Deck and Patio Combination

The patio and deck always confuse people and make them think they represent the same. They are indeed both derivatives of outdoor space, which can let you enjoy outdoor time comfortably. 

But they are different in both appearance and building materials. If you want to add an outdoor oasis to your yard, both are good choices. They provide space for relaxation and add value to the house at the same time. Of course, before you decide, we provide you with the differences between patios and decks and more information. So you can choose the style of outdoor space that best suits you.

patio and deck

(Patio and deck)

What is a Patio?

A patio is usually located on the ground and is made of materials such as concrete, brick, or stone. It can be attached to a house to form a walkway or be freestanding. The patio does not require a railing around it and is a flat outdoor recreational space.

Pros and cons of a Patio


A patio is affordable due to the materials are mostly concrete or slate. It is cheaper to build and suitable for low-budget homeowners.

Building a patio is even easier, requiring only a flat and well-drained surface in the yard to install.

Easy to maintain, only needs to be cleaned 2 to 3 times a year with mild soapy water.

Shelters can be added, and either a gazebo or canopy tent can be placed on the patio. And it is also possible to install a permanent structure without worrying about weight.

Quictent Screen Tents for Patio

(Quictent screen tents for patio)


Prone to cracking and over time, sand between pavers may erode or wash away. Need to resand joints with fresh polymer sand.

If there is no shading equipment, it absorbs more heat due to the nature of the material. The ground can become hot in the summer.

It is not slip-resistant and if rain causes the ground to become wet, then it is easy to slip and fall causing safety problems.

Notes when designing a Patio

If you want to DIY a patio, besides the need to choose a flat ground there are these things to pay attention to.

Pay attention to the size, the size of the patio depends on the size of your home's backyard and the desired function. Typically 8x8 and 10x10 patio sizes are the most popular. But if, for example, you have a large family or often host parties you will need to choose a larger size.

Backyard patio

(Backyard patio)

The material used for the patio is also critical. Concrete and gravel are the most affordable options in terms of price and low maintenance. However, they can break and need to be refinished.

Natural stone, more expensive but classic and stylish in appearance. However, the rough texture makes it unsuitable for barefoot walking and prone to slippage when wet.

Pavers are more costly, can be designed in a wider variety of styles, and are easy to install. 

What is a Deck?

A deck is a flat platform or structure within a courtyard, usually attached to a house. It is also used as an outdoor living space. Decks can be made of various materials such as wood, composite, or vinyl.

Pros and cons of Decks


Classic appearance, the deck is usually made of wood material, which is more elegant. And it easily blends in with the house itself for a better match.

Closer connection to the house, as the deck is raised, so it needs to be connected to the backyard entrance. This will make it easier for you to enjoy the outdoor space.

Suitable for uneven ground, unlike a patio which needs to be built on flat ground. The deck can be customized to fit the topography of the yard.

More comfortable, unlike the patio where the material is mostly stone or concrete, the deck material allows you to walk barefoot. And even in the hot summer, it does not absorb too much heat causing it to become hot.

Excellent view, the deck is designed to be elevated. This means you will be rewarded with an outdoor living space that overlooks the surrounding scenery.




Lack of privacy, while gaining a view can also bring down the privacy aspect. Especially if it is close to the neighbor's backyard.

High cost, besides the price of materials, the deck will need to be installed by a professional. And it is customized to fit your home, so it will cost more than a patio.

Permits are required, and for construction that may affect the structure of your home, you will need to check if your city requires a permit for the deck.

Weights are limited, decks are not built directly on the ground like a patio. So you need to be careful that what you put on the deck meets the weight requirements. Permanent structures like pergolas or gazebos are not suitable for decks. 

Notes when designing a Deck

When building a deck, first you need to pay attention to the choice of materials. Usually the most popular is composite material, a combination of wood fibers and plastic. It is more durable than wood but more expensive.

The next most popular material is wood, which brings a more natural and popular look. However, wood requires regular maintenance or it can be easily damaged.

Finally, PVC is a very durable material that is resistant to moisture, mold, and pests. It is also very low-maintenance and easy to clean, but it is also expensive.

Quictent canopy on deck

(Quictent canopy on deck)

And, of course, there are privacy issues that need to be addressed. As a temporary shelter, a pop-up canopy is always a popular option. Not only it is easy to install and remove, but the weight fits the needs of the deck.

Especially pop-up tent with sides, the side walls can protect your privacy very well. And the mesh windows on the side walls keep the air circulating, allowing you to enjoy your time outdoors.

The difference between a Patio and a Deck

So, by now you should know the difference between a patio and a deck. They are different in construction, material, appearance, and even installation location. A patio can be built directly on a flat surface with concrete or stone material. Deck, on the other hand, is a raised design, some distance from the ground. The material is mostly wood or PVC.

Decks take more time to maintain and clean than a patio. In terms of price, decks will be more expensive than patios, but the value of retention is also higher in the long run.



Which one is right for you?

Before choosing whether it is a patio or deck, think about these questions to confirm which one is right for you.

What is your budget? If the budget is tight, then the patio would be a better choice. Is your yard ground level? The patio needs to be built on a level surface. Do you have enough time? The deck takes time to customize as well as maintain.


Patios and decks are both outdoor spaces that allow you to relax. Whichever one you choose, you can enjoy quality time outdoors. So depending on your situation and preferences, start creating your outdoor oasis! For more outdoor space makeovers or decorations, you can check out our website.

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