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The weather is getting hotter and we are already about to step into summer. If you have missed the time to plant in March, then April will become crucial. Because this is the start of spring and summer planting.

No matter which planting area you're in, whether you're planting in pots or portable greenhouses, you'll need gardening tools to help make your gardening activities easier. To make your garden more organized and healthy, we have compiled a list of gardening tools with different functions. So that your garden can grow lushly.

Gardening Tools

(Gardening tools) 

Digging Tools

There are no tools more essential to gardening than a shovel and a spade. Both tools are used to shovel up and dig the soil, but they are distinctly different.

In appearance, the shovel is a distinct tip and the overall shape is rounded. The shovel is more suitable for digging, shoveling, and moving materials. A spade, on the other hand, is more similar to a rectangle and does not have a tip. It is more suitable for cutting turf or correcting the edges of the turf.

Both usually have a raised, similar step at the top, but a spade will have a smaller step. This is to make it easier to use the force of the foot to press it downward while digging. A safety tip, do not wear flip-flops when using either tool, thick-soled sneakers or boots would be more convenient and safe.

When you are choosing this type of tool, a metal shovel top will be stronger and more durable. The handle part is most often made of wood or composite material, which will feel better in the hand. Compared with all steel will be lighter and cheaper.

shovel and spade

(Shovel and spade) 

Pruning Tools

It is critical to prune excess branches or dead heads as flowers or crops grow. This allows the remaining main branches to get more nutrients and grow better. Thus, the presence of pruning tools can make it easier for you.

Types of pruning tools

There are many types of pruning tools, and the following are the most common among home gardeners.

Straight-edge pruning shears

This is a compact pruning shear, more suitable for pruning flowers or shoots. For thicker or more wooden branches, it is difficult to prune.

Bypass pruning shears

This is the most common of the pruning tools and is shaped like a curved pair of scissors. It can quickly and cleanly cut off excess branches and small bushes. It is worth noting that pruning shears are available in different sizes and for different hands. Be sure to check the information before you buy.

Straight and Bypass pruning shears

(Straight and Bypass pruning shears)

Hedge trimmers

If you have a large bush or plant in your backyard that needs to be built, this large hedge trimmer can save time. It cuts off multiple branches at once and is perfect for trimming or giving adjustments to the shape.

Ratchet pruner

These pruning shears will have handles and ratchet locks for enhanced shearing power for pruning, trimming, and harvesting plants. This design can also help reduce repetitive garden pruning shear motion injuries, hand fatigue, and wrist strains.

Hedge trimmers and Ratchet pruner

(Hedge trimmers and Ratchet pruner) 

Garden Hoes

A garden hose can be used to weed, turn the soil, or harvest root crops. Likewise, there are different types and functions. 

Types of gardening hoes

Paddle hoe

This is the most common type of hoe used to cut weeds below the soil surface, which helps prevent weed regrowth. They are particularly effective in raised garden beds, vegetable gardens, and other small spaces where precision is important.

Dutch hoe

Dutch hoes are also known as mixer hoes or stirrup hoes. The Dutch hoe is designed to push and pull in a back-and-forth motion under the soil surface, cutting off the base of the weed. It can also be used for pushing work among dense vegetation.

Draw Hoe

The blade of a draw hoe is perpendicular to the handle. Its purpose is to pull the soil toward the user to break it up and loosen the soil. The draw hoe is useful for trenching and pulling weeds.

Paddle hoe Dutch hoe and Draw hoe

(Paddle hoe,Dutch hoe and Draw hoe) 

Watering Tools

The last important tool is the watering tool. Many plants, especially in the summer, need to be watered daily to keep the soil moist. So, choosing the right watering tool will save you a lot of time.

Types of watering tools

Garden Hose

Many people still use the most traditional spray cans for watering. But unless your garden is very miniature, a spray can is not recommended. A garden hose, on the other hand, can provide a large amount of steady water flow simply by connecting to an outdoor faucet.

And you can choose the length, allowing you to meet the watering needs of the entire garden. Don't forget to add a spray nozzle to your hose purchase so that you can adjust the water flow. 

Irrigation system

If you still find it too much trouble to take the hose and water every day, you need a once-and-for-all method. Setting up a watering system will take care of the hassle. A drip irrigation system allows drip or spraying plants through the same mainline pipe that carries water throughout the garden.

Spinning sprinkler

This sprinkler that is fixed to the ground allows for regular watering. It will produce very fine droplet sizes that will thoroughly soak the area you are watering. Of course, this sprinkler is more suitable for lawns.

Types of watering tools

(Types of watering tools) 

Other gardening tools

Besides the most common tools used in the above gardening activities, some others may be needed.

Gardening gloves

If you are a clean freak, you will probably hate the dirt and grime under your nails when gardening. Besides keeping your hands clean, gardening gloves can protect your hands from branch abrasions.

Garden cart

When you need to be in the garden for long periods, you don't want to have to go back and forth indoors and outdoors again and again just to get your tools. And if it's harvest time, a cart can come in handy to load your ripe crops.

Soil pH tester

Different soil types may have different pH values, and for plants, the pH value of the soil will affect their growth. So before planting, checking the pH value of the soil is the first step.

Other gardening tools

(Other gardening tools) 


The presence of gardening tools will help you grow healthy, beautiful plants or crops. Of course, remember to regularly clean the rust from metal tools with wire and store them in a ventilated environment. Choosing the right gardening tools will make gardening a much more enjoyable activity.

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