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Congratulations, soon-to-be-married couples. You have come to the critical step in planning your wedding, which is choosing the day of your ceremony. The wedding will be one of the most important days for many people, so the right date represents a good start. It is also one of the most important decisions you will make together as a couple. For each couple, the process is unique and is an exclusive memory just for you. This is part of what makes a wedding date so special because you will want to say “I do” on a perfect day. Choosing a date can be a challenge. Therefore, we have come up with some tips along with methods that can help you through the process of choosing a special day.

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Choose your wedding style in advance

What is the style of  your wedding? Will the venue be indoors or outdoors? If it's outdoors, will it be on grass or a beach? Weather conditions will immediately narrow down your available dates if you choose an outdoor wedding. When you are considering the option of an outdoor wedding, then you must also have a backup plan in case it rains on the day. For example, choose a large tent in an outdoor venue. Large party tents provide a space to rest besides being insulated from the weather elements. Generally speaking, a 20x40 party tent would be the perfect size to accommodate 125 people and is the optimal outdoor wedding option.

So when it comes to date selection, don't take the risk of choosing a season with plenty of rain. If you are particularly fond of winter wedding, then you need to be aware that cold weather and snow may prevent guests from coming to the wedding. You need to start planning for a winter wedding well in advance, and if you don't have enough time for preparation, a winter wedding can be crossed off your list.

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Take your budget into consideration

If you don't have a big budget, choose dates that will save you money on the venue. For example, January to March is the low season for weddings, and the cost of renting a venue is not too high. So you don't have to cut back on wedding decorations and necessities. A short outdoor wedding ceremony in the cooler spring and fall months will cost much less than a summer venue rental. However, it is also important to be considerate of your guests, renting some heat lamps and preparing thoughtful details such as woolen shawls for the bridesmaids will make them feel at home. It's also cheaper to hold a wedding on a weekday than a weekend, and party venues are cheaper during the day than at night. If you choose the peak season, the budget spent on wedding food and flower arrangements may be squeezed because of the high cost of the venue.

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Popular months to get married

Typically weddings from June through September give you the best chance for cooperative weather. But if you choose an outdoor wedding, then you may want to avoid the heat of July through August. That's why October has also grown to be one of the most popular months for weddings in recent years. A better idea is that partners can choose a month that is memorable for them, such as the day of their first date or the day of their engagement. This will also make the anniversary easier to remember.

Dates that need to be avoided

Besides some popular dates, there are some dates that you may need to avoid. You'll want to consider some of the conflicting factors that may arise between both family members and the wedding. Before you choose a date, do your homework and find out about other important family members' holidays

Guests' birthdays. It can be difficult for family and friends if there are conflicting schedules. When you encounter such problems, you can discuss with them, which does not mean asking them to give up their affairs to attend the wedding. Rather, it is a way to make them feel that you are not ignoring their feelings in preparing for the wedding through your respect.

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Holidays and major sporting events. Weddings on public holidays can be exponentially more expensive than weekends, in terms of venue, airfare, or accommodation. Some big sporting events are also something you need to avoid, especially the Super Bowl. Trust me, no one wants to miss the Super Bowl. And some special holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, guests may already have their plans.

Menstruation. During period you will need to rest more, and the bride's day will need to start extra early. The complicated preparation process plus the wedding process can be even more exhausting, as well as avoiding the possibility of getting the white wedding dress dirty.

Superstition factor. Perhaps you both have some superstitions about the day that may be related to race or religion. Others will be considering moon phases and astrology, while Friday the 13th will be a day that several people will want to rule out.

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Lucky days in 2023

For many cultures, the symbols of good luck are different. If you are interested, in traditional Chinese culture 6 and 8 are both numbers that represent good luck. So June 6th or August 8th are both popular choices for weddings. For Jewish tradition, Tuesday or Sunday is a good day to hold a wedding. If you care more about the phases of the moon, getting married during the super moon is also a symbol of good luck. The super moon in 2023 will be on July 3 and August 1.

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Overall it will take at least 6-10 months to plan the entire wedding, with some popular wedding venues requiring reservations even a year in advance. So adequate planning will be very important. Some of the above suggestions for wedding dates can all be decided based on your actual situation. You should understand that the happiness of a marriage is based on the strength of the relationship between two people, and does not depend on a "lucky day". As long as you love each other passionately, whatever the date is, it will be the perfect wedding day for you.

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