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The fall season is a good time to go out and have fun, so many companies choose to organize events for their employees in the fall. Many couples choose to hold outdoor weddings during this season. Imagine beautiful outdoor scenery in autumn and suitable weather, each of which can make outdoor events more perfect. But having these conditions is still not enough. Good event planning can only ensure that the party will go on. So as people who know the outdoors, we've listed a few very critical event planning tips. This way you will be able to have a successful event even without a professional event planner.

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1.Determine the purpose and theme of the event

First of all, what kind of an event is it? Is it a company party, an outdoor wedding, or a business event? If it is a company party, is the event's purpose to relieve everyone's stress, recreation, entertainment, or serious professional communication? If it is the former then the theme is relaxed and the decor can be more lively. And if it is a communication meeting, then too much decoration is inappropriate. Organizing business events also need to think about what the purpose of the event is, to decide the theme. Different styles of events fit different tents.

2.Determine the venue and the number of participants

The number of participants is not just determined immediately, but the range of participants is determined roughly. Once we know the number of participants, we can look for a venue and plan the process. After knowing the approximate number of people, you can choose the right size event tent.

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And before looking for a venue, you need to think about the type of event you want to hold. Determine the venue to make the next step. One thing to note is that it is best to find a few more venues in case there are any temporary situations.

3.Make a checklist

Put together a list of everything you need to do and check it off as you complete each task. Include your shopping list, drink list, music, games, settings, and anything else you need for the party. Your list should be easy to change so that you can add content as you see fit. Have a guest list and mark people's names when they accept or decline. One more thing, assign levels to the tasks on the list and set a deadline. This will give you a clear goal and make your preparation process easier.


4.Appropriate equipment

An outdoor event will need a lot of things. There is some inconspicuous equipment but has an important impact on the event.

A Party tent: is an essential piece of equipment for outdoor events. Provide guests with space to rest and eat while also being unaffected by the weather.

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Lighting: Nighttime outdoor parties require adequate lighting. Allow your guests to see well enough to walk around and talk to others. Strings of lights, lanterns, candles, and other lighting devices are best. This is also part of the event decor.

Anti-mosquito settings: Even the cool autumn will have the presence of mosquitoes. So it will be very crucial to keep guests comfortable. You can spray the venue with mosquito repellent spray before the party starts. Or choose a tent with sidewall can also effectively avoid mosquitoes.

Sanitary facilities: Are there sufficient toilets on the site? As well as the preparation of disinfection supplies. A clean and safe environment is more relaxing.

Besides the above, party tent floor,outdoor tables and chairs, trash cans, tableware, and electrical equipment. Also, you can choose equipment such as a fan, air conditioner, or heater according to the temperature.

5.Party Catering

Overall at a large outdoor event, the easiest catering option is a buffet. This is because it is difficult to satisfy everyone's eating habits with a fixed menu of food. Just provide a buffet with a variety of food options, such as vegetarian or no carbohydrates. This will ensure that each guest can choose the food they prefer. And selecting a buffet also reduces the expense of hiring wait staff. Beverages also need to be of various types. Champagne, wine or coffee, juice. This way you can satisfy the needs of different people. Of course, you will need to provide enough ice.

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6.Pay attention to the license

Many venues will require permits for safety, especially after an epidemic, and stricter requirements for crowd gathering. In addition to venue permits, alcohol permits and food permits will likely restrict your activities. Therefore, you need to check the terms of your local ordinance and apply for the required permits.

Enjoy your party

Planning an outdoor event requires patience as well as action, and as long as you can stay motivated, the task is not that difficult. And no matter what kind of outdoor event it is, the most important thing is that the guests have a great time. So, go enjoy the party! Have fun!

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