparation; and if most are young adults, just leave as more space as possible, they know how to help themselves. As a rule of thumb, when decorations go into the needs, there is a higher possibility to satisfy everyone.

Party is on with Quictent Party Tent


One of the disadvantages of winter parties is unpredictable bad weather. Sometimes it’s too cold to hold a party outdoors, despite our willingness. So let’s see how to create a festive mood for indoor party decorations.

Porch & Door Decoration

For indoor parties, the porch would serve as the Welcome Zone. Impress your guests from here. Do you have a wooden compound in your backyard? If there are, you can decorate it with stringed empty bottles with flowers and tissues. An economical and eco-friendly idea, right?

decorated wooden compound with stringed bottles & flowers

By the way, it would be better to add a carpet if it takes more than 2 minutes to arrive at the door. If applicable, set a desk in front of the door with 75% alcohol sprays, hand sanitizer. As we know, be more careful amid the COVID-19 pandemic is our responsibility for society and ourselves. OMG, it seems that we’re getting off the point. Let’s back to DECORATION. Whether a carpet is placed or not, making the porch festive is necessary. Cost-friendly solutions are also balloons, buntings, flags, and signs. You can line them up, or just use them to create holiday-related words.

Decorated Front Door for Holiday Party

Meanwhile, bear in mind that you will never go wrong with stickers, wreaths, garlands when decorating the door.

Wall & Window Decorations

Wallpapers, stickers are suitable for wall & window decorations. You can also add balloons, buntings, wreaths, garlands as per your request. If time is enough, you can DIY wall & window decorations – your crafty hands will create a wonderland from papers, scissors, and glues. DIY is the best way to make a one-of-a-kind party decoration while making good use of recycling materials.

Christmassy Window Decoration

General Decorations

Aside from decorations of surroundings, the festive air also roots in table settings, costumes. We’ll give pictures to address the two. Of course, do not forget precautions we should always keep in mind amid 2020 activities.

Table Settings

Table settings are a can-not-ignore part for parties. Table cloth, flowers, fruits, beverages, biscuits, desserts, etc, they are worth considering for an overview look. For example, there are a variety of colors, patterns to choose from for the table cloth, take some that are relevant to your party theme; you can also carefully choose the container for fruits, liquors, foods, creating your aesthetic style. A safe bet that guests would look forward to having a try of served foods. They look tasty!

Indoor Party Decorations for Christmas


Guests are the main characters for parties. Their dressings make a great difference in a party style. Imagine this: You’re intending to hold a theme party about films, it is amazing that all guests come in their favorite role’s costume, right? So, when sending the invitation letter, you can address the theme of the party and make a note about dressings, letting your guests know how to prepare.

Specific Precautions amid 2020 Parties

Whether you’re going to have an indoor(outdoor) party, we’d like to address the importance of frequently suggested precautions we should always stick to, including wearing face masks, maintaining social distance, and regularly washing hands. They are the minimum prerequisite for a safer celebration.

That’s it for our suggestions. Did you record any party decoration ideas for previous years? Or are you prepared for 2020 holiday decoration? Do not hesitate to share with Quictent Official on Instagram.

Have a heartwarming and peaceful winter!

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