July 4th is quickly approaching. 

Not any holiday can be so closely connected to carnivals, concerts, baseball games, various other public and private events as the Independence Day. It is a good excuse to have fun with friends and family. We should have gotten prepared for family reunions, searched for destinations for parades, fireworks, camping, boating, or cookout based on previous experience. All in all, it’s Independence Day for Americans! 

Things changed this year. It is a safe bet that the holiday will be celebrated differently due to the pandemic. Although most states are practicing phased reopening, many parades, fireworks, concerts, and public shows are officially canceled or postponed. Many local authorities continue to suggest keeping social distancing, wearing facial coverings to decrease potential exposure to the viruses.

Here comes a burning question: how can we have fun this July 4th while staying safe? Below are tips from Quictent.

If you do not plan to go out, a blueprint for a day can be arranged as follows.

  • Start the day with handworks. As parties with too many people are not recommended, a family gathering would be a good substitute – you know how is it going with your family members, right? Why not kill time with family handworks as there is no need to get up waiting for the parade (most are canceled, some postponed)? Many left to be done.
    The first job you can do is to look around your home to see what you already have on hand that could fit your July 4th party’s red, white, and blue theme - napkins, juice jar, recycle bottles, strawberries, flowers and so on, painting them with colored stripes, set on tables or hang on your front door, they are cost-friendly materials which can add beauty to your table and backyard. Everyone is energetic being surrounded by colorful accessories.
    After decoration, here comes food preparation. No one can refuse the power of dessert. Flag-like cakes or cupcakes which look like the Statue of Liberty’s torch can be easily handmade if there is someone good at baking.
baking july 4th
  • Backyard barbecue for a joyful afternoon. Delights and beers are the necessity for summer. Hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken (and bean burgers for the veggies), potato salad, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, chips and salsa, vegetable platters, baked beans, crab dip, pickles - basically anything that can be eaten off a paper plate with the hands is pretty common fare. Even a pig roast is accepted if you can wait patiently.
    After a big meal, it’s time to round up the family, grab one or more lawn games, and let the good times roll. A variety of games from board games such as tic-tac-toe and sports including but not limited to family basketball, soccer, Frisbee golf, to Capture the flag jump rope are waiting for you. The simplest, you can play hide-and-seek!
  • Call an end to a day with firework living streams. In a time of great uncertainty caused by the pandemic, many displays will not on schedule as the previous year. A confirmed show is the best news we want. Here comes the good one - Macy's 4th July Fireworks 2020 (broadcast live on NBC-TV) is going on as scheduled. As the largest show in the country for the annual Independence Day celebrations, we can expect how wonderful and encouraging it would be this year.
    A Capitol Fourth concert is also confirmed to return once again for U.S. Independence Day on the 4th of July, showing live on TV via PBS and live streaming online to a global audience. Moreover, you can expect Mount Rushmore July 4 Fireworks which are scheduled for the evening of July 3rd (good warming up for July 4th, right?).

If you do not want to stay at home and you are planning to go out for boating, fishing, or camping, or a visit to theme parks, tourist attractions,  you’d better: 

  • Be prepared that changes are required. For example, you may encounter: temperature checks on arrival, the requirement for face masks, social distancing markers, groups will be kept separate, enhanced cleaning and disinfecting, hand sanitizer stations, contactless payment, reduced capacity and the like.

    • Check on the official website or call the hotline before you go. Ensure you have a good knowledge of operation hours, parks' capacity, and you should make a reservation if possible. 

      • Take extra hand sanitizer, face covering. And to reduce close & frequent contact with other visitors, you’d better take some convenience food and take a personal mug if possible. 

        • Avoid public transport and apply for personal vehicles as much as possible. Staying with a crowd in large confined space for a long time adds potential exposure to the virus, although you take certain precautions. That's why social distancing is required. If a personal vehicle is available, we highly recommend it, especially if you are planning a family outing.

        Bear in mind: Changes are new normalcy, we should be prepared for it. And it is always true to follow suggestions from experts and local health authorities.


        It feels like our hearts and minds have been dominated by coronavirus pandemic from the beginning of the year. Time has been an obsession for many lately — a forever March, a lingering April, a speedy May, and now a Pride June fleeting to a patriotic & memorable July. Life continues amid trying times, we should also keep on the go.

        We hope you find joy and stay healthy.

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