You want to have a fun summer RV trip! Maybe you wish to go on a trip right away! Don't be in a hurry, preparation is necessary to make everything easier. Yes, you need to take care of your RV to make it all go well this summer!

travel in RV

(travel in RV)

Summer RV maintenance is not easy. You need to do a series of tasks to make sure that everything is fine with the RV.

Your summer RV maintenance checklist

Before your summer RV trip, you need to take the time to maintain your RV. This is a prerequisite for you to have a happy trip. RV maintenance consists of many parts. This summer RV maintenance checklist includes things like maintenance tips and cleaning tips. We hope this is a useful checklist for you.

Check the air conditioning

In summer, air conditioning brings comfort to your trip. If the air conditioner is broken, your RV trip will be greatly affected unless your destination is Alaska.

RV Air conditioner

(RV Air conditioner)

For the sake of your travel experience, test the air conditioner before your trip. Your air conditioner will perform better and run more efficiently if you change the filter and clean the ducts annually.

Cleaning your RV

Deep clean

If you haven't used your RV all spring, some dust will accumulate on the inside and outside of the RV. Before you put your travel gear and other furniture in the RV, you need a deep clean. Things you'll need to do include wiping down the inside of the refrigerator and cleaning furniture, bathrooms, and ductworkΒ 

Apply protectant

To protect the seats, steering wheel, dashboard, and other interior trim, you should apply protectant during the summer. Before you apply it, make sure you are buying the right product for cleaning the interior of your RV. For leather seats, oil-based protectors are the right product.

Cleaning the exterior of your RV

UV rays can damage RV exterior paint and rubber and accelerate the deterioration of plastic trim. When summer comes, clean the exterior of your RV frequently to remove dirt that can cause scratches and peeling paint.

You will need to wax the exterior of your RV at least once throughout the summer to protect the paint. But don't wash the tires too often, as this can cause oil loss and accelerate tire deterioration.

RV cleaning

(RV cleaning)

You can also polish the headlights with toothpaste and wax. After the waxing work is completed, apply a rubber decorative protectant to prevent the window seal from breaking.

Proper storage

If your RV trip will start next week or next month, you should choose the right place to store your RV. We know that UV rays can harm RVs, so you should park your RV in the shade. The principle is to avoid exposing your RV to direct sunlight for long periods.

RV storage

(RV storage)

Ideally, you should store your RV in an RV storage facility, an RV garage, or an RV carport. But not everyone has the financial means to protect an RV in these ways.

You can also choose an RV cover as an alternative, although many people don't think this is a good option.

Here are some suggestions for using an RV cover:

  1. Use a quality and breathable RV cover. If an RV cover is not breathable, heat and moisture can build up in the RV.
  2. Be careful when using an RV cover. It is essential to know how to properly install an RV cover. It may be difficult for you to install an RV cover for a 5th wheel RV or travel trailer by yourself. Ask your friend or RV cover dealer for help when necessary.
  3. Set up your RV cover in the shade. Some people think RV covers are not suitable for use in the heat. You are better off parking your RV in the shade and setting up your RV cover.

Pest and disease control

Summer can be challenging for humans and animals alike. When you park your RV in an RV shed or garage, insects and rodents may enter your RV to cool off or look for food. These unwanted visitors can damage RV interior parts and pose a potential risk.

Things you can do include:

Remove traces of food and water. Double-check the refrigerator, cabinets, and food storage compartments.

Seal all sinks and drains.

Make sure all windows are closed.

Seal openings around the RV.

Sprinkle the insect-repellent powder around the RV.

Check the RV's plumbing and water system

You will need to shower in the summer evenings to get cool. It's important to maintain your RV's plumbing and water system before you travel.

RV water system

(RV water system)

Maintain the water tank. To maintain excellent water quality, you need to flush and disinfect the water tank regularly.

Check for leaks. Leaks can occur in pipes, faucets, and connections.

Check the water heater. You should test the pressure relief valve and drain the waste.

RV Safety Check

RV safety facilities are the most important part to be concerned about. Check the safety facilities before you travel in the summer to give you more peace of mind.

Check the fire extinguisher. Make sure your fire extinguisher is in proper condition.

RV fire(RV fire)

Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Change batteries regularly and ensure proper operation.

Dewinterize Your RV

During the winter you need to take freeze protection for your RV to store it. Now you need to do something different to get the RV through the summer. You will need to:

Charge and reinstall the RV battery. Before reinstalling the RV battery, you should check that the connections are secure.

Flush the water system and remove the antifreeze. You should then disinfect the water system.

Dewinterize RV

(Dewinterize RV)

Check the plumbing system for leaks. If you find a leak, you can fix it yourself or opt for an RV repair service.

If your RV uses propane, you will need to reinstall the propane tank and replace it if necessary. In addition to this, you will want to check other propane appliances.

Replenish first aid and emergency supplies

You may encounter unexpected circumstances while traveling, such as being unwell or having your RV break down. Promptly replenish emergency supplies that may be needed and replace expired ones.

You need to prepare food (drinking water, compressed biscuits, etc.), emergency supplies (medicines, gauze, medical first aid kit, etc.), and motorhome maintenance tools (pliers, hammers, screwdrivers, oil, coolant, hoses, batteries, etc.)

Check RV insurance

After all maintenance tasks are completed, please remember to make sure everything is in order with your RV insurance. Check your RV registration, and if you are not sure about this, ask your insurance agent about the specifics of your RV insurance. RV insurance will be able to minimize your losses if something unexpected happens to your RV while you are on the road.Β 

Have a great summer RV trip!

We know it's time to get back on the road! But please don't rush, and in order not to leave your trip with regrets, please maintain your RV before you leave. Maintaining your RV may be a hassle for you, but it can eliminate hidden problems. All problems are thankfully solved before the trip even begins.

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