Many of the best memories of Christmas are associated with Christmas trees. Whether hanging decorations on the tree with your loved ones or sitting around under the tree opening presents. Every time this time of year, the home is filled with a relaxed and cozy atmosphere.

When Halloween night is over many people are already thinking about how to choose a Christmas tree. This is normal, after all, Christmas is the most popular holiday and every year people prepare for it in advance. But if you are picking a Christmas tree for the first time on your own, you may feel lost in front of the huge number of Christmas trees. Thinking about whether you should pick a real tree or an artificial one? A spruce or a pine tree? We are here to solve all your doubts.

Decorating the Christmas tree

(Decorating the Christmas tree)

Live Christmas Tree

Millions of families buy live Christmas trees from tree farms each year. For many people, the annual trip to the tree farm to select a Christmas tree is also a cherished memory. If you want to choose a live tree, here is the information you need to know.

Advantages of live Christmas tree

A real tree will emit a strong pine fragrance, which adds to the festive atmosphere and vitality.

Improve the indoor environment, it can convert carbon dioxide in the room into oxygen. This results in purifying the air and promoting natural health.

The price is relatively cheap, a standard size of 5 to 8 feet of fresh Christmas trees is priced at less than $100.

It is more environmentally friendly, which is controversial. Cutting down trees does not seem to achieve an environmentally friendly effect. But in fact, more than 350 million trees are currently planted on Christmas tree farms across the United States, and only a fraction of those are harvested each year. And real trees are completely biodegradable. When it's time to dispose of them, trees can be converted into mulch or composted soil.

Live Christmas Tree

(Live Christmas tree)

Disadvantages of live Christmas tree

This needs to be taken care of, and real trees need to be supported by a tree stand and a water supply to ensure that the tree does not wilt during Christmas. It also loses its leaves, so besides regular watering, you have to sweep the leaves regularly.

Allergens and bugs are easily brought in. Since real trees usually come directly from forestry, the tree is then easy to carry some unwanted friends.

If it is not sturdy enough, you need to pay attention to the weight when hanging decorations, otherwise, the branches may be crushed.

Cleaning Christmas tree

(Cleaning live Christmas tree)

Types of Live Christmas Tree

There are four main types of Christmas trees: fir, cypress, pine, and spruce. Fir is currently the most common tree species on the market and can be considered the most traditional Christmas tree. Next, spruce is also very popular, especially Norway spruce, because of its easy-to-grow and cheap price.

If you want to hang heavier decorations, choose blue spruce or Scots pine will be the right choice. Because their branches are more sturdy. But spruce trees have sharp needles when you accidentally touch them can be injured. If you don't like this feature, you can choose a pine or a fir with soft needles. Another outstanding advantage of fir is the stronger aroma.

Types of Live Christmas Trees

(Types of live Christmas trees)

Based on the above, we can conclude. Among the various Christmas trees, fir and pine are good choices, while spruce is a bit less so.

How to Choose a Live Christmas Tree

Fresh Christmas trees tend to have sap coming out of the trunk. There will also rarely be dead yellow needles on the tree. The first thing you can do is gently run your hand through the branches, and if a lot of needles have fallen out, then the tree is not fresh.

Or you can pick the tree up and gently tap the ground with the bottom of the tree. If only a little bit of needles have fallen off, then the tree is fresh. However, it should be noted that this method is only applicable to small trees.

Pick off the needles and break them off with your hands. If the needles of fir can be broken, it means that the tree is fresh. Fresh pine needles, on the other hand, will bend and not break.

Choose a live Christmas tree

(Choose a live Christmas tree)

Look at the trunk. If there are spots on the trunk, it means that the tree is either sick or was cut down a long time ago. Smell, if you smell moldy it's a bad sign.

Christmas trees need to look plump and vibrant. The needles should be brightly colored and the trunk should be strong and sturdy to support the various decorations.

Size selection

Generally speaking, a minimum distance of 5ft should be left between the top of the Christmas tree and the ceiling. But this does not include the height of the water release device under the tree and the tree top decoration, so we should consider it according to the specific situation of our own home. Also the lower circumference of the tree, the widest the circumference is what we should consider. There should be 3 inches of space between the wall, furniture, fireplace, and tree.

How to Maintain a Live Christmas Tree

When the fresh Christmas tree comes home, you will need to cut the trunk off less than an inch from the bottom. To make it easier for the trunk to be able to absorb water, be careful to put it in water within four hours of cutting. Avoid blocking the cut with sap to prevent water absorption. Water the tree with warm water first time, and then twice daily. Keep the bottom of the trunk moist. Be careful not to place the fresh Christmas tree in a hot place such as a fireplace or a vent, or the trunk and leaves will dry out quickly.

Maintain a live Christmas tree

(Watering the Christmas tree)

How to Deal With Live Christmas Tree After the Holidays

There are two approaches. First, recycling. Communities across the country offer recycling stations or recycling sites where trees are usually turned into mulch or fertilizer and used by local governments. Second, burn them as wood. Branches can be cut down, divided into small sections, store in portable storage sheds, and used when the wood is completely dry.

Artificial Christmas Tree

If you don't like to spend time watering fresh Christmas trees or cleaning up fallen needles and leaves. Artificial trees in a variety of shapes can also bring a warm Christmas atmosphere.

Advantages of artificial Christmas tree

A wide variety of choices, artificial trees are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. Some will also be made to imitate the type of real tree, while others will be made with strings of lights surrounding the Christmas tree. It is perfect for those who wish to have a more trendy style.

Can be used for a long time, and a real Christmas tree can last up to a month. Artificial trees, on the other hand, have no problem lasting 5 years or more when properly maintained.

No need to take care of it, you do not need to spend time watering or cleaning the leaves. Nor do you have to think about how to recycle them after the holidays.

Safer, artificial trees are usually made of flame-retardant materials. Real trees can dry out and be a fire hazard when they are near a heat source.

Artificial Christmas Trees

(Artificial Christmas trees)

Disadvantages of artificial Christmas tree

Not easy to recycle. Artificial Christmas trees are made of PVC. This material is a petroleum-based and non-biodegradable plastic that is not beneficial to the environment.

Requires storage space. A standard-size Christmas tree will require several boxes for storage, which can take up a lot of space.

No scent. Although many manufacturers will add fragrance to the artificial tree, they still can not replace the real Christmas tree with a fresh and natural scent.

How to Choose an Artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial trees are divided into four types of shapes. Full, the most popular shape, is a more fluffy Christmas tree that has a classic silhouette. Slim, a more compact silhouette, suitable for corners and other small spaces. Sparse, the gap between the branches of the tree is larger, more suitable for hanging larger size ornament. Wide, the bottom of the tree is wider and has a very full outline.

Types of artificial christmas trees

(Types of artificial Christmas trees)

Besides the basic green color, there are also white, pure white branches that will bring you the feeling of outdoor snow. There is also white flocked, which is a Christmas tree that uses flocked material to imitate partially covered snow. You can choose according to your preference.

Many artificial trees will also come with pre-lit. Usually, the branches are equipped with incandescent or LED lights, LED lights consume less power than incandescent lights and are less likely to burn out. Some of the lights are two-color, some are single-color, and the bulbs vary in size. The two-color lights will have a remote control to adjust the mode, which can be adjusted to different colors. It is recommended to choose a Christmas tree with pre-lit, saving the time to hang the string of lights yourself.

Artificial Christmas tree colors

(Artificial Christmas tree colors)

How to Maintain an Artificial Christmas Tree

First, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and debris from the branches from top to bottom. Afterward use a cotton cloth or fiber duster to clean up the dust step further, be careful when near areas with light bulbs. Avoid spraying cleaning chemicals, soap, vinegar, or other cleaners that may affect the quality of the tree. You can use a mild detergent solution mixed with some warm water, wet the rag and wring it out and wipe it gently. However, the string lights need to be removed first. Finally make sure to place the tree in a cool, dry place away from direct heat sources.

Cleaning artificial Christmas trees

(Cleaning artificial Christmas trees)

How to Store Artificial Christmas Tree

The first step is to take down all the decorations from the Christmas tree. Never hang the ornaments on the tree for storage, the weight of the ornaments plus the collision may break the branches.

Next, you need to fold the top of the branch in the direction of the trunk to avoid cuts and easier storage. After that split it into several parts and put it in a box.

For the last step, if you want to store it more carefully, you can wrap the branch with a bandage or plastic wrap. This will ensure that the branch will not rub and that it will not breed mold. It is also a good idea to wipe down the branch and the base section before putting it into the storage box again.

Artificial Christmas trees need to be restored every year after the holidays, so invest in a storage shed. This backyard storage method will not take up space in your house but help you store your items in an organized manner.

Quictent Portable Storage Sheds
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One last suggestion, if you want to have a different kind of Christmas, try hosting a family party in your backyard. The outdoor view in winter is unique and full of charm. If interested, Quictent offers a party tent that will help. As for the tent size, a 10x20 tent or 10x30 tent are the best backyard party tent options.

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