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Welcome to October, one of my favorite months of the year. With cooler weather, stunning fall scenery, plus the most popular holiday of all, Halloween! This time of year is like a race. It's not just the way people dress up, but the way each family decorates for the Halloween theme. It's the time of year when we can dress up as we please and become completely different people.

Or we can let go of the pressure and have a good time. Adults can enjoy the party and kids can play trick or treat with their friends. trick or treat has been a long time ago for me, so besides dressing up, my main interest is the Halloween party. For example, what to bring to the Halloween party? How to decorate the Halloween party? We are here for you! From Halloween decorations to outdoor Halloween party ideas, we'll assist you in planning a great outdoor Halloween party.

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How to decorate for a Halloween party?

House exterior decoration

To have a strong Halloween atmosphere at home, we first need to start with the porch. Let people know as soon as they enter the door that the Halloween party has begun. Pumpkins are always the best protagonists of Halloween, whether they are uncarved or already carved. Stack a few pumpkins on the porch or in the front yard. The doormat can also be changed to a Halloween theme.

After that, we can create a front door with Halloween elements and can use several pumpkin ornaments to place on the side of the door. The home's door number can also be the object of transformation, such as hanging some small spiders or small bat-type ornaments, you can also put a poster on the door, mainly to create a frightening atmosphere. Hence, there are also some paper cutout bats hanging in the doorway or on the exterior wall that can create a scary and mysterious atmosphere.

Halloween decor


Party tent decoration

If it is an outdoor Halloween party, the party tent is also the focus of our decoration, the outdoor space can let our creativity run wild. We have to master the Halloween decorations and focus on the frightening theme. You can DIY or buy some Halloween decorations on the Internet, such as some yellow and white beads, brooms, or knitted spider webs. So a whole decoration with Halloween elements will be done.

Likewise, ornamental crafts can also replace to Halloween candles, skeletons, wands, and other accessories. As for tablecloths, pillows do not need to buy specially. Just choosing the darker shades can be perfectly integrated into the theme. Lighting is also important, string lights, and lanterns are always a necessity for all kinds of outdoor parties.

quictent 10x20 tent


For party tent size recommendations, the 10x20 Party Tent can accommodate 20 people plus two round tables, perfect for backyard parties.

How to throw a Halloween party?

Make Halloween party invitations

If you want to make this party even more fun, try making Halloween-themed invitations. Making invitations is now much easier with many websites offering free e-invitation templates to use. All you need to do is send it to the email box of your guests. It is important to note that if you have a dress code for the party, it is best to write it out on the invitation.

Halloween party food

Holiday-themed food and drink

Make a "scary" meal to surprise your guests. It's always fun to see their faces when they are confronted with these foods. Witch finger cookies, ghost cookies, or eyeball candy are all must-have snacks for Halloween parties. As for the dessert part, it can be a red velvet cake with strawberry jam filling, the jam inside can play the role of "blood". Pumpkin pie is both the essential dessert of autumn and the main character of Halloween. And for drinks, you can never go wrong with punch. What makes it different from other parties is the container that holds it. A witch's potion pot would be a good choice or a hollowed-out pumpkin with a punch bowl in the middle. If your party has children, prepare some strawberry milkshakes for them. The cups can be labeled with googly eyes to make them different.

Halloween food


What to bring to the Halloween party? 

As a polite guest, bring some gifts for the party host. For example, some snacks or appetizers, or you can choose a nice bottle of wine. If there will be children at the party, it's a good idea to bring a basket of candy. With some Halloween props, you can take more interesting photos.

What to do at a Halloween party?

Horror Movie Night: Whether you're a fan of horror movies or not, now is the best time of year to watch them. It's a much more fun experience when there are a lot of people watching horror movies with you. Here is a list of some classic Halloween horror movies: "Hocus Pocus", "Halloween", "Return of the Clown", "Psycho", and "Candyman ".



Best dressed contest:Speaking of Halloween costumes,some people spend a lot of time on their outfits, so it's time to give them a little credit. Let everyone vote for the best costume at the party, and the first-place guest will get a prize in addition to applause. Maybe it's a custom medal or a basket of candy!

Photo booth: How can you leave behind the strange appearance of the guests without a photo? Coupled with this fabulous party, it's time to use the camera to keep these wonderful memories. The outdoor party tent can be instantly transformed into a photo booth with a white backdrop for the interior decoration. Let you save the time and money of setting up additional photo booths.

Trick or treat

Have fun at the Halloween party

Oh, and don't forget to get enough candy for the kids who come to trick or treat.Going out for a party?You can also set up candy at the door for them to pick up. It's the craziest day of the year, but don't lose control. Enjoy a wild night of fun with delicious treats and have a great time!

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