Easter is undoubtedly one of the most exciting in April, and this time of year reminds people of the story behind Easter, about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Children also look forward to Easter, as during the festival they can decorate their rooms and gardens with their families, which is a valuable opportunity. Easter in April represents the arrival of spring, and the colorful Easter is so exciting!

Festive elements of Easter

Easter eggs are an indispensable holiday element and have a long history, with many families preferring to decorate hard-boiled eggs with paint or put gifts in egg-shaped ornaments. Easter Egg Hunt is a common way to celebrate.

People often use flowers and plants to celebrate Easter, and the important theme of Easter is rebirth, and flowers embody the vitality and vitality of spring, which matches the theme of Easter.



During Easter, people can see blooming flowers in parks, churches, and other places to commemorate the rebirth of Jesus.

Why decorate the garden at Easter?

Make the festive atmosphere better. The sense of ceremony is an important reason for people to remember a festival, and the strong festive atmosphere can make family members know and love Easter. Flowers and eggs are an important element of Easter, and spend a special Easter with your family!

Great time to decorate the backyard. Easter is a festival that belongs to spring, and spring represents vitality. If you're watching the winter leaves fall in your garden and don't have the motivation to clean and take care of it, this is a great opportunity to give you motivation!


The Easter Bunny and Easter egg ornaments are very heartwarming aren't it, don't hesitate to use your imagination at this time, your garden upgrade time is at this moment.

Enjoy family time. Usually, you and your family are busy with work and study, and there seems to be no time for interaction. The Easter holiday brings you closer to your family and invites your family to participate in garden decoration activities to create a special warm backyard. 

Creative suggestions for a colorful Easter garden

Simple Easter coloring board

This is a very creative and easy way to decorate, it works for everyone, even if you are a novice gardener, you can do it perfectly.

You will need to prepare the following decorative materials:

  A few flat wooden boards, paints, brushes, brushes, electric drills, ribbons, and other decorations.


  1. First you need to choose a few pieces of wood large enough, and then outline the shape you want on it, such as eggs, carrots, rabbits, etc...
  2. Then use a drill to "move" the pattern out of the board along the arc.
  3. Dip your brush into the paint and draw a nice pattern on the board, using a brush if necessary. Decorate your boards with ribbons and other decorations to make them more special, for example, you can use ribbons to create a big beautiful egg.
  4. Stand your Easter board in the garden, and use some tools to increase the stability of the board.

If you have potted plants at home, place them around the color boards to make a corner of your garden more interesting.

Make Easter microscopic plants

If you're a hands-on gardener, you'll love making a mini world of plants. You only need to make use of some discarded flower pots and washbasins to make such a special Easter gift.

You need to prepare:

Flower pots (washbasins and other containers are available), branches, moss, a small piece of turf, dirt, mini Easter decorations.

This gardening activity is highly flexible, you can use the moss, branches and petals in the garden to make your favorite miniature plant pots according to your preferences, and most importantly add Easter elements such as mini rabbits, Easter eggs, etc.

Share your ideas with family and friends and you'll be doubly happy. In addition to decorating your own garden as well as the interior, give your miniature plants as gifts to your friends to share your joy and sense of accomplishment.

Quick Decorating –Let the colorful decorations renew your home

If you are too late to think about how to create a more distinctive Easter garden than your neighbors, you can immediately go to the supermarket and buy decorations, which is one of the fastest ways.

Recommended Easter decorations include Easter eggs, rabbit ornaments, colored lights, ribbons, etc. Some creative furniture can also make your garden more distinctive, such as vases in the shape of eggshells, flower pots in the shape of eggshells, and if you don't want to use your eggs as decorations (this may be wasteful), you can also buy some mini plastic eggs, which are now very popular to insert flowers into vases containing easter eggs.


If you want to finish your Easter decorations quickly, you can also buy more egg hangings and lights to hang on the branches of your tree. Some Easter ground lights are also great, laying them on both sides of the road and turning them on at night.

Decorate your garden with Easter flowers

Some supermarkets sell Easter plants such as Easter Lily, Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinth, Gerbera Daisy, etc. Take advantage of gardening tools and furniture such as planters, raised garden beds, swings, etc. from your garden, you can still win the Easter garden competition with your neighbors.


Gardeners will use the flower beds for garden work or plant cultivation. If your backyard is large and the garden bed can help you create surprising Easter landscapes, such as this 48'x48'x11'' Wooden Garden Bed.  Transplant the Easter flowers you bought inside the flower bed (of course, you can also grow flowers before Easter), remember to buy different colors of flowers that will make it look more attractive. You can set up a garden bed on each side of the garden path to make the whole look more harmonious.

The raised garden bed is a very popular style now, and you can see this flower bed in the gardening videos taken by planters on Youtube and Ins. The flower bed does have many benefits, such as being back-friendly, reducing pest damage to plants, better drainage, being easy to take care of, etc.

This 35''x24''x35'' 8 Grids Raised Garden Bed is perfect for transplanting Easter flowers, this garden bed is divided into two layers with eight grids on top of it, you can put potted plants inside, and in the lower layer, you can put some tools. 

Easter Greenhouse World

If you have a garden or small farm, you can grow your own Easter flowers, but you need to start planting long in advance to make sure you can flower before Easter. This activity may be easy for a professional gardener to complete, but  an amateur player, he may still need some auxiliary tools, such as an affordable and portable greenhouse tent.


In this perfect planting world, the optimal growth conditions of plants can be achieved by manual control, such as suitable humidity, suitable lighting, etc.

Quictent 20' x 10' x 7' Heavy Duty Large Greenhouse is a favorite product of many customers, although it is not a professional greenhouse, for planting enthusiasts, it is of good quality, has strong structure, and fully meets the needs.

Grow your favorite Easter flowers in such a backyard greenhouse(small greenhouse and mini greenhouse are both ok), and in the spring you can see the flowers blooming in the greenhouse, and a greenhouse garden is also a unique scenery in your garden or farm.

Get started Creating your Easter garden

You don't need to spend much time preparing for Easter, but from now on, you can make plans and prepare for action, and in the process, hopefully, you will have fun and a sense of accomplishment. Prepare your festival and welcome the arrival of spring.

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