Office workers who face great pressure every day desire to have their lifestyle after getting off work. In addition to the status of company employees, they may also be video bloggers, photographers, amateur singers, or amateur athletes on social platforms. Everyone needs to use many ways to divert their attention at work and find fun in their life. They strongly hope that they can have a different life outside of work. Simple and fresh popular elements are most popular among office workers. This allows them to easily get on the fast train of fashion.

Green fashion is on the rise

Fashionable boys and girls love to post their life photos and videos on Youtube, Instagram, and it is worth noting that more and more people are exploring trendy lifestyles such as weekend rides, and recently many bloggers on youtube have fallen in love with shooting their own green gardening videos, and many viewers have liked such videos and imitated the bloggers' gardening style.



Gardening is becoming a new social hot spot and fashion style, and office workers are becoming fashionistas on the Internet by showcasing their gardening life.

Why are office workers falling in love with gardening?

A turning point in the trend of the pandemic

The pandemic of the past two years is extremely unusual for everyone who loves to socialize. People who love crowds and lively people begin to suppress their inner desire for social activities. Shopping does not seem to be a lasting way to please young people. This will bring huge costs, and may also make people fall into anxiety about money. People who are in mental anxiety begin to seek more affordable and inspiring entertainment.

On weekends, people will meet with friends and ride bicycles to the suburbs to relieve stress. Parents will play trampolines in the yard with their children, hold family parties and hold family music. And more young people have turned their attention from lively bars, cinemas, and shopping malls to their small gardens or small balconies.

The pandemic has not only brought challenges but also brought thinking to office workers. They have more time to stay at home, the quality requirements of their living environment have changed, and the desire to decorate the cabin has become stronger and stronger.

Stylish, relaxed, affordable, and not simple

The working people who are troubled by car exhaust, horn sound, and city pollution want to return to their true nature and have a peaceful life after work. For these busy people, fashion is an optimistic attitude to life, an elegant living atmosphere and a unique concept of life that is different from others.

Green is an advanced element in the fashion world, and gardens and forests are often filming locations in movies. Creating a piece of green can bring comfort and pleasure to the soul. Taking care of a garden does not require much money or effort, but only your continuous patience, which is financially and time stress-free for working people. Taking care of plants relaxes a tired mind and body and is good for the body and mind.

Enjoy the attention and the following

Does it excite you to be a cool, hip, trendy star in your social circle? You don't need to be a professional gardener, you just need to make a homemade video after you prune your plants or upload it to social media when the vegetables and fruits are ripe, and you will gain a lot of attention and followers.


A beautiful enclave is your gorgeous business card, it can make you fashionable and still your pride. You will be the coolest working person in the social circle!

How to start your planting master plan?

Exquisite balcony - mini garden

Don't let your balcony be filled with clutter, make it more beautiful and become a green corner of your home.Make the most of the space on your balcony and make this mini garden as beautiful as possible.

balcony plant


Balcony gardening is suitable for growing smaller size vegetables, flowers , and herbs. If you like to grow bulky crops like pumpkins and watermelons, then you may need to make some compromises. Smaller plants can also satisfy your quest for greenery.

Best vegetables, fruits, and flowers for you

Vegetables such as lettuce and kale are great for balcony growing, they do not require much environment and are easy to grow. Herbs like basil and thyme can be easily kept on the balcony, and it's great to buy some pots for tomatoes, peppers, and other plants.

To make the balcony look more hierarchical, you can plant some vines to make them hang down the balcony, and some small pots can be placed in the corner to make the structure look more reasonable.

Recommended planting tools

Winter is a huge challenge for all balcony crops. Snow, cold temperatures, and frost can affect and damage your balcony landscape, and you are better off moving less hardy and drought-tolerant plants indoors when winter comes. You can't guarantee that the plants will survive indoors, don't worry, indoor grow tent can help you, this indoor planting tent won't take up too much space and you can move it easily. Don't forget to buy amenities such as heaters, humidifiers, and light lamps, and wish your plants a smooth winter.

watering can

To make your balcony look more layered and reduce bending down to take care of your plants, the raised garden bed is one of your must-have gardening supplies. You can put your plants on the top shelf and put some gadgets on the bottom one for easy planting and organizing.

Large backyard - more space

First of all, congratulations on having a huge space to grow all your favorite vegetables, fruits, and flowers. A large garden gives you more room to use your imagination than a small space with a balcony.

Design your big garden

Don't waste your extra space, if the backyard is full of clutter it will make the whole garden look very messy. You don't need to hire a designer to help you, gardening is easy and free, just watch some videos and pictures on the internet and you can come up with a framework in your head based on your preferences. Don't overthink the design, the purpose of gardening is to maintain an optimistic and active lifestyle, and a beautiful and tidy garden is very appealing.

Take care of your garden regularly

Growing lots of plants in your garden and watching them grow from seed to germination, to flowering, and then to maturity will give you a sense of accomplishment. But don't forget to take care of your garden regularly, as you may get complaints from neighbors if your garden is too messy.


Keep your plants growing in the garden and not in your neighbor's yard. When fall and winter arrive, wilted leaves may drift down into your neighbor's yard, which is something you especially need to be aware of.

Frequent fertilization keeps the soil moist and dead leaves and flowers can be collected and turned into fertilizer to nourish your plants and land. Remember to mow your lawn regularly and remember to weed, a tidy lawn makes your garden more colorful.

Choose tools to promote your gardening

Spring and summer are always the best time to display your gardening ability because plenty of sunlight, moist land, and suitable weather brings a good growth environment and extreme nutrients to plants.


Autumn and winter will limit your level of gardening, but the problem is not big. You can use the greenhouse tent to help you. Choose a mini greenhouse or large greenhouse according to your needs and garden area.

Share gardening pleasures with your family and friends

What gifts would you choose for family and friends when the holidays come? Or what do you think makes the most sense? Sharing the joys and joys of a good harvest with family and friends, and giving them the vegetables, fruits, and flowers you grow will be the most meaningful gift of the holiday season.


It's not just plants, it's the fruits of months of sweat and hard work. Don't forget to show off your bumper results on social media, which will attract a lot of fans to watch your gardening videos!

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