Starting to get tired of the progressively hotter weather and want something different to make this May awesome? You can start celebrating National Barbecue Month! This is a holiday that was founded in 1963 to encourage outdoor cooking. National Barbecue Month in May is a great time to go about grilling as a way to spend your summer.

Grilling food over a fire has been around for centuries. Over time, both the grill and the griddle have become more refined. With a versatile grill and different flavors of barbecue sauce. This is one of the easiest ways to make food taste good. It's also a perfect idea for getting together with family and friends for a party.



Imagine cooking food with your friends, enjoying a beer, chatting, and laughing. What could be better than that? For a simple barbecue party, you can choose to have it in your backyard. It's easier to prepare while spending less money and making everyone feel more relaxed. So for the readers who love parties, we've listed tips for hosting a BBQ month party.

Barbecue styles in different regions 

The most important thing about barbecue parties is to try different regional barbecue styles. In general, there are four barbecue styles in the United States. They are Texas, Kansas City, Carolina, and Memphis.


The Texas style of barbecue can bring a new experience. And the most important thing about Texas style is the type of meat. Briskets, sausage, and ribs are all important components of Texas-style barbecue. And Mexican-influenced dishes feature large cuts of meat, such as beef tongue and pork cheeks.

Texas barbecue

 (Texas barbecue)

Kansas City

Kansas City's barbecue meat is not dominated by one type of meat, rather it covers almost all types of meat. And the key to what makes it special is the barbecue sauce. It features a sweet and spicy tomato-based sauce that is much thicker than others. And some of it is also sweetened with honey. The most famous of these are the burnt ends, the crispy charred edge of the slow-smoked brisket.

Kansas City barbecue

(Kansas City barbecue) 


Most of the barbecue meats in Carolina are pork. But, there is a difference between the north and the south, the north will grill the whole pig, while the south is mainly pork shoulder. The sauce in the north is usually based on lemon juice or vinegar and pepper sauce, while the south will feature ketchup with mustard. Lexington, North Carolina also hosts an annual barbecue festival in October that attracts many visitors.

Carolina barbecue

(Carolina barbecue) 


Memphis, like the Carolina, mostly uses pork for barbecue. But there is a big difference in the way it is cooked. The most famous ribs, for example, are cooked for five hours and then smoked for an hour with a coating of barbecue sauce. The time spent is quite long. And they are cooked in a mopping way, with the sauce being applied to the meat at intervals to add flavor.

Memphis barbecue

(Memphis barbecue) 

Tips for hosting a barbecue party

Setting up the grill and dining area

First, set up the grill in a spacious, well-ventilated area. After that take some time to clean the grill, especially the fine seam locations. There may be grease and dirt left over from the last time it was used. Check again for any damaged parts to keep the grill in top condition. It is important to note that no flammable items should be placed around the grill while it is in use. For safety reasons, always keep an eye on the condition of the grill.

The dining area can be chosen at a certain distance from the grill. This ensures that guests are not disturbed by the smoke. The pop-up canopy is the key to establishing the perfect outdoor dining space. Especially in the hot summer months, not only does it block the annoying sunlight, but the screen tent also keeps out the bugs that are attracted to the food. Giving a quiet, comfortable dining environment.

backyard party with pop up canopy

(backyard party with pop-up canopy) 

If this is a party that will last into the evening, hanging string lights inside the pop-up canopy is the answer to adding a sense of ambiance. For safety reasons, do not grill inside the pop-up canopy. The open flame produced will most likely come in contact with the fabric causing a fire hazard and the smoke will also have a discoloring effect on the fabric.

Provide a variety of drinks

A barbecue party is not complete without beverages. Especially beer. In summer, barbecue and cold beer are perfect partners. There is no need to prepare too many kinds of alcoholic beverages, one or two will be enough.

Non-alcoholic beverages should also be on the preparation list. Lemon soda or iced tea can ease the greasiness of a barbecue. Again, prepare enough water and ice for guests to help themselves. If possible, fresh mint and lemon slices on the side will take the party to the next level.

barbecue party drink

(Barbecue party drink)

Try different styles of barbecue

As mentioned before, there are the top four styles of barbecue. To make the barbecue even more delicious and fun, hold a barbecue contest. Let your guests cook together and try four different styles of barbecue. Finally taste together and choose our winner.

Besides the food, the wood is also very influential. Some woods give a different flavor to the grilled food. For example, wood pellets made from trees such as shepherd's beans or cedar can give a flavor to food. So, when choosing wood, you can try new options.

Keep the party entertaining

While enjoying the food, some fun activities are perfect for a BBQ party. Besides barbecue contests, barbecue sauce can be the star of the event. People usually choose to buy them directly from the supermarket, but why not opt for a more fun way? Make your sauce or work with your guests to create a variety of flavors to suit different people's tastes.

Some places add honey to the sauce to sweeten it up. Liquid smoke can also be used to add a smoky flavor to the sauce. Think of the process of making the sauce as a competition or game, with each person choosing the best and worst sauce. Of course, the worst gets punished. The contest can then have guests taste different sauces to see who can tell what's in them. It can make this party unique.

Barbecue party

(Barbecue party)

Final Thoughts

Now that you not only know about the different styles of barbecue, but also how to throw a barbecue party, it's time to get started. If you want to learn more about pop-up canopies, we have a variety of sizes and styles for you to choose from. Suitable for a variety of outdoor scenes, not just barbecue parties. We hope you enjoy a delicious barbecue with friends and family and Happy National Barbecue Month!

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