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A pop-up canopy is a must for your multiple outdoor occasions, it is a versatile and convenient outdoor shelter. Not only can you avoid the effects of different weather, but you can also use it for backyard parties, markets, and camping trips. When you need to buy a pop-up canopy, what will be your first essential factor to consider? Perhaps it is the purpose, size, material, etc. 

But, not paying attention to certain details when purchasing a pop-up canopy may result in extra costs or even financial losses. To avoid costing you more than $50, we'll list these key details. Make your subsequent choice wiser and save money.

market tent

(The canopy tent at the marketplace)

The importance of understanding key details 

Not only in terms of money, if you don't know more details about the pop-up canopy, but there will also be corresponding trouble in setting up and using it afterward. These details can range from the frame of the tent to the basic accessories that will save you money in the long run.

Critical details of the pop-up canopy

Quick release button

There is usually a button on the frame of the pop-up canopy for fixing and adjusting the height. But the frame button of some tents is just a simple round button, and there is no other device for protection.

Quictent canopy frame details

(Quictent canopy frame details) 

So be sure to pay attention to the buttons on the frame when selecting a tent. Choose a larger and more convenient quick-release button, which is not only safer from injury to your fingers, and also more elegant.


Sidewalls have always been an important component of pop-up canopy tents. Whether it's a mesh sidewall, a privacy sidewall, or a sidewall with windows, it can take the tent to another level.

  1. Sidewalls are better able to withstand weather elements. Prevent the rain from drifting in as well as the full range of sunlight and UV rays.
  1. Enhances privacy. When you are in the backyard or camping and don't want to have other people's view, sidewalls can block the view. Provide a private environment.
Quictent 10x10 canopy with window

(Quictent canopy tent with windows) 

  1. More aesthetic. Side walls with windows allow you to see the view while giving the pop-up canopy a more special look. Suitable for use in commercial activities such as markets, can stand out in many booths.
  1. Protects against mosquitoes and insects. Especially pop-up canopy with netting, the design of fine mesh can be very good to prevent mosquitoes from entering.
Quictent mesh tent

(Quictent pop-up canopy with netting) 

It should be noted that many pop-up canopies do not include a sidewall and need to be purchased separately. Prices for different sidewalls range from $20 to $50. So, browse the description page to see if the sidewall is included.

Height adjustment frame 

A height-adjustable frame allows you to have a more comfortable experience when using a pop-up canopy. You can easily change the height of the canopy ceiling to create more space. And can adapt to a variety of heights, so it is easier to walk, stand and perform a variety of activities in the tent.

If you need to place something inside, then the frame with height adjustment can meet your needs. This is only a single height of the tent can not do.

Roller bag 

Pop-up canopy can not be placed outside all year round, it needs to be disassembled and stored in windy and rainy weather. And when you need to use it on other occasions, a storage bag with rollers is especially important.

Quictent canopy tent roller bag

(Quictent canopy tent roller bag) 

If it's just a normal storage bag, it's not as convenient to transport as a bag with wheels. A bag with rollers makes transportation easier and saves effort at the same time. The price of a roller bag alone is above $30, so it's best to choose a merchant that comes with a roller bag. 

Stakes and ropes

Pop-up canopy is usually used in fair weather or light rain and breeze. But it is best to use reinforced accessories to avoid the sudden wind blowing it down. These two accessories will help secure the pop-up canopy to the ground, providing stability and preventing it from being easily blown away by the wind.

These two accessories sell for about $10 to $20. So make sure the pop-up canopy you choose comes with stakes and ropes.

Quictent 8x8 pink canopy

(Quictent pink canopy with sides) 


Sandbags are designed to add weight to the bottom of the frame thus achieving increased stability. It can enhance its resistance to gusts of wind or sudden movement. This helps prevent the tent from moving or being lifted off the ground, ensuring that it stays in place even under adverse weather conditions.

Unlike stakes and ropes, sandbags can be used in any ground condition, while stakes can only be used on soft ground.

Sandbags cost between $15 and $25, and not all pop-up canopy will come with sandbags, they are usually purchased as accessories.

Quictent 10x20 canopy with sandbags

(Quictent 10x20 canopy with sandbags) 


All of the above details are important to note when considering the purchase of a pop-up canopy to avoid unnecessary costs and losses. The pop-up canopy provided by Quictent is a cost-effective solution. This is because the price of different styles of Quictent canopy tents includes sidewalls, sandbags, roller bags, etc. Make sure you buy a value-for-money tent that can have the safe and convenient accessories you need.

Investing in a Quictent canopy tent will not only save you the potential $50 cost of purchasing these basic accessories separately. It also gives you access to great customer service to help you with follow-up questions.

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