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Whenever the weather gets cooler, different outdoor activities are highly popular. Picnics, in particular, are a great way to enjoy the natural surroundings of the outdoors and meet up with friends. Chatting and eating delicious food with your friends while viewing nature is both cozy and relaxing.

There are a lot of options for picnic locations; it can be the backyard, the beach, and of course, nothing is more popular than the park. And here in New York, there are over 1,700 parks. Many more of these parks are popular spots for picnics. We've compiled a list of these parks, and some of them include parks where you can bring a canopy tent.

Central Park

This beautiful park in the middle of Manhattan is like a huge treasure for all of New York. Whether it's Sheep Meadow, Belvedere Castle, the Bow Bridge, or our focus today, the Great Lawn, you can't miss it in Central Park.

Not only are there a variety of different styles of buildings and colorful flowers. The Great Lawn is located in the heart of Central Park and is the perfect picnic spot to enjoy the sunshine and taste delicious food.

Central Park picnic

(Central Park) 

According to Central Park regulations, for events with more than 20 people and requiring the use of a canopy tent, a permit must be applied for in advance, and the cost of the permit is $25. And the question of whether less than 20 people can use the canopy tent for a picnic. It is not detailed on the website, so you can contact the park to inquire.

Fort Tryon Park

Fort Tryon Park in Uptown Manhattan is a hidden picnic spot in New York City. This park is a beautiful piece of outdoor art and an ideal place to picnic in Uptown.

It is located over a hundred blocks north of midtown, the park is away from the hustle and bustle and is a true oasis in New York City. The famous Abbey Museum of Art is also located here, so after your picnic, head over to admire the medieval European artwork. The museum houses more than 5,000 medieval works.

Fort Tryon Park picnic

(Fort Tryon Park) 

Like in Central Park, events with more than 20 people require a permit. However, according to the park regulations, no tables or chairs, as well as tents, can be brought into the park.

Madison Square Park

The park is located in the Flatiron District at Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue. Oval Lawn within the park is a great place to picnic and spend a warm afternoon.

If you bring your dog, head to Jemmy's Dog Run, located just south of the West 25th Street entrance. There are recreational facilities for pets as well as special areas for large and small dogs. Dogs can be kept happy and playful. Finally, you can also head to the world's first Shake Shack burger restaurant for a quick and tasty bite.

Madison Square Park picnic(Madison Square Park) 

Madison Square Park does not have detailed rules about tent picnics and can be contacted by the Park Service.

Marsha P. Johnson State Park

This park isn't as big as the others at 7 acres. But it's a charming waterfront park located along the East River in the Williamsburg, Brooklyn neighborhood. This park has all the amenities of the larger parks such as children's playgrounds, historic sites, and dog parks.

Watching the city skyline with the ocean breeze is also a marvelous experience. Bringing a canopy tent will take your beach picnic experience to the next level.

Marsha P. Johnson State Park

(Marsha P. Johnson State Park) 

Prospect Park

Prospect Park's picturesque Carousel is the ideal spot for a relaxing picnic. Bring along a deliciously prepared meal, and a picnic mat, and you're sure it'll be a great day for a picnic. Besides that, you can go horseback riding and fishing, running and hiking, boating, and so on.

Surrounded by trees and rolling hills, you can feel like you're in nature, breathing in the fresh air and soaking up the warmth of the sunshine with the cool breeze coming from the lake.

Prospect Park

(Prospect Park) 

Unlike other parks, Prospect Park allows for barbecues in the park, making it ideal for families. However, again events with more than 20 people require a permit. Tents, balloons, and inflatable structures are not allowed in the park.

Pelham Bay Park

Pelham Bay Park, located in the Bronx, is a famous wildlife sanctuary in New York City. Covering an area more than three times the size of Manhattan's Central Park, the park is beautifully landscaped with trees and green grass.

The park is also well-equipped with many walking trails, sports fields, and two large golf courses. It has 13 miles of coastline to walk along after a picnic.

Pelham Bay Park

(Pelham Bay Park)

Pelham Bay Park allows you to use the canopy tent during daylight hours, please dismantle it when unattended.

Taconic State Park

The state park is located on 14,400 acres off of New York State Route 344. The park is divided into three areas, the Copake Falls Area, the Rudd Pond Area, and a central third area.

The most popular Copake Falls also offers camping and swimming. The park also has numerous trails for hiking and biking. Barbecues are also available in the picnic area of the park, and you can bring a canopy tent to use.

Taconic State Park

(Taconic State Park) 


Picnics are one of the best ways to soak in the sights and sounds of New York City. And adding a canopy tent can make this activity even more comfortable. But before heading to the park, make sure you know the rules and avoid prolonged use to respect other visitors.

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