Quictent Canopy Tents

Whether it's at a state fair, farmers market, or trade show. Vending fashionable clothing or putting out delicious dishes requires the perfect supply space.

As a female vendor, you'll need more appropriate vendor tents to help you sell. Quictent offers canopy tents that fulfill the need in many ways and are ideally suited for female vendors. Here's the reason.


Quictent has several lightweight canopies, for example, the 10x10 pop-up canopy with netting weighs 31 pounds and can be carried by female vendors without stress. There is no need to worry about the heavy weight of the canopy tent and getting tired during transportation. Also, the frame is compact and collapsible so it can fit in the trunk.

Quictent vendor tent

(Quictent vendor tent)

Easy to set up

Quictent's canopy tent is uniquely designed to be easy to build without any help. The intuitive frame design allows female vendors to easily unfold and fold the steel frame. The lightweight yet durable frame includes automatic slider locks so the structure can be securely locked into place every time.

The upgraded frame has a center locking system that allows for one-person setup. Greatly reducing setup time, stalls can be set up as quickly as possible.

Easy to carry

When you head to the booth from the parking lot with your merchandise, your hands must be full. This is when a storage bag with wheels is especially important, and Quictent provides each pop-up canopy with a corresponding-sized storage bag that is well-organized and easy to carry. You can easily transport the entire unit from your vehicle to your booth space.

Quictent Pink vendor canopy

(Quictent pink vendor canopy)

Waterproof and UV-resistant

To better protect the booth from unexpected weather, be sure to pay attention to the material when choosing a canopy tent. A pop-up canopy made of 420D Oxford fabric provides maximum protection from UV rays and is waterproof.

You will be protected from rain and sunlight throughout the day at the fair. At the same time, the tent allows enough light to pass through to maintain optimal visibility. It will not affect your sales.

Multiple color options

No matter what kind of fair you are at, instantly attracting people's attention can be difficult. You can start with the color of the canopy tent, and if the fair organizer doesn't have a color requirement, the pink canopy is always one of the popular choices. It can stand out from the crowd of instant shelters. Besides that, we also offer classic color choices such as beige, white, and blue.

Quictent pink canopy tent

(Quictent pink canopy tent) 

Extra accessories

From weighted bags to tent supports in windy conditions, and ropes and stakes that also keep the canopy stable. Quictent's different styles of canopy tents offer different sidewall styles.

  • Bug-proof screens, sidewalls with screens, church-style window sidewalls, and sidewalls with storage pockets.

Each type of sidewall has its own practical functionality and is perfect for a variety of fairs. You can create a booth that meets all your individual business needs.

Durable and stable construction

The canopy tent's frame material is steel, able to withstand outdoor environments and repeated use. It will not warp, corrode, mold, or wear out quickly. And the steel frame has an added powder coating to make it even more durable.

The double cross bars make the frame more supportive and many outdoor settings are possible. You can rest assured that both your tent and products will be protected.

Spacious interior area

Quictent's canopy tent is available in a variety of size options. The most common of these are the 8x8, 10x10, and 10x20 canopy. each of which comes in three adjustable heights, with a maximum height of 8 feet, which you can stand in very comfortably.

The 10x10 canopy, for example, has an interior space of 100 square feet. The interior space is spacious and open enough to accommodate necessities such as display tables and chairs. There is also enough space to entertain guests without feeling cramped.

Quictent white canopy

(Quictent white canopy) 


Canopy tents are a must-have asset for female vendors, artists, and crafters. And Quictent offers a canopy tent that fits the bill perfectly, both setup and appearance.

If you want a safe, sturdy tent to protect your products at the fairgrounds, Quictent is undoubtedly the brand of choice to take your booth to the next level. Combine that with great customer service and a long warranty - please invest with confidence!

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