The Christmas holidays are officially over, have you started storing these Christmas decorations? The colorful and wide variety of Christmas decoration items can be said to give holiday magic and joy. We all know that storing a plethora of decorations after a holiday season can be a nightmare. From wreaths and ornaments to Christmas trees all need to be sorted piece by piece. How to properly store these decorations can also be a problem, but don't just throw them in a box. Collisions between ornaments can easily rub off the patterns or paint on them, and string lights can get tangled up.

Christmas Decoration Storage


So we've compiled a list of different ways to store decorations, including how to outdoor storage.Learn how to store your Christmas decorations safely and neatly so that you can continue using them next year. The continued use of decorations will not only save your holiday budget but also be more eco-friendly.

How to store artificial Christmas trees

Artificial Christmas trees have become increasingly popular in recent years. It may be a little more expensive than a real tree. But in the long run, an artificial Christmas tree can last for many years so it is cheaper than buying a fresh tree every year. And an artificial tree does not need to be watered or tidied up with leaves, you just need to tidy up the branches. As long as you store it properly, it will continue to be used for many years.

The first step is to take down all the decorations from the Christmas tree. Never hang the ornaments on the tree together for storage, the weight of the ornaments plus the collision may break the branches of the Christmas tree. 



Second, if you have a large enough storage box or storage bag, then you don't have to bother disassembling the Christmas tree into several pieces for storage. Of course, you still need to fold the tips of the branches in the direction of the trunk, which is safer and easier to store. The advantage of doing this is that when you use it again, you do not have to install it, you can use it right after opening. Of course, if you do not have enough space to be able to store the Christmas tree in such an upright position. The best way is to disassemble it into several parts and put it into the box. The advantage of doing so is to make the Christmas tree more compact and save space. 

As a final step, you can wrap the branch in bandages or plastic wrap if you want to store it more carefully. This will ensure that the branch will not be rubbed and that it will not have a condition that will breed mold. It is also best to wipe the branch and the base part clean before putting it into the storage box again. To avoid being filled with dust when opened again and the growth of bacteria. A cool and dry environment would be the best storage option.

How to store ornaments

If you want to organize your ornaments appropriately, sort them by color first. Then put them into different storage bags or bins according to the color. Or you can place them in a plastic zipper bag first, and then put them in a large storage box. This is a more affordable way to store. Of course, if your decorations are vintage, or more valuable it requires a careful storage method.

store ornaments


You can buy special storage boxes or DIY yourself to divide the box between several intervals, to avoid friction between the decorations. Egg cardboard boxes can also become storage boxes without spending a penny. Finally, label the boxes according to their color to make it easier to find them later. When storing cloth-type decorations, you can put in mothballs to prevent bugs.

How to store string lights 

Anything with wires is always a headache because they can always get tangled together. That's why knowing how to properly store string lights is such an important thing. One of the easiest ways is to just roll them up and then use a rubber band in the middle to avoid tangling. But this method will make the bulbs pressed together and may cause breakage. You can also try the DIY method by cutting out notches on both sides of a piece of cardboard and then winding the string lights around it. This avoids collisions between bulbs and makes them easier to store. Of course, if your string light bulbs are larger then you can still buy a special storage box.

store string lights

How to use outdoor space

By now, you should have figured out how to store the different decorations. It's just that your storage boxes may have been stacked up in the garage, so it's time to move the storage space outdoors. For outdoor storage methods, here are two recommendations.

Install a canopy carport

A canopy carport not only can be parked but the remaining space can also be used for storage. And the material of the canopy plays a multi-protection role, not only UV protection, waterproof and dust-proof. In addition, the 10x20 carport is very versatile and can be set up in the backyard for parties or family gatherings.

Invest in a backyard storage

Backyard storage is smaller in size compared to canopy carport. But it is easier to install and has extra thick sidewalls. The sidewall fabric is also waterproof and UV resistant and is an industrial-grade cover that is very durable. It can be unaffected by any weather factors, whether it is light rain, snow, or windy weather, the inside can be kept dry. The front curtain is tethered and removable, allowing for good ventilation in the summer. It is the perfect storage for decorative items.

Quictent backyard storage


These decorative items are needed every year for the holiday season, so please store them in an organized manner. And make a quality investment in this, backyard storage can last for years. Even if you don't store holiday decorations, you can still store all your backyard equipment, such as a weed trimmer. It can help you save some space, money, and energy.

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