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The pandemic may have left a dent on summer traditions. Masked and distanced, we gave up events, parties, concerts, etc. As summer rolled around, then fall is approaching again, we had the opportunity to spend some time outside and partake in some socially distant activities and outdoor dining, we finally can make our delayed event go on (with precautions). That is probably the main reason why those days have seen a great demand for party tents. In this situation, we’d like to provide some useful suggestions for picking out a right party tent from Quictent. Following the guidance, we hope you can make a perfect selection for your needs.

Before making a decision, you should know your events and have some basic knowledge of a party tent. The clearer you know, the greater the chance that you find a proper tent.

Ask you the following basic questions about your party before deciding to buy:

How big should the tent be?

This means you should know what type of party you are throwing and how many guests would be here. They are the two questions that decide how much space is required. Ask yourself a series of subsequent questions: Where will the party be held, street, backyard? Will the tent be decorated? Will there be music and dancing? Speeches or presentations? Will food be served? Will any products be sold or given away? Each of these “events” within your party needs a dedicated space, and it’s up to you to decide whether that space will be outdoors or indoors under your tent. As for the space of each guest, you can refer to the following general rule:

  • 6 square feet per person is a good rule of thumb for a standing crowd;

    9 square feet per person is suitable for a mixed seated and standing crowd;

    9-12 square feet per person when it comes to a dinner (lunch) seating at rectangular tables.

    Knowing your party needs ahead of time will allow you to determine how big your tent will need to be and how you will be using it.

Family Gathering With Quictent Party Tent

(Quictent Party Tent Shelters Family Gathering)

Of course you can also choose the most suitable one according to our party tent size table.


Square Feet

Inner Height

Standing Cocktail Style

Casual Round Table

10x20 Party Tent


8.6 Feet

30 people

20 people at 2 tables

10x30 Party Tent


8.6 Feet

45 people

30 people at 3 tables

20x14.5 Party Tent


11.5 Feet

40 people

30 people at 3 tables

13x26 Party Tent


9.8 Feet

60 people

30 people at 3 tables

22x16 White Party Tent Wedding Tent


10.6 Feet

65 people

40 people at 4 tables

20x20 Party Tent


9.8 Feet

75 people

40 people at 4 tables

20x20 Fire Resistant Party Tent


13 Feet

75 people

40 people at 4 tables

16x32 Party Tent


9.8 Feet

80 people

50 people at 5 tables

29x21 Party Tent


11.5 Feet

86 people

60 people at 6 tables

20x32 Party Tent


10.5 Feet

100 people

60 people at 6 tables

20x40 Party Tent


10.5 Feet

125 people

80 people at 8 tables

What the weather will be like during the event?

In any situation, you should never expect a party tent works as a solid building. No matter what heavy-duty materials have applied, how stable the structure would be, do not forget that most tents are designed for temporary shelter. A tent’s primary purpose is to protect those underneath it from unexpected weather. Just unexpected, not extreme. They will become unsafe and must be evacuated in the event of extreme rains, winds, or lightning. Pay attention to the local weather forecast, make a Plan B in case of any bad weather.

What’s your budget?

You’ve your overall party plan, the guest list, and the weather projections, the last step before starting to shop is to break down your budget. Not to mention, we all want to be sure to get a high-quality branded tent with premium after-sale services or at least a one which is highly-reviewed and rated for durability and stability. However, the budget is the lion in the way.

By answering the following questions, you’re sure to have an overview of the real budget: How much are you willing to spend on your party tent? How often are you going to use it? Are you willing to pay for an extra installation fee? If the tent is only going to be used once, and you do not think it’s worth giving an additional fee for installation as well, you may want to consider whether to buy or rent a party tent.

Quictent Party Tents Boost Vendor Fairs

(Quictent Party Tents Boost Vendor Fairs)

Now that you’ve have known everything for your party, we can dig into knowledge about a party tent, which helps you make the right decision when faced with so many choices. We’ll also introduce how Quictent party tents choose materials, provide a variety of choices in the following parts.

What’s the frame material?

In the marketplace, aluminum and steel are the two materials for party tent supporting frame. The strength and weight are two main factors that differentiate them from each other. The aluminum is the lighter option, making it easier to transport; meanwhile, aluminum forms aluminum oxide, a hard substance that helps prevent further corrosion.

On the other hand, steel is heavier, consequently, more durable when be used in the same condition. So, if you just want a one-use tent, an aluminum-framed one is a better choice. For longer use, we’d recommend you choose a steel frame. Worth mentioning, Quictent party tents apply for powder-coated steel for the frame. The coating makes the frame corrosion-resistant. That is, the Quictent party tents combine the advantages of the two materials. Given that, you can decorate as per your request and reuse for several times.

What’s the fabric of party tent?

When it comes to canopy materials there are three options: vinyl, polyester, and polyethylene. Vinyl is polyester with a vinyl coating, which makes the top UV resistant, waterproof, and most are flame retardant. Polyester is the most commonly used material in the instant canopies as it is durable and water-resistant.

However, this material can just provide minimal UV protection. Polyethylene is the most common material for carports and other semi-permanent structures because it is UV resistant and waterproof (treated). Quictent party tents mainly apply for 120g, 160g, and 180g polyethylene outshines similar tents at the same price.

Double Peak Roof - Quictent 22' x 16' Octagonal Party Tent

(Double Peak Roof - Quictent 22' x 16' Octagonal Party Tent)

Which sidewall style do you need?

Sidewall style is the main factor that decides how a party tent looks. You can choose from opaque, clear, mesh, as well as some that feature faux windows if what you’re looking for is not a customized party tent.Party tent with sides provide privacy and access, taking the party you’re throwing into consideration when you make a choice.

For example, if sensitive equipment is a must for the party, you’d better choose a party tent with opaque sidewalls; for weddings or anniversary celebrations, sidewalls that feature faux windows would be more formal. Quictent party tents meet your demands of all referred sidewalls, just choose whatever you like and need.

Are there necessary anchoring accessories?

Finishing assembly of the main structure, top cover, and sidewalls are not an end, most party tents need to be anchored for stronger stability, and you should take precautions to strengthen the tent.

Pegs, ropes, stakes, extra weights are common accessories to anchor. If they are included in an order, you can save a certain amount. Most Quictent party tents are equipped with pegs, stakes, and ropes, they are enough for common use. You can decide whether extra weights such as sandbags, bricks are required or not according to the place where the tent is installed as well as your customized needs.

Anchored Quictent Big Party Tent

(Anchored Quictent Big Party Tent)

Does the seller provide the storage bag(s)?

In most cases, we buy a party tent not hoping for one-time use. That is, you have to take transit and storage into consideration. A storage bag would be a great benefit. We usually receive feedback telling that their storage bags are not fit for Quictent party tents. After knowing it, we contacted our manufacturer for improvements. Good news: we’re sure to provide customized storage bag(s) for most upgraded models. What’s more, storage bags are free for big party tents.Not only help you save money on the purchase of storage bags, but also make tent storage easier and more convenient.Saved a lot, right?

Quictent 13’ x 26’ Party Tent With Storage Bags

(Quictent 13’ x 26’ Party Tent With Storage Bags)

How is the after-sale service?

After-sale service weighs a lot when it comes to online shopping. A responsible seller helps to save a lot of time and money when you need after-sale services. Imagine how terrible it is when your request never receives a reply! In addition to high-quality products, Quictent also provides premium after-sale services. You can see how the Quictent warranty covers each category, eve the regular customer discount is referred.

The customer support team also stands behind all year round, giving suggestions, providing solutions to all obstacles you encounter when making an order, or asking for help. You can expect to receive a reply in hours for each request. “If you are not over the moon with your order, we'll move mountains to make it right.” The hassle-free shopping experience and 100% satisfaction are the ultimate goal of the Quictent team.

Have a productive weekend!

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