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How much does an outdoor wedding cost? When planning a wedding, most couples must be looking forward to having a unique wedding that will leave unforgettable memories for themselves and their loved ones, family, and friends. Some people prefer a more relaxed and romantic indoor wedding, while others prefer an outdoor wedding that is close to nature and free. One venue that is also popular with many couples for outdoor weddings is the backyard. Backyard weddings have the characteristics of warmth and comfort.

When choosing a backyard as your wedding venue you will of course want to know the cost involved. That's why we're here, to help you learn everything you need to know about backyard weddings before you make the big decision. Including a detailed list of expenses, of course.

Backyard tent Wedding

(Backyard tent wedding)

Pros of backyard weddings

The great thing about having your wedding in your backyard is that you don't have to worry about venue costs. You can save a lot of expenses. Secondly, there will be a higher degree of freedom, not having to worry about whether the facilities will damage the venue and thus payout.

You don't have to choose a vendor that is tied to the venue, but rather choose one that fits and you like. More flexible, unlike many venues that have a fixed style, can be completely based on their preferences. Plus, the natural setting will make the whole wedding seem more welcoming and surrounded by nature.

Cons of backyard weddings 

If you're someone who likes simple steps, unless you choose a wedding contractor who includes all of the weddings, a backyard wedding may be more complicated than you think. It's important to find vendors that align with your vision and your budget.

Second, other wedding venues already have floor plans. You will need to take the time to create your floor plan as well as your wedding layout. And time to clean up your backyard after the wedding as well.

Finally, one of the most difficult things to guarantee for an outdoor wedding is the weather. So, no matter what the weather forecast is, be prepared for possible contingencies.


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How much does a backyard wedding cost?

According to The Knot's Real Weddings 2021 study, the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. in 2021 is $28,000. And while venue costs alone account for roughly $10,700 of that, one of the biggest benefits of backyard weddings is that they don't require a venue fee. So we've made the following detailed price list based on prices from multiple vendors. 

Wedding dress and makeup

The price of wedding dresses varies from high to low, which can be determined according to your budget. On average a wedding dress or suit will range from $200 to $2000. If you're on a budget, it's best to set the price within $1000.

As for wedding makeup, usually makeup artists charge by the item or by the number of people, e.g. $115 for makeup only, and $225 for makeup plus hair. Or you can opt for wedding hair and makeup packages, which usually include makeup and hair styling for the bride plus three attendees, for $545.

Wedding dress

(Wedding dress )

Wedding Planner

No one likes a messy wedding, and you certainly have the option to plan your wedding. But you will also need someone to help you organize the planning for your wedding day. That's why you'll need wedding planners, professionals who assist in the design, planning, and management of their client's weddings. If you need to choose a full-service wedding planner, the best way to calculate the price is 10% to 15% of your entire wedding budget. And full-service wedding planning ideally needs to be booked 10 months before the wedding. Typically they will take care of all the hassles for you, including finding a venue, food vendors, flowers, etc. So their prices will range from $1800 to $10,000.

If it's just wedding day planning, they will help you secure a schedule for the day. Make sure your plans go smoothly and that your guests are taken care of. The price for such a wedding planner would be between $800 and $1300.

Wedding Planner

(Wedding Planner)

Decoration and flowers

Decorations will usually include design, curtains, lighting, and table decorations. And the cost will usually be between $500 and $1000, but of course, you can also buy your wedding decoration kit on Amazon for no more than $500. The price range for wedding flowers will be a little wider, depending on how many flowers you need to decorate. Bridal bouquets will run between $75 and $125, and flower arches will usually cost $250. Smaller boutonnieres, on the other hand, will run between $10 and $20. All in all, a wedding will cost between $700 and $1500 for flowers.

Decoration and flowers

(Decoration and flowers)


Wedding videography, as well as photography, is also an important part of the wedding, and they are responsible for documenting your most important day. Photographers are usually billed by the hour, starting at a minimum of two hours, usually 8 hours. The photographer will follow you from before the wedding until the end. The price is usually in the range of $200 an hour, so the whole wedding videography will not exceed $1600.

Wedding tents and tables

To give guests a comfortable experience even outdoors and not be bothered by the weather, wedding tents are the perfect companion for outdoor weddings. There are two ways to get a wedding tent, rent or buy. Tent rental companies will generally also provide you with table and chair rentals. Or just choose the tent with tables and chairs package.

For a 20x20 frame tent with six 6-foot tables and 68 chairs, the rental price is $620. The rental company will take care of delivery as well as set up and tear down. Of course, different companies have different rules, and some companies will charge extra for delivery and installation. The advantage of renting a wedding tent is that it's convenient and you don't have to go through the effort of setting it up yourself. But if the tent is ever broken, then you will be compensated. And many tent rental companies have strict time rules and will charge two days once you are delayed.

Quictent wedding tent

(Quictent wedding tent)

Buying a wedding tent is also a wise choice. For backyard weddings, a 20x20 party tent or 20x30 party tent is a more suitable size. They can accommodate up to 40 or 60 people respectively. Prices are $729 and $1099.The advantage of buying a wedding tent is that you don't have to worry about the time of use or whether the tent will be damaged. And can be recycled, whether it is an outdoor wedding or birthday party can be used. And it can also be used as a temporary carport to protect your car from the weather. You can freely decorate the tent and make it to fit any style of your party.

When you consider buying a party tent, Quictent's high-quality products can provide you with an excellent experience. We offer a wide range of wedding tents in a variety of sizes and styles and have outstanding after-sales service.

Wedding caterers

Wedding catering includes not only food but also staffing, the more guests you have, the more service staff you will need. The catering includes tableware, food transportation, and the wedding cake. The cost of plated or buffet-style catering varies. Plated will allow your guests to enjoy the service, with waiters serving appetizers, main courses, and desserts.

A buffet, on the other hand, gives your guests more freedom to choose their favorite foods and saves you the money of hiring a waiter. The cost of wedding catering can be calculated depending on the number of people, usually between $50 and $100 per person. The buffet style is $40 per person. And the important wedding cake will cost between $300 and $500.

Wedding caterers

(Wedding caterers)

Wedding band

The perfect wedding can not do without music. You can choose to hire a live band or DJ to bring the atmosphere to a climax and keep everyone entertained at all times. But live bands don't come cheap, with an average price of $4,000, including sound equipment. The price of hiring a DJ is about $1000, and the DJ will be responsible for playing and adjusting the music according to the situation.

Wedding live band

Wedding live band)


When you choose to have your wedding in your backyard there is one thing that is easily overlooked but very necessary, the permit. Every county and city has different requirements for outdoor weddings, so it's best to check out the required local permits right off the bat. Among other things, if you need to set up a wedding tent then there may be different rules and you will need a fire permit. As well as a noise permit, although this is your most important day, be careful not to disturb the neighbors.


All in all, the average spend for a backyard wedding can be under $10,000. That's a big saving compared to the average. You can still keep this number much lower. For example, you can get friends and family to help you decorate the venue, reduce your wait staff, and swap out the large, expensive wedding cake for a dessert table. All of these flexible ways can reduce the cost of your wedding.

With the list of expenses, we listed above, I'm sure you have a preliminary plan for your budget. We hope you have gained useful information here. Go ahead and prepare for your big day!

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