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At Quictent you can quickly find all kinds of greenhouses and garden bed products. These featured gardening products offer help to gardeners. Some unique users have created many interesting uses with Quictent greenhouse products. These interesting ideas can bring more fun to your family's backyard life. If you're browsing our products, this article can provide you with more ideas!

Here are 13 interesting pictures of the products. The greenhouse ideas shown in these pictures are very creative and we hope they inspire you!

Decorate your 56"x29"x77" walk-in greenhouse with light strings

This walk-in greenhouse is perfect for setting up in a small backyard, like the one shown in the picture. You can set this greenhouse directly on the lawn, or on a tile like the one pictured here.

walk-in greenhouse with light strings

(walk-in greenhouse with light strings)

Decorating the greenhouse with strings of lights can make it look very attractive and pretty at night. Most gardeners often use such a walk-in greenhouse as a gardening supplement. However, using a greenhouse as part of your home decor is also viable.

Setting up a black greenhouse on a balcony

This black small greenhouse can be set up on your balcony in just a few simple steps. If you like potted plants, this black small greenhouse is worth your choice. Although this greenhouse is small, it can accommodate many potted plants.

black greenhouse on a balcony(black greenhouse on a balcony)

Moreover, it will not take up a lot of balcony or terrace space. This black greenhouse is light and easy to set up and move. It is a portable greenhouse and if you need to disassemble it, the whole disassembly process takes only a short time.

Set up a transparent mini greenhouse on a raised garden bed

The mini greenhouse can be set up not only on the lawn but also on the garden bed. Raised garden beds are a popular gardening tool for many gardeners and are often used for composting, cultivating plants, etc.

transparent mini greenhouse on a raised garden bed

(transparent mini greenhouse on a raised garden bed)

Setting a mini greenhouse cover on a raised garden bed will prevent pests from damaging the plants. In summer, when the temperature rises and becomes hot, unzipping the cover helps to ventilate the area. In the evening when the temperature drops and the whole backyard becomes cooler, closing the zipper will keep the soil inside moist. A quality mini-greenhouse product with the right usage can increase crop yield.

Let the 12'x7'x7' tunnel greenhouse boost your plants at scale

As shown in the picture, the 12'x7'x7' tunnel greenhouse can be set on a wooden foundation. If you are a plant merchant or you are growing plants in pots etc. on a large scale, you can set up a wooden frame on both sides inside this greenhouse. It is better to have multiple levels of wooden shelves for you to put all kinds of plants in pots.

12'x7'x7' tunnel greenhouse

(12'x7'x7' tunnel greenhouse)

The 12'x7'x7' tunnel greenhouse is designed for ventilation and airflow. On windy days, you can zipper up the greenhouse to prevent dust from entering the greenhouse.

Create an outdoor greenhouse bathroom

If you want a unique bathroom, try the Quictent 20'x10'x7' large greenhouse. Set up a huge circular bath inside the greenhouse and pipe water into the bath. You can also plant your favorite flowers and other plants around the bath. Multiple vents on both sides of the greenhouse help cross ventilation, and two doors allow easy access.

outdoor greenhouse bathroom(outdoor greenhouse bathroom)

As the picture shows, you can also set up some furniture in the greenhouse bathroom. In summer, such a greenhouse bath will cool you down and bring the fun!

95" x 36" x 36" greenhouse frame with wire mesh

This 95" x 36" x 36" greenhouse consists of two parts: the greenhouse cover and the greenhouse frame. You can use the greenhouse cover or the greenhouse frame alone, as shown in the picture.

greenhouse frame with wire mesh

(greenhouse frame with wire mesh)

If you are a good DIY maker, you can combine the greenhouse frame with other elements to promote your gardening. For example, you can combine a greenhouse frame and wire mesh to make a special plant cage to prevent squirrels, rabbits, and gophers from chewing on plants.

71" x 36" x 36" Mini Greenhouse to Protect Indoor Plants

Lightweight and easy to set up, this small greenhouse can be set up in a backyard, on a balcony, or indoors. In the winter, you may not want to keep some plants outside because the cold weather may stall or even kill them. This 71" x 36" x 36" mini greenhouse can be used as a grow tent and you can set up lighting, heating, and humidifying equipment inside the greenhouse.

71" x 36" x 36" Mini Greenhouse(71" x 36" x 36" Mini Greenhouse)

Like the one shown in the picture, this mini greenhouse is perfect for use as an indoor gardening supplement. It can accommodate many small potted plants and some gardening utensils, such as water bottles, gardening scissors, etc.

Combining a small greenhouse with a raised garden bed

Both raised garden beds and greenhouses are popular gardening tools for many gardeners. These two types of gardening supplies are often used in combination, as shown in the picture below. You can observe the growth of plants in the raised garden bed through this clear mini greenhouse.

small greenhouse with a raised garden bed(small greenhouse with a raised garden bed)

Moreover, with this mini greenhouse, you do not have to worry about the plants in the garden bed being eaten by pests and animals.

Increase your home living space with a greenhouse

We know that greenhouses can increase crop yields and make plants grow better. In addition to being used as gardening supplies, greenhouses can also be decorated as places for everyday living.

greenhouse living space(greenhouse living space)

For example, you can lay carpets, sofas, chairs, tables and other furniture inside the greenhouse. In winter, you can set up a fireplace and other heating devices inside the greenhouse. In summer, you can enjoy the afternoon with your family in it.

To create a cozy living space, you can also add some green plants.

Greenhouses help you plan your garden

Greenhouses can be an excellent helper if you wish to re-plan your garden. As shown in the picture, you can use four garden beds to organize your backyard. Then, protect those plants with a large greenhouse, such as a 12'x7'x7' tunnel greenhouse.

backyard greenhouse garden(backyard greenhouse garden)

We know that animals and bad weather can have a negative impact on plant growth. You can zipper up the greenhouse in windy and rainy weather and open it for ventilation in summer. The flexible greenhouse zipper also prevents small animals such as deer from entering the greenhouse and harming the plants.

Add wooden supports to the greenhouse

To prevent high winds from destroying your greenhouse, it is necessary to do some greenhouse reinforcement work. You can add some wooden supports inside your greenhouse to enhance the ability of your greenhouse to withstand high winds and snow storms.

wooden supports                               (wooden supports)

Wooden supports can make your greenhouse last longer.

Making a greenhouse frame chicken coop

In addition to gardening, you can think of some creative uses. For example, greenhouse chicken coops. You can use the greenhouse cover separately from the greenhouse frame, such as transforming the greenhouse frame into a greenhouse chicken coop.

greenhouse frame chicken coop

(greenhouse frame chicken coop)

You can also add some wooden brackets to the greenhouse frame for hanging feed buckets and buckets.

To upgrade this chicken coop, you can add some forage at the bottom. You can make a road in the middle of the chicken coop where you can raise chickens, cows, and other poultry.

Black greenhouses and garden beds

As you can see from the picture, the combination of the garden bed and the small greenhouse in the backyard works great. The small greenhouse provides perfect protection for the plants and plant seedlings in the garden bed.

Black greenhouses and garden beds(Black greenhouses and garden beds)

Although the plants in the garden bed are covered by the greenhouse cover, you can unzip it to take care of the plants because the greenhouse is designed with ventilation windows with zippers. Everything looks very convenient and the small greenhouse is great in combination with this small backyard.


Quictent continues to bring a variety of greenhouse products for gardening enthusiasts, including mini-greenhouses, small greenhouses, large greenhouses, etc. Quictent hopes that these greenhouse products can help you and bring more fun to gardening. Quictent is very happy that gardeners use Quictent greenhouses to realize their creative ideas. If you have creative gardening ideas, feel free to share them with us! Quictent lights up your life!