Do you find that you have a talent for growing certain types of plants? For example, you don't have to do much to get plants to grow smoothly. Is there a certain type of gardening style that always appeals to you easily? If you have these same doubts, don't feel surprised, it may have something to do with your zodiac sign.

zodiac sign(zodiac sign)

In astrology, all plants grow under the rule of the planets, and flowers, trees and other plants also have their associated zodiac signs. Therefore, if the outdoor environment is as consistent and harmonious as possible with your horoscope, it can make your gardening go more smoothly.

Gardens of the Zodiac

Pisces (20 February to 20 March) - Romantic garden with water

Fish love to play in water and water nourishes Pisces, so a Pisces garden always has elements such as a fish pond pool or fountain. To make the fish pond or pool look less monotonous, Pisces people usually like to introduce water lilies in the pool. And Pisces people are very artistic, they are romantic and like to design gardens for themselves.

garden with pond(garden with pond)

When it comes to the choice of plants, Pisces likes flowers and green plants with simple shapes. Pisces likes single-petaled flowers, cosmos, daisies, and purple hammerheads are all Pisces favorites. Willows, figs, spruce and herbs are also among their favorite green plants. In winter, willows are especially popular with Pisces, as their orange-red stems seem to glow, adding a romantic atmosphere to their gardens.

Aries (21 March to 20 April) - Hot red garden

Ruled by Mars, Aries gardeners are passionate about unique gardening experiences. Yes, they don't like ordinary gardens. Aries people like to add special elements to their gardens regularly, such as richly colored flowers, tall trees, uniquely shaped ponds, etc. And, Aries people like to have a fire pit on their deck or in their backyard, which is practical and matches the Aries style in the fall and winter.

Aries' gardening color is red. They like flowers or shrubs with red petals or leaves, such as peppers, tiger lilies, hawthorn trees, etc. Other crops that Aries love are ginger, fine parsnips, garlic, and lupins. Aries also likes flowers such as geraniums, thistle, honeysuckle and witch hazel.

Since Aries like shrubs and climbing plants, they usually like to use sharp gardening pruners to take care of their gardens.

Taurus (21 April to 21 May) - Diligent soil researcher

The sedate Taurus gardener likes everything to do with soil, they like to add organic matter to the soil, and they like to make compost. Taurus is fond of earthworms, an animal that improves the soil. Taurus gardeners like to use raised garden beds as aid to study the soil.

Taurus likes all root vegetables, as well as apples. Roses and violets are their favorite flowers. In addition, they also like birch, elderberry, woolly adelgid, vine, buffalo willow, cypress and other plants.

Gemini (22 May to 21 June) - Pairs of plants

It is almost impossible to have a single element in the garden of Gemini, this is because they prefer pairs of elements. The Pisces gardener does not like to separate the same plants, and pairs next to each other make the Pisces visually more comfortable.

Similarly to Pisces, the Gemini garden is often romantic. Gemini loves to grow flowers, such as lily of the valley, purple lavender, etc. Many Gemini gardeners have a dream of having a field of colorful flowers of their own. Gemini also likes nuts, such as hazelnuts.

the same plants(the same plants)

One habit Geminis have when gardening is to label plants to make it easier to keep track of some information. If you want to recommend gardening items for a Gemini gardener, it is best to have labels to mark them. A 71" x 36" x 36" Mini Greenhouse, for example, comes in a package with 50 t-type tags.

Cancer (22 June to 22 July) – Healing Garden

Gardening can heal the Cancer's heart and give some comfort to the soul. Cancer loves to use its amazing creativity to make its garden a unique piece of art.

Evenings are peaceful and Cancer loves the night and moonlight, so they often tidy up their garden in the evening.

garden at night

( garden at night)

Cancer likes light-colored flowers because they attract moths and butterflies in the evening and reflect the moonlight at night. Iris, lilies, lotus flowers, and lilacs are some of Cancer's favorite flowers.

Cancer loves to grow fruits and vegetables such as watermelons, melons, cucumbers, pumpkins, and lettuce.

Cancer gardeners are very responsible and they enjoy the whole process from sowing to harvesting.

Leo (23 July to 23 August)- A special world of flowers

Leo gardeners love special gardens and they often have some strange gardening ideas.

For example, many Leo gardeners have fantasized about raising ostriches, kangaroos, and peacocks in their gardens. These extravagant birds and special animals always attract Leo's attention.

flowers garden(world of flowers)

Leos are lovers of flowers who love to grow flowers and are happy to delve into all kinds of flowers. During the blooming season, they give flowers as gifts to family and friends.

Leo's favorite flowers include sunflowers, marigolds, dahlias, rosemary, calendula and more.

Virgo (24 August to 23 September) - A rigorous and tidy backyard

Virgo gardeners always make detailed plans before they start their gardening work and they will follow the list of plans to the letter.

Virgo likes hazelnuts, fennel, narcissus and some herbs. When caring for plants, they use a log book to record the plants trajectory and they enjoy the process.

When it comes to garden organization, Virgos are sensitive to any clutter in their gardens, and they hate clutter, so they tidy up their gardens often. And, Virgos like to keep their plants neatly arranged and labeled for easy record keeping. They don't like windy or rainy weather because the wind and rain will scrape the plants, which will increase their workload.

For convenience, Virgos like to use a gardening supplement like a greenhouse kit. A backyard greenhouse can protect plants from high winds, rain, snow and animals, which is exactly what Virgo needs.

Libra (24 September to 23 October)- A relaxing space with the aroma

Libra gardeners will never tolerate an uneven lawn and can spend all day sweeping and smoothing the ground, even the slightest imperfection won't satisfy them. Their ultimate goal is to lay a perfect lawn.

Libra likes a garden that will make them feel relaxed and happy. That's why they like plants with fragrances, such as bluebells, roses, nightshade, aloe, mint, etc.

They also like to have seesaws, ponds, swings, and pop up canopy in the garden for entertainment. These make them feel relaxed.

If you see Libra gardeners swinging in the garden all the time, playing seesaws, or tending plants all the time, don't be surprised, maybe they're releasing anxiety.

Scorpio (24 October to 22 November)- Bog Garden

There is a place in Scorpio's garden that is exclusive to them and can be a chalet. They love to stay here and enjoy their separate outdoor space.

Scorpios prefer well-drained soil, which facilitates their planting and other gardening activities. Compost is also loved by Scorpios, and they can create several types of compost at the same time.

bog garden(bog garden)

Scorpio's favorite garden style is the bog garden. Frogs, lizards, and turtles are their most welcome guests and they are more than willing to provide a habitat for these animals.

Scorpio's favorite plants are nut trees, figs, cacti, onions, eggplants, basil, etc.

Sagittarius (23 November to 21 December) – Freedom above all

Sagittarius loves freedom, they travel a lot. The ideal garden for Sagittarius can be kept in good condition even when left unattended, so Sagittarius prefers plants that are in season, native plants, and plants that are hardy and drought-resistant. If a plant is beautiful but requires a lot of effort to prune and care for, Sagittarius won't choose it.

Sagittarius gardeners like carnations, asparagus, wheat, strawberry sage, and other plants.

Raised flower beds are one of Sagittarius' favorite gardening additions. They love to cultivate cornflowers to such small flowers. In autumn and winter, birch and oak trees are Sagittarius' favorites.

Capricorn (22 December to 21 January) –The "dark" and lasting garden

Capricorn, ruled by Mars, is calm and is often considered a "dark" sign. They love and are good at growing plants that take a long time to bloom and bear fruit.

These plants, which need to be cultivated for a long time, are attractive to Capricorn because they will always be with Capricorn, such as hemlocks, pines, willows, elms, etc. Capricorns like to grow vegetables and fruits because they can benefit Capricorn in the long term, such as barley, spinach, lettuce, pears, and apples.

black flowers(black flowers)

Unlike other signs, Capricorn likes flowers with black petals. The black color matches Capricorn's personality. Capricorns are especially fond of ivy, which they often wrap around their fences.

Aquarius (22 January to 19 February) –Bird Friendly garden

Aquarius gardeners always have a talent for gardening and they enjoy the outdoor life, whether it's gardening or camping.

Features of an Aquarius garden:

Weathervane. Aquarius likes to monitor the wind direction in the garden to determine the next gardening tasks.

Tall plants. Aquarius loves to hear the rustle of the wind through the leaves.

Aquarius gardeners especially welcome wild birds as guests, and they will provide them with food, water, and nesting materials. Watching wild birds gives Aquarius pleasure.

Recommended plants for Aquarius are olives, nuts, grasses, orchids, strawberries, and some unique-looking plants.


Have you found a plant that matches you? Or do you find that you have some similar characteristics? As amazing as they may seem, some people will say that's true. Try some wonderful ideas when you are having trouble with your gardening and maybe you will be smoother.