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Outdoor space is not only a part of the house but also a part of life. Decorating your outdoor patio is a good way to improve your life quality because a beautiful and comfortable space can relax you both mentally and physically.  If you want to turn your terrace or patio into a beautiful, leisurely, and inviting space, try those tips suggested.

Principles of Outdoor Decoration

Decorating your outdoor space can be very simple if you follow some principles. Let's start with the four basic ones.

  • Clear the Clutter. In many cases, a messy environment will affect the beauty of the courtyard or patio and even your mood. Simple placement and focused design can make your space look smoother and cleaner. Therefore, clean up the clutter, dispose of the things you don't need, and leave enough space for your own.
  • Color Combination. he choice of color is an important part of designing outdoor areas. Great color matching can make your design look more coordinated and give you a better visual experience. Natural greens and sky blues, for example, can make you feel calm and refreshing. While vibrant colors such us yellow and red can make you feel more energetic and powerful, blue and pink, orange and red are also popular color combinations. You can add other colors to the main color to make your space more inviting.
  • Furniture Sets. Furniture is a good decoration and can enrich the function of the outdoor area. To make your courtyard look cozier and meet the needs for rest and family dinners, you can select some furniture such as benches, tables, outdoor sectionals, dining sets, a set of outdoor sofa, etc. If your space is limited, an outdoor chat set or a chaise lounge can give you a perfect outdoor rest corner.
  • Intimate Setting. Private space is not just about walls. The way you design and arrange the functions and settings of space in your house also affects how you relax and spend time with your family and friends. If you take these spaces as your life and decorate them well, even the outdoor patio can be a perfect and comfortable private space for entertainment and relaxation. For example, a pop-up canopy can not only provide you with shade but also build an outdoor place for you and your friends to watch football matches, eat together, play games, chat, etc. Check to get more information Quictent pop up canopies.

Quictent pop up canopy

Recommended Decorative Items

Small changes can greatly improve the atmosphere of your patio. Here are some recommended patio ideas.

1. Outdoor Umbrella

To enjoy outdoor activities well and protect your furniture, shading tools is essential. The patio umbrellas and shade sails are the most families' choices, which can provide effective UV protection and prevent you from sunburn. The patio umbrella is relatively more suitable for small areas. It is removable, easy to store, and does not take up much space. You can buy a cantilever umbrella, which is more convenient for you to set up tables and chairs and chat with friends. And the outdoor umbrella with lights can enhance the atmosphere at night. You can also use a shade sail to cover your furniture and children's entertainment area. It's space-friendly and would not occupy space on the ground.

Quictent patio umbrella and shade sail

2. Hammocks

The hammock is a symbol of leisure life and a perfect element to decorate the space. With a hammock, you can take a nap or read books to relieve the fatigue of the day. Different types of hammocks will bring you different feelings and experiences. Common hammocks for yard decoration are rope hammocks, poolside hammocks, quilted hammocks, Brazilian hammocks, etc. You can select the color and style of the hammock according to the style of your patio.

a lady lying down on a hammock in the backyard

3. Swings

In addition to hammocks, swings can also be an amazing outdoor patio decor especially for families with children. There are many swings on the market for you to choose from, such as daisy disc rope swings, netted seat tree swings, saucer tree swings, and so on. Check details of each in our earlier blog The 5 Most Attractive Tree Swings for Kids. Choose the right size and style of the swing according to the space you get. It will make your space more lively and colorful!

a girl and her father with a tree swing

4. Potted Plants

Potted or hanging plants are simple, low-cost, and effective outdoor decor ideas. The combination of creativity and plants can make your yard unique and attractive. For example, you can use some special pots such as a wooden wagon flower planter or a ladder plant holder. Some idle items can also be gorgeous plant pots. You can also turn  discarded tires into pots and paint the tires with your favorite color. Even the old shoes can be an interesting flower pot.

flower pots

5. A Water Feature

Adding a stunning water feature is also a popular outdoor decor idea. It can increase air humidity, adsorb dust, and purify the air. What's more, the design of the water feature is also varied: fountains, artificial waterfalls, pools, even streams. You can choose the style and material you like to decorate your space, from classic to modern, from wooden to stone. For those who love decorating the patio in person, making a DIY water feature could be fun.

water feature

6. Light Decor

Light is not only a lighting tool at night but also an important element to highlight the vitality and fashion of the garden. It can effectively enrich the atmosphere of outdoor areas at night. If your budget is sufficient, you can choose wall lamps and garden lamps suitable for terrace styles. Of course, if the outdoor area is small and your budget is limited, stringed LEDs can be a great alternative also creating a great atmosphere.

decoreated backyard with lights

The outdoor area is a living space worth exploring. A small change could add more color to your life. Just remodel your courtyard and let it add highlights to your life!

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