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We are always adding all kinds of daily necessities to our lives, including but not limited to large garden equipment, sports equipment, bicycles, and temporary items. Storing these items is also naturally something you have to do in organizing your living space. But you don't put them all indoors because it will make your home look messy. You'll need to look for some extra space, like finding space outdoors to store these items.

A perfect option is to set up a storage room in the backyard, which can provide you with extra living space. Before you can buy a perfect storage room, some information needs to be learned. If you're confused, don't worry, the simple guide below will help you find the perfect fit.

1. What is the best shed size?

Sheds come in a variety of sizes, including smaller options to accommodate smaller equipment and larger rooms to hold more items. Popular shed sizes include 6x6 shed, 8x8 shed, 10x10 shed, 8x10shed, and 12x12shed. But everyone has an opinion on the "best shed size". When you are faced with this issue, there are a few areas that can be used as a reference.

Size of the yard

This is a factor that most people consider when choosing a size. Your shed must match your yard so that it doesn't take up too much backyard space.

Have a small yard (¼ acre and under) You can choose some sheds with small footprints to save space, and the small size will make the mini backyard look more open. 6x6 storage shed, and 8x8 shed fit most small backyards.

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Have a medium-sized yard (1/2 acre and under). More shed size options for you to choose from, such as 8x12shed, 8x10shed, etc.

Have a large yard (1 acre and above). You are free to choose all sizes of storage shed. Most of the large storage sheds are in the range of 12×12 to 12×24. You can even have an extra large living space inside.

What will your storage room hold?

Before you can pick the perfect storage room, you need to know what items you will be stored in it. For example, you're a gardener, but you don't have extra space for your weed whacker, ladders, and other gardening equipment. You may need a medium-sized storage room; one that is too small or too large may not work for you.

But if you want to store your tractor or even larger items, the storage room that meets your requirements will need to be larger.

You may not be able to consider all possible scenarios in a short period, but you will have a rough plan.

2. What is your yard decoration style?

Maybe you've already piled up some items in your yard that you think don't look pretty, so you're in a hurry to get a storage room to store them. Please slow down a bit and search for the type of storage shed that best suits you based on your backyard decoration style. A metal shed can not be perfectly matched to the classical style of the backyard, and the modern style decoration may be more appropriate. The wooden shed is more suitable for the classical-style garden.

3. What kind of materials do you like?

The main popular materials for outdoor storage these days are metal, wood, plastic, fabric, and a mix of metal and fabric. When buying or customizing a storage room, you can choose based on preference.

Metal storage sheds are usually available in different thicknesses and most are made of galvanized steel or galvanized aluminum. Metal storage sheds are strong and durable, but usually do not have many design elements.

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Wooden sheds are perfect for a vintage-style patio. Wood sheds are characterized by their rustic appearance and design. Most wood sheds are customizable, but the downside is that they are not insect-proof and are expensive to maintain.

Portable metal fabric sheds are the type of storage shed that most people prefer today. This type of portable shed combines the advantages of metal and fabric sheds, such as strong construction, tear-resistant tarpaulin, UV protection, and water resistance. And portable storage sheds are easy to set up and take down. Portable storage sheds are found in Quictent. These storage shed options are made of 200g high-quality fabric and the frame is made of galvanized steel material which is strong and durable.

4. What's your budget?

This is one of the most critical questions other than the purpose of the storage room. If you plan to buy a storage room instead of making your own, you will have an acceptable price range.

The key things you can focus on regarding the price of the storage room are the size and material of the storage room. The smaller the storage room the cheaper it is and the better it matches a variety of yards. Larger storage rooms cost more but are more suitable for large backyards.

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In addition, the stronger and more durable the material the higher the price, such as steel, quality wood, etc. When you make a budget, you should evaluate all aspects together 

5. Do you need a custom storage shed?

Although various shed manufacturers offer you a choice of ready-made sizes, these sizes do not suit everyone, especially those who have more individual needs for a outdoor shed. Another option you have is to ask a custom furniture store to help you customize a storage shed that best suits your needs. This storage shed is made exactly the way you want it to be and it is unique.

If you also have such a need, find your nearest custom furniture store or a website that has this service and tell them what you need, including materials, shapes, styles, sizes, etc. 

6. What are the local laws and regulations?

Before setting up a shed, you must review your local HOA (Homeowners Association) guidelines, laws and regulations, building codes, and other necessary information. Regardless of the state you live, it is important to follow the local codes and regulations.


If the shed you will be setting up is large, for example measuring 16' x 20', or 17' x 20', you may need a building permit. Smaller sheds such as 6'x 6', and 8'x 8' can be built in most states without an approved strip. On this point, you will need to find out the specific local regulations to determine if you are free to build a shed.


After understanding the above issues you have a better understanding of what information you must obtain. You can start your next tasks, such as searching for sheds, learning about products and finding customizers, etc. Quictent offers you quality portable storage sheds, if you are interested in this, start your exploration.

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