Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair 2023 will be held for 12 days from August 24th through September 4th. The state fair will offer a variety of innovative and fun events to attract guests and showcase the best of Minnesota's agriculture, arts and industry.

The Minnesota State Fair will be held on 322 acres at 1265 Snelling Ave N, St Paul.

If you are a vendor, the State Fair would be one of the perfect events to help your business. The State Fair puts out a call for vendors every year, and with the proper preparation and application, you will be able to make a splash at the State Fair.

To be able to get you up to speed, we've put together the application process on how to become a vendor at the Minnesota State Fair.

Minnesota State Fair vendor application guide

In order to become a vendor at the Minnesota State Fair, you will need to fill out an application form to be emailed or mailed to the fair. It is convenient that the fair will keep the application on file for three years from the date it is received. You do not need to apply every year.

There are three different types of vendors at the Minnesota State Fair: food and beverages, merchandise, and exhibits. Two application forms are provided to complete. The information to be filled out on the application form is: company or individual name, phone number, cell phone, address, zip code, email, website, products offered as well as a price list, type of space needed, small size needed, sewer connection, three most recent fairs/events attended, business references, and bank references. And the merchandise/exhibit application form will have one more option for venue use. 

You can send your application via email to sales@mnstatefair.org.

Mn state fair

(Minnesota State Fair) 

Vendor License Information

Once you have obtained your license, this information is important to know.

  1. Food vendors need to get the appropriate license from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and/or the Minnesota Department of Health.
  2. Food and beverage vendors will pay a 15% tax rate on any applicable after-tax gross receipts.
  3. Merchandise categories are subject to a 15% to 40% remuneration.
  4. Vendors must operate during the 12 days of the Minnesota State Fair. Dates cannot be selected.
  5. Vendors and their employees are required to have an entry ticket.
  6. All vendors must provide proof of insurance including general liability.

Vendor License Fees

The permit rate for vendors selling in any form and accepting payment is $130 per foot. For a 10-foot wide space, for example, the space fee for the State Fair would be 10 x $130 = $1,300.

The rate for vendors displaying for advertising purposes only is $115 per foot. For a 10-foot wide space, the State Fair space fee is 10 x $115 = $1,150.

The license rate for organizations that qualify to provide education or services to the State Fair or its patrons is $95 per foot. For a 10-foot wide space, the space fee for the state fair would be 10 x $96 = $950.

It is important to note that special fees such as electricity, insurance, and admission are not included.

minnesota state fair venue

(Minnesota State Fair venue)


If your dream is to become a vendor at the beloved Minnesota State Fair. Please read the Vendor Guide carefully to understand all requirements and guidelines, and fill out the application form carefully .

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With careful planning and the right application, your dream of joining the State Fair can become a reality. Good luck with your application!

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