The Arizona State Fair will be held on September 22nd! The Arizona State Fair offers you the opportunity to become a vendor! If you become an Arizona State Fair vendor, you will interact with over one million guests! In this blog, you will learn about the vendor application process and other things to keep in mind.

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(State Fair)

What vendors can you apply for?

The Arizona State Fair offers both food vendor and non-food vendor application opportunities.

The application process to become a vendor:

  1. you will need to pay a non-refundable application fee (this applies to non-food vendors only)
  2. both food vendors and commercial vendors are required to submit a completed online application form
  3. food vendors are required to submit a menu. Commercial vendors will need to provide a complete product line.
  4. submit pictures of your trailer or booth with your application, you may also provide them in an email. 

Other important things vendors need to know

How do you know if your application is approved or denied?

It takes a while for the organizer to process your application, and applications are subject to a rigorous review process. You will receive a response via email within a few weeks.

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(food truck)

If you want to know the status of your application, you can send an email to

Do I need to provide insurance?

All vendors must provide a certificate of insurance to the Arizona State Fair in advance.

How do I get electricity for my booth?

The Arizona State Fair provides all vendors with a 15 amp electrical outlet. You will need to pay extra for electricity.

Can you choose your own space?

Show space is allocated by the Arizona State Fair and considerations will include:

Booths may be indoors or outdoors

The attractiveness of your product

The appearance of your tent or trailer

Space that can be utilized

Special requirements for location

Products on neighboring booths

Does the Arizona State Fair provide tents for outside vendors?

The Arizona State Fair does not provide tents for outside vendors. Vendors will need to prepare their tents. You may use a pagoda-style tent or a small party tent. Pop-up canopies are not allowed for outdoor vendors.

outdoor tent

(outdoor tent)

You can check with the tent company for tent rentals. The Arizona State Fair encourages vendors to place their tent rental orders early.

Does the Arizona State Fair offer RV spaces?

Organizers are limited in the number of RV spaces they can provide. RV permits, reserved parking spaces, and ground vehicle vouchers are available for online purchase by contracted vendors only. If you wish to apply for an RV space, please do so as soon as possible.

The Arizona State Fair does not guarantee RV spaces for every applicant. If the organizer is unable to accommodate your request, your payment will be refunded.

Can vendors rent tables, chairs, and other booth necessities from the Arizona State Fair?

Sorry, the organizer cannot provide items for rent. You need to prepare these items yourself.

Do vendors need to obtain ID cards for all employees?

All vendors must obtain IDs for each employee exhibiting at the fair. Vendors who obtain an ID can park for free in the parking lot. The cost of obtaining identification is not included in the booth fee. IDs can only be purchased online through the link provided to contracted vendors at the State Fair.

How can vendors prepare for the Arizona State Fair?

Prepare tents in advance

While the organizers do not allow vendors to use pop-up canopies, you can still use other tents, such as party tents. You can find several different styles of party tents at Quictent.

Protecting your RV

Keep your RV in tip-top shape before the State Fair begins. You can protect your RV from the natural elements with an RV cover.