School greenhouse projects are becoming popular in many local schools. This teaching method makes the classroom more interesting and is popular with the students. Teachers and children conduct field nature science lessons as well as other lessons in the greenhouse.

Why are school greenhouse projects important? 

School greenhouses provide teachers and students with the best place to practice green. Students not only experience the fun of growing but also get more opportunities to practice what they have learned. Compared to the old teaching way, school greenhouses make learning more concrete and fun.

Eight school greenhouse projects

Nature Science project

Most of the time students learn nature science lessons through pictures in books and videos, which can be abstract and not conducive to mastery.

The greenhouse is the perfect place to conduct nature science lessons. Students and teachers can get up close and personal with plants and soil at school without having to pay for admission. The teacher can show students various plant types and explain in the field about photosynthesis, plant anatomy, soil and watering, and other biology.

school greenhouse project

 (school greenhouse project)

Through regular greenhouse sessions, students can perform a range of plant-related experiments such as temperature control, fertilizer selection, and wastewater treatment.

Of course, students also have the opportunity to grow vegetables and fruits and record the process of plant growth. The novel gardening experience will give them a sense of accomplishment and fun!

Horticulture project

The most effective way to acquire gardening knowledge is to practice. The school greenhouse is the perfect place for students in horticulture classes to practice. Planting, cultivating, watering, fertilizing and harvesting all take place here. As the plants grow, various situations arise and students need to be flexible and develop solutions on time.

Photography and Painting

The shapes and colors of all plants are a gift from nature. The greenhouse is like a scaled-down version of the natural environment where teachers can lead their students to enjoy the natural beauty and inspire more.

children greenhouse activity(children greenhouse activity)

Both the camera and the paintbrush are the best forms of documentation. 

Math project

The greenhouse is the perfect place for math practice and an interesting math lesson can be carried out here. Graphing, temperature monitoring, and length, width, and height measurements can all be done here. If numbers are abstract to students, here they and graphs will become more concrete.

Language project

Teachers often use pictures, videos, etc. as aids to help students understand and use words. If there could be a more vivid way, students would enjoy it more and teaching would be more efficient. In the greenhouse, teachers guide students to use vocabulary to describe everything they see and touch, such as moist soil and plants of various colors. Nature is a common topic for writing lessons, and greenhouses make students' compositions more vivid.

Social Practice project

The vegetables and fruits cultivated in the greenhouse garden can be sold at farmers' markets and online platforms, in addition to being available for students and teachers to eat. By participating in the whole process from picking to selling, students will experience the difference in the price of agricultural products sold in different channels. If the product needs to be sold to other platforms, students can also participate in price negotiations.

Labor project

Watering plants, weeding, fertilizing, and other tasks of cleaning the greenhouse regularly allow students to take turns doing them. This form of education allows students to fully participate in greenhouse management and cultivate students sense of responsibility.

And, as many families have gardening needs, the greenhouse and gardening skills students learn in school will promote their home gardening.

Greenhouse Landscaping

Landscape design is one of the courses offered in many schools. To have more hands-on opportunities, students in the landscape design program often use methods such as botanical gardens as well as park practices.

school gardening(School gardening course)

If a greenhouse is set up in the school, students can observe and practice what they have learned up close. Greenhouses, as a part of horticulture, also need landscaping and beautification. Also, a neat and well-designed greenhouse can make gardeners feel more relaxed.

Some ideas for planning the school greenhouse

What size greenhouse is right for your school?

Common school greenhouse sizes can be 10'x9' greenhouse, 20'x10' greenhouse, 25'x10' greenhouse .

Quictent's portable greenhouse kits are easy to set up and use and can meet most school gardening requirements as the most ideal school greenhouse option. You could use Quictent's pruducts building your own greenhouse

What do you need to include in your budget?

Greenhouse construction costs ( commercial greenhouse or others)

Electricity, water, and gas costs

Site construction costs (plumbing, landscaping, etc.)

Engineer or architect fees (if the greenhouse is attached to a building or requires State Ed approval)

Do you need approval from State Ed and the local building authority?

Before building a school greenhouse, check with the Department of Education and the Building Authority to confirm if approval is required.

If approval is required, you will need to submit greenhouse-related documents to the appropriate authorities.

If State Ed approval or building permits are not required, you will be able to begin construction work immediately.

Best Options for School Greenhouses

20' x 10' x 7' Heavy Duty Large Greenhouse

20' x 10' x 7' Heavy Duty Large Greenhouse
  • Size: 19.7' x 9.8'
  • Height:6.6'
  • Benefits: Reinforced Top Structure,Versatile Windows

A quality heavy-duty greenhouse. Two portable zippered doors allow teachers and students easy access to the greenhouse and keep pests and animals from damaging the plants. Multiple ventilation windows allow for cross-ventilation and plant growth. Reinforced construction makes the greenhouse stronger and lasts longer.

10' x 9' x 8' Backyard Greenhouse-White

10' x 9' x 8' Backyard Greenhouse-White
  • Size: 10' x 9'
  • Height:8'
  • Benefits: Ease of Setup,Extended Cover

10' x 9' x 8' Backyard Greenhouse is suitable for school and institutional use. The extended greenhouse covering adds extra stability and keeps plants warm in the winter. The heavy-duty powder-coated steel greenhouse frame is extremely strong and offers additional benefits such as resistance to wear and tear and fading.


School greenhouses are becoming popular in schools and institutions, helping teachers and students in many lessons. No matter what age students are, greenhouses can make their classroom experience even better.

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