Quictent sunshade sail

In the middle of summer, shade sail has become the first choice for many people who need a cozy outdoor space. A shade sail is becoming more and more popular because of its versatility and the benefits of its appearance. As a durable fabric that provides you with the necessary shade, it can be used whether it is for the backyard, garden, or patio.

To make your shopping process easier, we have put together a comprehensive guide to Quictent shade sail. The content contains their benefits, the characteristics of different shapes and sizes of shade sails, and what to do to maintain them. This will help you make your outdoor space more comfortable and available for longer stays.

Quictent shade sails

(Quictent shade sails) 

Learn about shade sails

Sunshade sails are usually made of high-quality, UV-resistant fabrics designed to keep out UV rays and sunlight. They are designed to open up between anchor points to create a taut, sail-like canopy. The most common types of shade sails include triangular, square, and rectangular. Installation of shade sail will vary from location to location, read this shade sail installation guide for detailed information.

Advantages of shade sails

  • Sun protection. Shade sails help protect against the hazards of prolonged sun exposure by blocking a large number of harmful UV rays. And create a shaded area so you can enjoy time outdoors even in the heat of summer.
  • Adding style. Shade sails usually come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. You can even combine different shade sails to give your outdoor space a more modern and stylish style. They can also be used as decoration for outdoor parties.
  • Flexible. Unlike fixed shade structures, shade sails are more flexible. They can be adjusted at any time to meet the needs. They can be installed in different locations as long as there can be fixed, providing shade exactly where you want it.
  • Affordable. More affordable than other outdoor shade products such as canopy tents or gazebos.
Quictent sun sail

(Multiple shade sails) 

Quictent Triangular shade sails

Quictent's triangular shade sails are currently only available in two sizes, 12x12x12 and 16x16x16. The coverage ranges are 14 to 14 to 14 ft and 18 to 18 to 18 ft respectively.

It is worth mentioning that this triangular shade sail is fire-resistant. A fire-resistant coating is added to the original 185 GSM HDPE material to help slow the spread of fire and reduce its intensity. It provides you with shade and safety at the same time.

If you want to add a different style to your outdoor space, a triangular shade sail is the most suitable shape. Another triangular shade sail can be installed in the exact opposite direction so that the two triangles become like a diamond shape. This also increases the shaded area.

Quictent Triangular shade sail

(Quictent Triangular shade sail) 

Quictent Rectangular shade sails

Quictent's rectangular sunshade sails are available in three sizes and up to nine colors. The three sizes are 20x16, 20x26, and 12x16. Each of these three sizes is suitable for covering space sizes of 22 to 26 ft by 18 to 22 ft, 28 to 32 ft by 20 to 26 ft, and 14 to 18 ft by 18 to 22 ft.

It is worth noting that the 20x26 sunshade sail is also available in a fireproof version. And the 12x16 offers water resistance. Two coatings are added to the original sun protection layer to keep you dry even on rainy days.

Rectangular shade sails are best suited for more spacious locations, especially for swimming pools, parking spaces, outdoor restaurants, etc. When installing a more significant size rectangular shade sail, it is best to set one corner higher than the other to maintain a curvature. This will prevent the fabric from falling due to water gathering.

Quictent Rectangular sunshade sail

(Quictent Rectangular shade sail) 

Quictent Square shade sails

Quictent's square shade sails are available in the two most popular sizes, 20x20 and 24x24. They can cover spaces from 22 to 26 ft and 26 to 30 ft. There are eight colors to choose from. Both sizes are available in fire-resistant versions to meet different needs.

The square shade sails are also ideal for combination installation if a larger area needs to be covered. The two sails can be slightly overlapped so that there is no gap for sunlight. It requires more mounting points than a triangular shade sail, and like the rectangular shade sail is more suitable for larger outdoor spaces.

Quictent Square Sunshade Sails

(Quictent Square shade sails) 

More information about Quictent Sunshade Sails


The shade sail is made of High-quality HDPE (185 GSM). Different functional shade sails are available with a corresponding layer on top of the original fabric. The rope fabric used to secure the sail is made of PE and the accessories are made of High-quality 316 marine-grade stainless steel.


Quictent's shade sails are covered by an extremely long warranty. Up to five years warranty on all parts.

Package List

Besides the shade sail, the package will also include the accessory set for installation, rope, and D ring. so you don't need to buy additional products and the installation process will be easier.

How to maintain

  1. Check regularly for signs of wear, including worn edges, holes, and loose stitching. If the shade sail becomes saggy, simply pull the wire rope at each corner of the shade sail until it is retightened.
  1. Clean up any debris on it, including fallen leaves or collected water.
  1. Remove and store the shade sail in windy, snowy, or thunderstorm conditions to avoid weather damage and other safety hazards.
  1. When it is time to clean up, first remove the sunshade sail. Afterward, rinse the sunshade sail with water and mild soap to remove dirt. Avoid using harsh chemicals that may damage the fabric, which can weaken its UV resistance. Finally, wait until it is completely dry before storing or reusing it.
  1. Do not build a fire under the sunshade sail, sparks and the smoke produced can cause it to melt or even catch fire.
Quictent sunshade sail

(Sunshade sails at night) 


Shade sails are a wonderful and practical shade product. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit different locations. It protects from the sun and adds a different style and comfort to outdoor spaces.

By learning about the different types of Quictent shade sails and their benefits, you can choose the most appropriate one for your needs. Turn your outdoor space into a cool and charming oasis for a wonderful time.

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