Yes, we’ve skipped spring entirely and officially started summer. What is the first comes to your mind when thinking of summer? A safe bet for most, the answer would be the party. Right? No matter how small or big the party is, we need one, or we would feel like losing a part of summer. Although the summer holidays this year are going to be much more different than previous years because of social distancing to inhibit COVID-19 spread, it does not mean that we are not allowed to get festive. On the contrary, we should be more creative in celebrating holidays as they bring endless fun and joy to our routine. Holiday parties are a great escape from the long-term lockdown. We come back to life with an obsession to get the party prepared and after enjoying it.  

We really should attach more importance to the 4th of July as it is the first national holiday in July. Since a gathering of fewer than 30 people is allowed in most states, a party with family members and close friends can be held. We hope this list will give you some inspiration on the 4th of July decorations, recipes, and even dresses.

  • Surroundings

Surroundings mean the first impression. Once on arrival, the guests are expecting to feel welcomed with holiday ambiance. That explains why we should attach importance to surrounding decorations. String lights and led candles for the paths, flags, balloons, and buntings on the front porch, they are all perfect ways to set the stage for your 4th of July party.

A rule of thumb, you should impress your guests at first sight.

  • Party Settings

Followed the entrance, there comes to the location where the party is going to be held. Two sectors should be considered: the party shelter and the table.

American flags are essential for the 4th of July decor. From streets, shops to homes, they are placed everywhere. Together buntings, they are the best partners to indicate Americana. And it is easy to add a bit of celebration with flags and buntings as well in our home. Whether you pick up brand-new ones - or have vintage ones on hand – get them out and show your red, white, and blue style for the tent. We recommend a sand shade sail or a white tent so that your decorations can be showed as easily as possible, it would be eye-catching than tents in other colors.

event location

When it comes to table settings, the most important one is not to forget to place napkins- both a piece in solid color (white, blue, and red) and the colored-stripe are acceptable. Another addition is to use blue and white containers marching down the center of the table as a centerpiece. It would be better if you can fill these containers with flowers. We recommend red and yellow flowers as they match the theme mostly and are easy to find. If applicable, a simple drop cloth rug can be added to echo the table settings.

table setting
  • Recipes

The 4th of July party decor doesn’t have to be all about the decoration for surroundings, tent, and tables. Foods also takes an important role in bringing festive colors, of which fruit topped cheesecakes with blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and more should not be ignored. The in-season fruits mean that they are easy to reach, making your party cost-friendly.

decoration cake
  • Patriotic Dressing

The guests are the moving sight of the party. It’s worthy to ask them to dress with the patriotic theme. From head to toe, there are a variety of products for you to choose from to show your patriotism -caps, T-shirts, shorts, pants, slippers, dresses, and the like. You can do art nails in white, red, and blue. You can paint an American flag on your face or arms.


That’s it for our idea. When it comes to 4th entertaining - it doesn’t have to be complicated. Anything in red, blue, and white can be a part of your decoration. Do you have any creative, imaginative idea? You can share it with us.

Enjoy a liberating time.

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